Primetime Network TV Show Ratings: Monday, November 15, 2010 [finals]

ChuckThere were no particularly big winners or losers on Monday night, as compared to the previous week’s ratings in the all-too-important 18-49 demographic.

Of the most note was ratings for Chuck. The NBC series was pre-empted last week and returned to a 10% decrease over the last original episode. Chuck has been hurting all season and a 1.8 rating represents a season low and matches last May’s finale, a series low. Not good. The Event and Chase didn’t gain or lose from the previous episodes2 but their ratings were terrible already.

Though ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Castle measured the same, the network was down a bit for the night. This was due to the fact that Dancing ran for only 90 minutes and the extra half hour was filled by a repeat of The Middle. Though the sitcom had a substantial lead-in, it registered only a 2.2 rating. It would be interesting to see how an original episode performed.

On the CW, both 90210 and Gossip Girl were flat from last week in the 18-49 demo. However, both were down in the network’s targeted demo of women 18-34. Gossip Girl fell 4.3% to a 2.2/6 and 90210 dropped 5.9% to a 1.6/5 rating/share.

Here’s how everything else measured up…

    TV show Viewers (mil) 18-49 demo Demo
+/- %
8:00 abc Dancing with the Stars (90 minutes) 20.68 4.0/10 0.0%  
8:00 fox House 10.77 4.0/11 +8.1%  
8:00 cbs How I Met Your Mother 8.887 3.6/10 +2.9%  
8:00 nbc Chuck 5.43 1.8/5 -10.0%  
8:00 cw 90210 1.76 0.9/2 0.0%  
8:30 cbs Rules of Engagement 7.92 2.9/7 -3.3%  
9:00 cbs Two and a Half Men 14.25 4.5/11 +4.7%  
9:00 fox Lie to Me 5.94 1.9/5 +5.6%  
9:00 nbc The Event 5.64 1.7/4 +0.0%  
9:00 cw Gossip Girl 1.69 0.9/2 0.0%  
9:30 cbs Mike & Molly 12.15 3.7/9 +5.7%  
9:30 abc The Middle (r) 9.61 2.2/6 ---  
10:00 cbs Hawaii Five-0 10.34 2.8/8 -3.4%  
10:00 abc Castle 9.98 2.5/7 0.0%  
10:00 nbc Chase 4.57 1.2/3 0.0%  

Raw data: © The Nielsen Company via Media Week. The “Demo +/-%” column indicates how many viewers in the 18-49 demographic (the important category to most advertisers) watched over those that watched the last original episode.

What do you think? Chuck received a full season order from NBC. Do you think it will be the show’s last? What were you watching?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Pikachu says

    What’s the deal with networks preempting their shows and then bringing them back to the schedule, only to have the viewers not return the next week?! Somebody should follow their favorite show(s) next time, like DVR them!!

  2. sara says

    Send a season four i love the show its so funny and i just cant get enough of it and neader can my boyfriend plz send a season four hugs from denmark

  3. Chuck is one of the better and interesting shows on tv. says

    As I said before Chuck should not be cancelled. It is one of the funniest, entertaining, original shows on tv. At least there was some good, original writing on it. It was very watchable. It was the highlight of my weekly tv. All the other series contain gruesome murders, who done its, who can dance the best, who can withstand outdoors the longest, who gets to be the skinniest, who sings the best, who dances the best , who cares. I don’t. And its all formula. All the other shows content is geared towards the lowest denominator, catering to our lowest instincts. Well, I like good writing, I like real funny, I like original, I like creative. Chuck is all that. The only other decent show on tv is “The Good Wife”. I implore you to keep Chuck on. I think its ratings will pick up. Look how long it took tv’s Mash to become a big hit. Give it another chance . The actors are great, the original premise is great. Who would have ever thought that a store like a BiG Buy could be the stronghold of a spy nest ? The show is great. Look it over again and give it a few more years run.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love Chuck. It’s not the same old tired programing. It’s one show that I schedule to watch. One show that I do pay attention to. I have continued to watch. I will continue to watch. I have seen NBC do this time and again by thinking that they will be able to replace a decent show with some piece of trash. There is an obvious reason as to why they constantly fall behind. I know that I am not the only one to say this but… USA network is doing a better job than this bastion of horrible programing that has become NBC. FX network has better programing after 10pm most nights than NBC. The peacock is truly dead. It should be buried. I can’t see why we need 700 channels of programing that is lackluster. Chuck and Heroes was one of the few programs that I would watch on NBC. Now that they are possibly cancelling Chuck I won’t be watching NBC. It is truly sad that they can’t seem to bring anything worth watching. I feel deeply distraught that a “major” TV network can’t seem to be able to figure out what we would like to watch. Gee I wonder why online programing is getting more play time than some of there supposedly interesting shows.

  5. Craig says

    NBC doesn’t have anything now to replace Chuck, so I understand the show getting a full season. However, I don’t expect the show back next season when their are new shows to bring in. Chuck was fun, but after a few years of pretty much the same jokes and same action, it isn’t interesting.

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