Pimp My Ride: MTV Series Runs Out of Gas

Pimp My RideMTV has announced that it is canceling its auto fix-up series Pimp My Ride after three years and seven seasons.

Hosted by rapper Xzibit, Ride picks car owners under the age of 30 for much needed car makeovers. By the end of an episode, a participants’ vehicle is “pimped out” to reflect the owner’s personal interests and tastes. Versions of the series air around the world including the UK, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Brazil.

The final eight episodes of the US version aired in a marathon on June 9th but the series’ regular run begins on Sunday, July 22nd at 10:30pm on MTV. Pimp My Ride will be preceded by new car makeover series Trick It Out, hosted by former American Idol contestant Becky O’Donohue. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. tommy capehart says

    i have a 1990 ford aerostar minivan,it has over 500,000 miles on it,it leaks,valves rattle,inside can’t haul but 2 people,i take people places all the time for appointments i really need my ride pimped i have some peps counting on me,and i would haten to let them down

  2. Marleen Ashworth says

    My son has a 1964 TBird that he has faithfully hauled around, parked, stored with friends and or family. He is a broke college student but studies hard. He has tiried to work on this car in the past but by the time he pays to have it towed from place to place he has no money left for parts. I try my hardest to help him out but my pockets are really thin. It would be great to see my son drive his car when he transfers schools.
    I know you can no longer pimp his ride but how about if you “TRICK IT OUT?”

  3. M Rodriguez says

    Hi, My lil bro has a 1988 mazda 300zx and it is tore up!! He got it a lil over 2yrs ago and hasn’t been able to work on it because he had got into the marines and well, he had to leave. He’s been in the marines for 2yrs and that car has been sitting in my drive way since. I just wanted to ask if pimp my ride would help me surprise him by hooking his car up for him. He loves the car but feels he has to get rid of it because he can’t fix it. I don’t want him to have to get rid of it and I think he does deserves it for making his family proud and serving our country. I’m so proud of him and thought this may be one way of showing him how proud I am of him. Please help me pimp my little marines ride :)

  4. Joao Rodrigues says

    I got a 1996 Ford Mustang cobra i have no time to fix it up and the country has no thecnitian with expertise capable to fix it, lucks parts .I work in the IT field.So I heared that you can help. SO please pimp My ride. can u pimp my ride for me?

  5. says

    I got a 1999 gmc i have no time to fix it up.I work offshare.MY wife gast past about 2 mounts o go.So it been hared wine i naver home.SO pimp My ride can u pimp my ride for me?

  6. says

    I’m a mid 50’s business man who has very little time to really spend doing the things I love.
    I have a 1965 DC10 that I have been meaning to have my mechanics work on for the past 6 months, it has loads of potential but I haven’t had the time/money to do the specifics of building this potential pimp aeromobile. I am sick of going to international business meetings and being laughed at by my fellow billionaires at having to arrive via ‘virgin airlines’ and really think I should have a plane to myself. I really like stripper poles, neon lights and formula one cars, if you could somehow incorporate these things into your pimping of my DC10 I would greatly appreciate it.
    So please MTV Pimp my flight!!!

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