Persons Unknown: NBC Moves Mystery Series to Saturdays

Persons UnknownAs expected, NBC has pulled their low-rated new series, Persons Unknown, from the Monday night line-up. Thankfully they haven’t yanked it off the air completely. They’re just moving it to the Saturday night graveyard.

Persons Unknown revolves around a group of strangers who awaken in a ghost town and are unable to leave. The cast includes Chadwick Boseman, Lee Purcell, Jason Wiles, Andy Greenfield, Daisy Betts, Tina Holmes, Alan Ruck, Kate Lang Johnson, Sean O’Bryan, and Gerald Kyd.

The TV show has been performing very poorly so July 5th will be its last Monday night airing. Beginning July 17th, it will show up on NBC’s Saturday night schedule instead.

The Visa Gymnastics Championships will preempt the show on August 14th. Otherwise, it looks like Persons Unknown will run uninterrupted and conclude with episode 13 on September 4th. Producers have maintained that the final episode will properly wrap the series.

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If by chance NBC pulls the low-rated show off the air before all of the episodes have aired, fans can take solace in the fact that they’re already scheduled to be released on DVD. Right now, the Persons Unknown: Season One set is scheduled for an August 31st release. That date may change now that NBC has altered their primetime schedule.

NBC has promoted Persons Unknown as a mini-series and, since it’s gotten poor ratings, there’s virtually no chance that it will return to the peacock network for another round.

TV show supportHowever, the series was initially produced for international buyers and the studios could decide to make another season, presumably with a new mystery and group of people. The decision to call the forthcoming DVD set “season one” and not “the complete series” seems to support that possibility.

What do you think? Will you keep watching Persons Unknown or wait for the DVD release? Would you be interested in a second season?

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  1. Tam says

    I started watching the show in the summer, but missed several episodes, so lost track of what was happening. I also just watched the entire series on Netflix and LOVED it! Can’t believe they’d cancel it and not make another season!

  2. Sara says

    Just got online to see when Season 2 would be starting and am disappointed to find out thats its not. I was really looking forward to it.

  3. Krys says

    This was the most addicting show! I could never wait to see the next episode to find out what was going to happen! it’s drama filled and keeps you watching and guessing! BRING IT BACK!!!

  4. Hillary says

    I can’t believe this show has been canceled!!! I have been anxiously waiting for Season 2 ever since the season finale. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks after the last episode. Yes, the plot may have been a little far-fetched, but it’s TELEVISION! Much better than the “reality” crap that seems to be on EVERY station now. *smh*

  5. Jennifer Andrews says

    This show was awesome!! I feel a lack of marketing contributed to its poor ratings. Please do a second season. Dont punish the fans for your lack of marketing!

  6. Janae says

    I love this show!!! Very rarely are there shows that baffle you and prevent you from guessing what happens at the end. Too many shows on TV today are a cliche of old school predictable mystery. Persons Unknown combines drama, action, mystery and a psychological thriller, all in one. Please bring it back.! And please show previews of the show so new and old viewers will know that it is coming on. — One more thing, please replay season over a few weeks, so it will prepare new viewers for season 2. Thanks!

  7. Kristie says

    My hubby and I just finished season 1 on Netflix and we’re so looking forward to phase 2. Please bring the show back. Like the other comments, we never saw any ad on NBC or radio for that matter about this show.

  8. M.D. says

    Of course NBC will probably cancel this wonderful show! It’s intelligent and thought provoking. They’d rather leave the mindless reality shows on. Come on NBC! There are a lot of Baby Boomers out there that still make up a large portion of your viewing audience.

  9. Awtumn SC says

    i wish they would bring the show back, i really miss it and want to know whats going to happen..what is the 2nd phase? it was just a great show…i didn’t watch the show on its scheduled time, summers are so busy, but i caught it every week on Demand.

  10. Ana Couto says

    I really LOVED the show – I hope it comes back!! I would watch and I know a lot of people who are also hoping you bring it back!!

  11. Francine says

    I sure hope this gets to the right folks at NBC! I don’t know how I missed the series this summer – they put so many new programs out it is hard to see them all! And, I NEVER saw a commercial advertising the program. However, I did just watch the entire series on Netflix on the Wii and I absolutely loved it!!!!! OMG, the characters were great and the story line was awesome. I am waiting with baited breath for a Season 2 – how can they NOT do a season 2 with that last episode. It was enthralling. Please have another season!!!!!

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