Persons Unknown: NBC Moves Mystery Series to Saturdays

Persons UnknownAs expected, NBC has pulled their low-rated new series, Persons Unknown, from the Monday night line-up. Thankfully they haven’t yanked it off the air completely. They’re just moving it to the Saturday night graveyard.

Persons Unknown revolves around a group of strangers who awaken in a ghost town and are unable to leave. The cast includes Chadwick Boseman, Lee Purcell, Jason Wiles, Andy Greenfield, Daisy Betts, Tina Holmes, Alan Ruck, Kate Lang Johnson, Sean O’Bryan, and Gerald Kyd.

The TV show has been performing very poorly so July 5th will be its last Monday night airing. Beginning July 17th, it will show up on NBC’s Saturday night schedule instead.

The Visa Gymnastics Championships will preempt the show on August 14th. Otherwise, it looks like Persons Unknown will run uninterrupted and conclude with episode 13 on September 4th. Producers have maintained that the final episode will properly wrap the series.

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If by chance NBC pulls the low-rated show off the air before all of the episodes have aired, fans can take solace in the fact that they’re already scheduled to be released on DVD. Right now, the Persons Unknown: Season One set is scheduled for an August 31st release. That date may change now that NBC has altered their primetime schedule.

NBC has promoted Persons Unknown as a mini-series and, since it’s gotten poor ratings, there’s virtually no chance that it will return to the peacock network for another round.

TV show supportHowever, the series was initially produced for international buyers and the studios could decide to make another season, presumably with a new mystery and group of people. The decision to call the forthcoming DVD set “season one” and not “the complete series” seems to support that possibility.

What do you think? Will you keep watching Persons Unknown or wait for the DVD release? Would you be interested in a second season?

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  1. Coloradogirl says

    Bring back Persons Unknown please or make a Season 2 on DVD so we can have answers & closure. Thank you

  2. Pumhersilkskin says

    Found this series on Netflix as a recomendation, I had never seen or heard of the series before this. I couldn’t stop watching and hope they sell the series to another network or make a season 2. It may not have got good ratings on primetime/saturday TV, but unfortunately most people aren’t getting their tv from the networks anymore, and the ones who are are old fuddy duddy’s, people who can’t afford internet, or simply don’t know how to use it. Streaming internet video, netflix, and hulu have changed everything. I’m surprised this was an NBC show and Hulu is NBC’s pet project, but yet you can’t even watch season 1 of this series on Hulu? What’s up with that?

  3. Medley says

    Now how is no one watching this but people watch stupid crap like true blood? If they don’t bring this back I think I’m going to quit watching t.v. all together. After watching the finale i dieing to see what happens next. If people aren’t watching this what the hell are they watching because everything gets cut off it seems after season 1 even if it is good. The t.v. industry is really starting to piss me off period!

  4. Anonymous says

    I just watched the first season of Persons Unknown on Netflix. I didn’t even know the show existed until it popped up as a show I would probably like. Wow… I absolutely loved it. It’s a shame that good shows go by the way side, due to the lack of promotion.

  5. Tierra says

    Please bring back Persons Unknown. I am waiting to see what will happen next. Market the series and it will sell itself. Ratings will skyrocket.

  6. Crystal says

    You must bring “Persons Unknown” back for a second season. It was the best series on for the summer of 2010. Full of excitement, suspense and drama. left me on the edge of my seat at the end of every episode. An absolute (Must Bring Back)!!

  7. Richy says

    They need to make a new season i have been waiting for SSSOOOO long COME ON NBC THIS WILL BRING RATINGS SKY HIGH JUST ADVERTISE MOREEEEEEEE

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