Persons Unknown: NBC Won’t Air Episode 11, “Seven Sacrifice”

Persons UnknownAre you a devoted viewer of NBC’s Persons Unknown? If you end up watching all 13 episodes, you have to be.

Persons Unknown follows the challenges of a group of strangers who wake up in a ghost town and are unable to leave. The series features Chadwick Boseman, Lee Purcell, Jason Wiles, Andy Greenfield, Daisy Betts, Tina Holmes, Alan Ruck, Kate Lang Johnson, Sean O’Bryan, and Gerald Kyd.

After five weeks of poor ratings, NBC moved the series from Mondays to the “TV graveyard,” Saturday nights. The show’s been airing there for four weeks but some viewers have been understandably worried that the network won’t air all episodes of the mystery series.

It turns out their fears weren’t unwarranted. There are just four episodes left but that’s plenty of time to mess with the schedule.

As previously planned, Persons Unknown won’t air tonight and the network will instead run sports programming. The TV show will return next week with episode 10 (“Identity”). Some time after that, episode 11 (“Seven Sacrifice”), will be posted online.

The following week, on August 28th, NBC will air the final two installments; “And Then There Was One” and “Shadows in the Cave.”

Confused? Maybe the NBC programmers want to give viewers a taste of what the characters on Persons Unknown are going through.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. hgent says

    I will not watch another NBC show, except the NFL. I would not watch that last year because keith OberDORK was on the the Sunday night Football show. No politics and sports. NBC finally wised up and removed him! of course the suits said that “complaints against him had nothing to do with his removal” from snfb. His oneway (the wrongway) political show shown at night wanted him to prepare more Ha,ha,ha,ha, they said he needed to “prepare for the show” maybe his audience will now double Rachelll Madowwww’s 20 viewers… Then maybe thay will be seen by 100 libs each night! watch out Fox.

  2. jacqui says

    I have canceled cable/satellite , switched to antenna so I can see the local news and the main news at night. With netflix and the internet why bother anymore – if there is a show I like it will end in these places one way or another.

  3. Frugaljess says

    WTF?! I am so sick of getting into a show only to get cancelled or screwed around with. SOME people like having to think or try to figure out a show. Why can’t they let a whole season go through? What about the viewers that DID watch. Sure be nice to see what happens. BTW- I watch TV to watch TV. I go online to surf… NOT WATCH TV! Hate when they do that. Happened with Happy Town. I swear if they put a lame a** couple comedy on…

  4. Tony says

    I agree wholeheartedly with everyone here. Persons Unknown is the only show I’ve enjoyed all summer and this is what they do to us? At least have the cajones to cancel the show and make us all by the season on dvd, which would truly expose NBC as the money-hungry ******** we all know them to be – but to not air a critical episode near the end of the series and release it online (if we are lucky…) at a later date??

    Do us all a favor NBC… drop dead. I will NEVER watch another network show since all they do is dick us around anyway!

    Peace, NBC

  5. Negasie says

    ….Wow…. how stupid can you be? Lets show crappy sports that no one really cares about cus we might get a few more viewers than we would for Persons Unknown….but at the same time, we’ll piss off each and every remaining Persons Unknown Viewer we still have! Brilliance I say!!

    I had just about had it with NBC when they let Conan O’Brian go (stupidest mistake ever) cus once he comes back on the air on TBS he’s gonna take all his ratings with him, and now instead of NBC appreciating his ratings, theyre gonna have to compete against him with Jay Leno. And in my opinion, Conan is waayyyyy better than Leno, anyday of the week.

    But yah, I let that go when they came out with Persons Unknown cus like it was said earlier, great new show with an original plot line and a good cast of characters….and now theyre skipping episodes and releasing them only online??

    …..Wow…..Nice Job NBC, im f”kin done with you.

