Peter Rabbit: Nickelodeon Orders Season Two

Nickelodeon has renewed Peter Rabbit, their CGI animated series for a second season. Based on the classic children’s book by Beatrix Potter, the cable channel has ordered 26 new episodes and two specials.

Peter Rabbit began airing on Nickelodon last December and is produced in conjunction with Silvergate Media and animated by Brown Bag Films.

No word on when the new episodes will begin airing. The voice cast includes Colin De Paula, Peter Harris, Michaela Dean, Stephanie Sheh, Megan Harvey, Jenna Iacono, Kyle Dean Massey, Mark Huckerby, and Dave Mitchell.

A new episode of Peter Rabbit, “The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin/The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit,” will premiere on Friday, October 25th, at 1:30pm on Nickelodeon.

What do you think? Do you or someone you know like this show?

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  1. Vanessa says

    Has peter rabbit been canceled? My 4yr old loves peter rabbit and she even has a “just in case pocket” like Lily. I adore the show as well. I am very glad we taped every episode that aired earlier this year cause we still are able to watch it but I really want it to come back on with a new season. Really missing Peter Rabbit in ohio :(

  2. Christi says

    In regards to Peter Rabbit; What a wonderful program my 4 year old actually shops for carrots and turnips and adores eating them because of her love for Petter Rabbit. Please put Petter Rabbit back on.

  3. Michelle says

    Please put Peter rabbit back on. My two year old loves them and we only have a couple on our dvr and we would like more.

    • richardo says

      Please keep nick Jr’s Peter rabbit on the air. My 2 yr old also loves the show and new episodes. It’s has friendships and family themes along with great stories and morals. Thank you for all the fun and we’ve been waiting for kids products to follow. Keep it up!! A+++

  4. says

    Please make more Peter rabbit shows I love it hop to it oh by the way I love the new songs p.s can you guys put Peter rabbit back on demand keep going as Peter rabbit said good rabbit never gives up or the creators of the show don,t stop cause I know you guys got more funny and adventure. Remember life is a adventure

  5. says

    thanks for being back Peter rabbit now put it back on demand and keep it too on iTunes great job creators of nickjr now make S4 and S5 and movie for Peter rabbit like you all did for paw patrol for in pups save the mer pups new now like you guys also did for my little pony friendship is magic they made a season 5 and 2 movies some short films now you guys can do it for Peter rabbit please I love you all I know you guys can do it keep it and remember what Peter rabbit always said good ra bit never gives up same goes for you guys great creators of Peter rabbit never give up

  6. Chris says

    Please put Peter rabbit back on demand I see it online but not on tv since march1st
    Please fix we love peter and friends

  7. angel alston says

    Please don,t get rid of peter rabbit on wika peta you guys maked more new episodes but never said we can we watch them that right im going strong for peter rabbit they already took him off demand come now keep it up please i love you creators of peter rabbit of nickjr

  8. says

    I want Peter rabbit January 21,2015 Wednesday I don,t hear anything about Peter where stands now in the middle of danger of being canceled or is he free to run with his friends and get more into his father Journalwith his friends or are you guys going to make more episodes so he can play free and hop to it.

  9. says

    I love Peter rabbit not just me but I’m sure other kids love it too please don,t cancel it keep
    going on making new ones I mean 2012-2013-2014-2015 keep up the great job I mean just because no says anything about Peter rabbit in the company doesn’t mean they don’t love it I’m sure it makes the remember if they were young they would watch it all over again because they love the inventor of learning social skills and problem-solving and learning to be a true friend to others and when you make a mistake like Peter rabbit does you know exactly what to do say you our sorry and replace something you lost that belongs to someone else and in the result
    Very important lesson keep making Peter rabbit episodes season 4 and even 5 or even 6 and then if you want to cancel it at least make a movie for the final one or as some call it a short film with Peter Lily Benjamin peters family and his enemies oh and of course Mr. McGregor and cat

  10. Beth says

    My son adores the show and frankly, it one of the few that my husband and I enjoy watching with him. Please don’t cancel!!

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