Phineas and Ferb: Is the Disney Animated Series Over?

phineas and ferb ending?Cartoon Brew has an interesting article regarding the hiatus and possible end of Disney’s Phineas and Ferb series.

According to the Animation Guild’s blog, the series’ artists have moved on to other projects or are looking for other work. The artists say that the show is wrapping up.

Phineas and Ferb creator Jeff “Swampy” Marsh denies that the show is over however and says that “we are taking our first hiatus since 2006 and making plans for what is to follow.”

Whether the show is finished for good or not is unknown. What isn’t being disputed is the fact that production has shut down and there’s no set date for it to resume.

Though the show is on “indefinite hiatus,” series writer and storyboard artist Aliki Theofilopoulos tweeted that “There are enough episodes and specials to fill the air for some time”.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Phineas and Ferb? Would you like to see the show continue for many more seasons or is it time to end it?

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  1. Suzanne says

    I watch this show with my kids whom adore P&F, and I think it would be a big mistake for Disney to discontinue it. We all love the story lines and all the characters. Its the best “Simpson” like show that is kid friendly. Im 36 and I enjoy it :). Please keep P&F!!!

  2. Unknown says

    Phineas and Ferb should never be cancelled. I really wish that the series will never end. Phineas and Ferb shall live forever in my heart without any doubts at all! Please keep it on the air!

  3. anonymous says

    Phineas and Ferb is one of the best shows on Disney channel, if it gets cancelled I think it’s a big mistake. I love the show and so do my parents [believe it or not] so I hope this show will be on for years to come!

  4. Anonymous says

    No, I think this show Phineas and Ferb should be on forever. I have alot of they stuff. For example : DVD, Clothes, Foods and iphone case

  5. ostrichlover says

    it should keep going! disney has cancled almost every good show left and i dont want phineas and ferb one of them

  6. Jonathan says

    Phineas and Ferb should continue on for as long as Dan and Swampy want to keep producing it!! Also as long as PF merchandise is selling, why would Disney want to end the series? Cartoons are timeless and the characters never have to grow up. That’s why Phineas and Ferb can (and does) outlast the live action DC shows(new eps of Hanna Montana were still being made in the first season of Phineas and Ferb. and now look at Miley).

    • Anonymous says

      Agreed. As a hardcore fan of the show, yes I would love to see this show continue for a while longer. If Disney Channel DOES cancel the show, then it’s obvious proof that they’re pandering to the online hate that the show has gotten recently. I don’t think they should listen to those people as they clearly never liked the show to begin with and only liked it because it was “better than anything else on at the time”. Those people are not true fans but only liked it because it was bearable compared to anything else. The fact that those said people latched onto Gravity Falls and deserted Phineas and Ferb says alot about how much they actually liked the show. It’s usually an internet bandwagon to hate on popular things and Phineas and Ferb is no exception. Those people are mostly rude and don’t realise how much time and effort that Dan and Swampy have done to make the show a reality. By that logic, SpongeBob would have been cancelled for the 2nd time in a row because of how much hate the post-movie episodes have gotten over the years online.

      This show still does have a large fanbase and I don’t see why it should be cancelled. It still performs high ratings and was the highest rated cartoon on Disney Channel this year. At least move it to another network if cancelling it on Disney Channel is an option.

      Aliki’s wrong about SpongeBob taking a hiatus though, the show actually ended and came back as a result of it’s success on Nickelodeon. This is even stated in it’s oral history.

  7. says

    I would miss it but everything comes to a end at some point and this show has had a decent run, not many get that much of an opportunity. At least they have a plan for what to do until they can come up with a proper ending.

  8. crystal says

    I hope its not over, its a great show. The humor can’t be beat, beside if a show like the simpsons can continue so can phineas and ferb.

    • Anonymous says

      Exactly, and look at how much online flack the new Simpsons episodes get. Disney Channel shouldn’t have to pander to the same people who were never real fans of PnF to begin with.

  9. John Hilla says

    I was under the impression we were suppose to get a movie or two out of PF. Perhaps that would be a bitter / sweet approach like Swampy said there are enough specials and episodes to fill the air..

  10. says

    I so hope it continues for Many Years to come! Hey, it’s bad enough Futurama was ‘finished’!! I really enjoyed Phineas & Ferb as I really like the art & story lines!!! So sad to see the end of Perry!!!!

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