  6. Essie says

    Agreed! Please just give us access to all of them. Don’t make us follow the show around from time slot to time slot only to kill it off before we get the answers. Just a I was sitting down to watch one of the only shows I actually like right now (i.e., Persons Unknown), I see that gymnastics are on. Great substitute, fellas. I guess this is a great way to get me to stop watching TV altogether.

  7. SC says

    I don’t even bother watching network shows live especially new ones anymore. I record the shows and if they don’t make the full season I just delete them having never watched any episodes. Why bother? You watch 3 shows and you sort of like the show and they cancel it. In this case they’re already produced, they dump it off to Saturday and then don’t even show all the eps. How much more idiotic can they be?

  8. Shannon says

    I couldn’t hate NBC anymore if I tried. It was bad enough moving the day from Monday to Saturday. How do you expect to get better ratings when you switch the schedule and do absolutely no promotion of your own show.
    Persons Unknown is a good show with good actors. The only good thing it was missing was a network that supported it.

  9. puredieselbc says

    Honestly people you need count your blessings.

    As a still mouring fan on Happy Town which was only eight episodes yet ABC in their wisdom pulled it after showing only six…I think NBC is being generous. So you miss one measley episode? At least NBC is giving you an ending. ABC didn’t do that for Happy Town, Eastwick and countless other shows.

    Seriously, I am greatful because had Persons been on ABC it would have been long gone by now.

  10. Chris says

    NBC is loaded with MORONS.

    I am official boycotting any new shows this P.O.S. network “offers.” Last fall this network ridiculously dropped “Southland”, which was subsequently picked up by TNT as many loyal viewers of the show like myslef campaigned to keep it on television. And now that Law & Order has retired, I have no reason to watch the peacock.

    “Persons Unknown” is a fantastic show, so it’s of NO surprise to me that after already changing its airing night from Monday to Saturday (poor ratings? try no one knew the show existed!), they pushed tonight’s episode back a week and they’re going to show episode 11 excluisvely online?!?!?!?!? Really – are you serious?!?!?

    You know what results in poor ratings, NBC? YOUR EXECUTIVE IDIOTS WHO HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO SCHEDULE THE SHOWS YOU ALREADY HAVE! They need to drop off your decison-making people in a town like the one in “Persons Unknown”, and then give your families a TV Guide Schedule as to when you’ll be on.

    Trust me, no one will find them.

  11. Samara says

    This really makes no sense! Is there something about episode 11 that makes it unfit to broadcast on a non-cable network? Or is it a “time” problem, as in lack of… I don’t understand! Does anyone know the real reason why NBC has made this ridiculous choice? I want to see it all! I’ll watch on-line, but it really isn’t the same! By the way, I really like this show! NBC needs to pull their collective heads out of their … well, you know! I just hope we know when we can see it!

    • beth says

      I totally agree! Just when I find a show I look forward to watching… I don’t even watch the three main networks anymore! The only thing on TV these days are reality shows and hospital shows. They finally make a series with originality, something to keep me interested, and they cancel it for the next season, and possibly won’t show all the shows from this season! I think this show just needed better advertising and a better time slot! Whats wrong with you, NBC? By the way…another Law and order???? Really!

  12. annie says

    I agree completely. I am sick and tired of getting interested in a show, which happens rarely by the way, and then the network just cuts us off wondering what the heck is going on. It’s happened over and over again, but then they keep the stupid shows on the air that noone wants to watch. Heroes, for one. Black Donnellys for another. These were two great shows that just got cut off in the middle. Grr.

  13. Jeremy Rynek says

    Seriously WTF??? Why are they not airing the 11th installment??? They have to be intentionally pissing people off. I mean really WTF??? WTF???? WTF?????

  14. Bo says

    The Networks are cutting their own throats with the few viewers that they have left!
    If they are too juvenile to commit to an entire season for a series, then why don’t they just start airing 4 hour
    movies made from the same
    series material?
    I for one have gotten to the point where I really don’t give a damn about network shows anymore, because the networks simply cannot be
    counted upon to stick to their commitments!

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