Pitchmen: Show’s Future in Question After Billy Mays’ Death

PtchmenAn original idea for show that came just a bit too late. With the recent death of the infomercial king Billy Mays, the future looks uncertain for his new series Pitchmen.

Pitchmen follows Mays and his business partner, Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, as they travel around the country and evaluate products for them to pitch on infomercials. Some unusual products spotlighted on the series include new takes on lawn fertilizer, windshield wipers, odor-removing spray, and shark repellant.

Airing on the Discovery Channel, the show began airing on April 15th. A dozen hour-long episodes have been produced and last one will air today, concluding a day long marathon of the show.

Episode 12 is titled “Revenge of the Pitchmen” and revolves around Mays and Sullivan taking part in a “pitch-off” to determine who’s the best pitchman in the business.

Should Pitchmen end without Mays?

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An on-screen graphic will be been added to the finale to mark Mays’ untimely passing. Discovery is also planning to air a special tribute show in the near future.

Whether the series can or will continue without the energetic Mays is still up in the air. The show has been successful but certainly has not been a huge hit for Discovery. Wednesday’s episode attracted 1.45 million viewers. Not surprisingly that’s a bump over the show’s usual performance.

A spokesperson for Discovery said that, for right now, their focus is to show support the Mays family. A decision about the show’s future will be made at a later date.

Should the show continue, possibly with Sullivan finding a new partner? Or, is the show simply over without Mays?

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  1. Neil says

    I agree with Jamie…”Give them some time off to cope and regroup then have Little Billy step in.” This would be a great idea if and only if Little Billy likes what his dad did.


  2. Jo says

    Billy III is a different personality though. He was the behind the scenes guy, more comfortable with Assisting and Directing. I think he is too reserved to be on camera. Sully could do it without Billy and Billy could still be a player in the show if they go in a direction like…”what would Billy do with this product??” Then, every single new show would be a tribute to Billy. I’m sure Sully talks to Billy now anyway. With their relationship as strong (it seemed to be a true Love/Hate) as it was, it would just be natural for him to talk to Billy. The Telebrand guy could have more of a role too. He could be the villian to Sully’s hero. Are you listening Discovery Channel?

  3. Leslie Ann says

    I have given this some thought and I think that Sully and Billy Mays III and the leader of Telebrands (sometimes featured) should host a competition similar to The Next Food Network Star not to replace Billy (because he is irreplaceable) but as someone to pick up the torch and carry on his energy and spirit. This person may be something completely new, completely different – but the best way to save the show is to get the audience involved in this sort of way. It could absolutely work if done well.

  4. Jamie says

    I’ll agree with Katy. Give them some time off to cope and regroup and then have Little Billy step in. I’m sure working with his dad and having Sully guide him, we’ll be seeing him selling Awesome Augers and Mighty Putty in no time. True, he may want to do something different. If the show doesn’t come back, that will be ok too. I will miss it, but I have seen they are still airing Billy Mayes commericals. And actually, it’s mildly comforting. Just last night I saw a commercial for the Jupiter Jack. It says to me his family will be taken care of. I liked Billy, and I wil miss him greatly. Why just yesterday, after my car began to fill with water during a rain storm, How did I clean up the water?? Zorbees! They work great!. Rest will Billy Mayes.

  5. Katy says

    I am guessing that Billy’s energy was infectious even in the family. I believe Billy III would be more than appropriate to step in his dad’s shoes and carry on the pitchman title. I believe he could do it if he wanted to and I would certainly pay attention to what he would pitch. Billy III may have other plans for his future, though…….

  6. says

    Actually Sully Mentoring Billy III could be quite entertaining. Sully was a good part of the show, that had MANY characters. I hope they finish off this season and maybe go for a third. The Mays familly (Debbie) could benefit and this is good TV. I love watching the Mays/Sully Duo researching products, and getting Mays III out of his shell and pitching with a push from Sully . What about the Nephew who’s got the ” Hi I’m Billy Mays” down.

    And I’ve never seen Sully with the Deer in the Head Lights look. Sully DESERVES a couple more shows to show you what he’s got. I think it’ll be a HIT…..

  7. says

    I cant believe it. He was my favorite pitchman of all time. I don’t want them tio continue the show. but if they do they better not replace billy with his rival vince

  8. smallville says

    Anthony Sullivan must dedicate another season of “Pitchmen” to Mr. Mays. If he can do something with Billy III, I think even if the show doesn’t score well with viewers, that “Pitch” would be something Billy would be proud of. I myself would tune in just to honor the greatest Pitchman we have ever known. Billy will truly be missed every time we see someone else’s pitch, on every late night infomercial we come accross we will hear how Billy would have done it better!!
    Will the world ever know such a hardworking, genuine representation of the American dream?? Billy Mays will never be forgotten, and hopefully he will be as successful in his new adventure…beyond our sight. Goodbye Billy, you are missed!!!

  9. Mycah says

    Who knows maybe Sully could find a new partner for the show. I just hope the don’t replace Billy with the ShamWow Guy.

  10. pelle says

    Sully go on with the show, carry on his legency, Maybe his son William D. Mays III can carry it on with you.
    My family loves the show. I grow up in McKeesRocks, did not know Billy personally.

  11. Meee says

    Although Billy will be missed sooo much I still believe that Sully can go on. He has excellent judgement and enthusiasm and maybe will try different pitchmen to produce but he has alot of talent that can not be wasted and I am certain Billy would want Sully to go on. Also Billy Mays son is up and coming so after some time to grieve for both him and Sully the show will go on. Sully was very very close to Billy it was an extremely close relationship that will be difficult for Sully at times and of course Billy’s son lost a father that was amazing in sooo many ways but Sully and Billy the 3rd have eachother and Sully’s wife who is Billy’s cousin is supportive I am sure as well as Billy’s wife they all loved Billy. They will come thru this as a family and they will have Billy living in their hearts forever. We will never forget him I wished I had the opportunity to meet him he seemedlike such a wonderful person in those shows as well is Sully. Sully go on friend Billy will be proud of you.

  12. tb says

    if they can find a pitch man that can be half of what billy was they will be doing something
    but if the family of billy doesnt want them to they should respect that
    be cause sully is too laid back in my opinion billy was in your face buy my product wich made you wanna grab the phone
    he was awesome
    and will be missed
    BILLY MAYS! woot woot

  13. Jason says

    Mays was too essential to the show. It needs to end or it will turn out just like “8 Simple Rules”

  14. Kevin says

    I was really bummed about Billy’s passing, more so than any other of the other 4 who passed this past week and a half. He seemed like a great, down to earth guy who was very good at his job. I really enjoy the show as well. Both he and Sully really complimented each other. I would like to see the show go on, but I am not sure how successful it would be without Billy or how this would affect Sully’s business as well. I wish only the best for him and my thoughts and prayers are with the Mays family and friends. RIP Billy, you will be missed.

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