Prime Suspect: Cancelled Now?

Prime Suspect canceledEarlier this week, NBC announced their mid-season schedule and, not surprisingly, low-rated Prime Suspect wasn’t on it. Supposedly NBC execs hadn’t cancelled the show and would still be “considering their options” until all 13 episodes had aired.

Now comes word that production will be shutting down before the holiday. The cast and crew were reportedly informed of the season wrap on Monday afternoon, as NBC was announcing their schedule. It surely wasn’t a surprise. Mario finishing episode 12 now and will complete number 13 before closing up shop.

There won’t be any more episodes produced for this season, despite the fact that the network ordered another half dozen scripts. Though NBC isn’t officially saying that Prime Suspect is cancelled, the cast and crew have been told that there won’t be a second season.

Theoretically, Prime Suspect could be brought back next season but that would mean that the network would have to put a lot of money into promoting a show that had been off the air for nine months, a show that couldn’t muster strong ratings after a big launch. Thus far the show’s averaged a dismal 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 4.97 million viewers.

There’s simply no reason for the network to spend any more resources on Prime Suspect. For whatever reason, most of the network just weren’t interest in this TV series.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Prime Suspect is being cancelled and won’t be back for a second season?

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  1. Lisa says

    I am devastated to learn that prime suspect USA has been cancelled. Watching in England I just assumed that episode 13 (aired last summer here) was the end of the first season and I have been checking sky Atlantic for signs of season 2 starting. I preferred this show to the original prime suspect written/filmed in UK. Maria Bello is a fabulous actress and the show will be a big miss. Damn you NBC!!!!!

  2. says

    Well this sucks as I was so following each and every episode! Go figure these networks can’t figure out how to make people happy, and just go about canceling for the low ratings? WTF? At least finish it off right if you’re not going to have another season…

  3. says

    what a crime. imho, this was the BEST tv show to come out in the fall- winter 2011-2012 period! Bello and the all the supporting cast were amazing. too smart a show for the average us tv watcher I guess. And meanwhile shows like “2 broke girls” and “Take me out” still air . . . what a travesty

  4. Sigma says

    Depressing! All the smart shows that feature complex characters that have flaws and are not up beat get cancelled. I always wonder how House stayed on the air so long. I guess there was enough comedy. Maybe I am to blame since I don’t watch TV anymore… I only watch Hulu or other computer sites. Wonder if that is part of the ratings. I suspect that there are less and less smart, successful and educated audience that actually watch shows “live”. Does that mean that TV content is dictated by the rest of the audience? Sure feels this way !

  5. Anne says

    Just got the show set in my DVR! You start committing to a show and then you have to search the internet to find out that it’s just another canceled show taking up Timer space on the DVR. Damn. Just started getting a true story line. UGH!! SMDH

  6. Derek says

    It seems that shows that are geared to good character development don’t get much of a change these days. Perhaps sombody will see that this show would make a decent movie series.

  7. Alice says

    Yes, it was a good show. It was different than most detectives because this time the woman was the main detective. The men had to learn to work with her and her discretions instead of the other way around. Refreshing. I loved Mario Bello. She had a rough edge but at the same time could be loving and affectionate. The hat looked great on her. Please think about bringing the show back. I know a lot of people who love the show. I think it would work if you put it on at another time and show repeats first.

  8. Russ says

    I suppose it makes sense. With all the stupid “reality” shows how could they possibly find time for actual quality programming.

  9. Sue says

    It figures! I guess NBC has too many inane reality shows to leave room for an intelligent and well-acted show! Just another reason I change channels immediately after the news.

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