Point Pleasant

Point PleasantNetwork: FOX
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 19, 2005 — October 25, 2005
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Elisabeth Hamois, Grant Show, Samuel Page, Aubrey Dollar, Dina Meyer, Cameron Richardson, Clae Carey, Brent Weber, Susan Walters, Richard Burgi, Alex Carter, Ned Schmidtke, John Diehl, Adam Busch, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Marcus Coloma, Adrey Marie Anderson, James Morrison, Aaron Paul, Matt Lanter, Dana Davis, Steven Brand, and Aaron Norvell.

point pleasant past TV show

TV show description:
The atmosphere of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey is about to change with the arrival of a young girl named Christina Nickson (Elisabeth Harnois). During a powerful storm, Christina washes up on shore and is resuscitated by lifeguard Jesse Parker (Sam Page). Jesse then takes her to the house of Dr. Ben Kramer (Richard Burgi) and his family. The Kramer’s learn that Christina is estranged from her father and came to Point Pleasant in search of the mother she’s never known.

Dr. Kramer, his wife Meg (Susan Walters), and their daughter Judy (Aubrey Dollar), have recently suffered the loss of their daughter/sister Isabelle (Audrey Marie Anderson) in a surfing accident. They enjoy Christina’s company and feel as though she’s brought some light back into their lives after their grief. They allow her to stay with them as she tries to learn about her past and find her mother.

However, Christina’s not having the same warm effect on other residents of Pleasant Point. Jesse’s girlfriend, Paula Hargrove (Cameron Richardson), is none too pleased about the amount of time her boyfriend is spending with the beautiful and mysterious Christina. And tension mounts between Jesse and his best friend, Terry Burke (Brent Weber), who is in love with Jesse’s girlfriend Paula. Meanwhile, Paula’s mother Amber (Dina Meyer) is desperate for a relationship with her childhood sweetheart, Dr. Kramer, who resists her advances.

The real battle it turns out is within Christina as she learns the secrets of her past. She’s plagued by terrible visions of death, destruction, and a dark future that she seems destined to bring about. It turns out that Christina’s actually the daughter of a mortal woman and Satan. The evil forces want nothing more than to have her on their side and send a charming stranger named Lucas Boyd (Grant Show) to help guide her to her destiny. But Jesse, who once rescued Christina, learns that he may be the one person who can save her from ushering in Armageddon.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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