Prison Break: After the Shocking Finale, What’s Next?

Prison Break series finaleAfter four seasons of jail, torture, perilous escapes, stabbings, and death, Michael Scofield’s saga has come to an end. Tonight’s Prison Break series finale solved many of the drama’s ongoing storylines and then, we were treated with a montage that shows our “heroes” four years down the road. And then, the unthinkable happened. While fans have all been expecting a big finish, few expected it would truly end this way.

Prison Break follows architect Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) whose half-brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) has been jailed for a murder he didn’t commit. To save his brother’s life, Michael concocts a detailed plan to have himself imprisoned and then to free both of them. Along the way, they realize they’re involved in a far-reaching conspiracy with dire consequences for all around them.

The show’s massive cast has included Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Wade Williams, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Paul Adelstein, Marshall Allman, Rockmond Dunbar, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Robin Tunney, Stacy Keach, Leon Russom, Phillip Edward Van Lear, Peter Stormare, Muse Watson, and Patricia Wettig.

The FOX drama debuted to solid ratings in 2005 but, over time, the audience’s interest has dwindled. In January it was announced that the show had been cancelled and that the story would soon come to a close.

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As difficult as it is to take, Michael’s final fate does makes some sense. Executive producer Matt Olmstead told the LA Times, “When we got to the end, the only real, noble thing for Michael is to have it be that what he did — the initial act and the ramifications — were not in vain and weren’t selfish,” Olmstead said. “So, good comes out of it, but he himself would also have to pay a sacrifice.”

Olmstead tells EW that, “It just felt a little weird for us to have Michael and Sara holding hands on the beach walking away — though that would be gratifying in the moment. Knowing that there was pretty much a scorched path behind them in terms of what happened, [having him die] balanced the books for us. He also paid the ultimate sacrifice and, in doing so, everyone else close to him was able to live, including his child.”

Thankfully for fans, the story’s not over just yet. There’s a two-hour made-for-DVD movie that will be released on July 28th. It’s a self-contained story that takes place during the four year fast-forward; soon after the characters are exonerated but before Michael’s death. We’ll learn the details about Michael’s big sacrifice and whether it’s directly tied to his condition.

Olmstead explains the premise this way, “Sara is on the hook for [killing] Michael’s mother and she gets locked up while pregnant. The tables are turned… once a doctor in prison now imprisoned, and Michael’s on the outside. The majority of the cast is back. It’s Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, T-Bag, Mahone… all the heavy-hitters.”

While Olmstead is sorry that Marshall Allman (Linc’s son) wasn’t available to return for the finale, he doesn’t have any regrets about how they’ve ended the Scofield story. He says, “Every story was exhausted. Every creative juice wrung out. It was a completely worthwhile experience, and I know the other writers [agree]. It was a difficult show to pull off, and we did it.”

What do you think? A fitting end or a disappointment? Either way, will you be buying the DVD in July?

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  1. Kugu says

    i didn’t like series finale much
    -from the 2nd to 21st episose of the 4th season the “equipe” had a lot of troubles but kellerman came suddenly and solved everything. quite “easy” ending
    -i didn’t like the “4 years later” part. it should have ended on the day, or few days later than the beginning of the episode
    -oh “the final break”, it was the worst thing about prison break. no revelations about nothing except one of the main characters’ fate (gretchen). another main character in prison, another prison escape planned by michael… boring

    it was one of the few action-dramas i’ve ever watched but it ended very weak. i miss 2nd season where fugitives travelled inter-state, for their own dreams and sometimes their paths crossed.

  2. vickie says

    I am so upset, I was looking forward to another season of prison break. When I searched for it on dish it was then that I realized it had been cancelled. I has no idea…how disappointing.

  3. olga says

    I hated the ending!! I have nothing else to say. A big dissapointment!! If they don’t make season 5, I’m going to regret ever watching the show!!

  4. Shelley says

    Without Prison Break my life is over!!!!!!!! I LOVED THAT SHOW!!! I might as well sell my television. No Prison Break…. No 24…. Nothing else to watch!!!!

  5. Aditi says

    The end leaves no hope for possibilities of season 5 in the future. The finality of Michael’s death leaves nothing to the imagination, of possible continuation of the series. Even if you have to end the show, atleast leave us with hope! The ending leaves nothing for us to think about or hope for. I wish I never even saw the last episode- pointless!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chump! says

    What the hell? I voted for the “I hated the ending” one and it said…:thank u for voting for,”It was awesome!” not fair! Why? did they do this on purpose so they won’t have a reason to continue the show? thats lame of u.Making another season won’t make it bad. THe ratings only fell cuz ppl started watching it on their pc!

  7. Chump says

    I sure hope that the show is gonna go on. for at least another season. after pulling off an awesome show like this and then make a crappy ending? If they would have made a good ending and didn’t rush it so much…everything would be perfect. I was very pissed after watching the last episode. I should never have watched it. THe show must go on ppl. !!!!!!

  8. Tracy Oram says

    I know the show has ended but it does have a lot more loose story lines, that the rest of the cast could finish up!!! I did love the show a lot I didn’t miss an episode! You guys could’ve showed a bit more of Sara’s and Micheal’s relationship towards the end. I mean about Sara carrying to term and Micheal being in the hospital for his problem. What did Micheal have Cancer?? Micheal’s son growing up instead of him being 2 or 3 at the grave site where Micheal was barried. The rest was an excellent ending to a perfect story, line!! You guys could’ve also, shown Linc’s relationship with his family as well…..didn’t he a wife??? I will be buying the whole series to see if I missed ANY THING AT ALL!!!

  9. wen says

    Sara could have defended herself….killing Cristina is an act of self -defense for her and for Michael….mwahhhh. is there another movie in the making of same casting?

  10. Erin Sanchez says

    I am really bothered by the tombstone on the finally listing Michaels life as 10/74 to 11/05… It doesn’t fit. Earlier in the season, when Cristina leaves the doctored pic for LInc, he says thats a 78 car, Michael was born in 76… why didn’t the writers remember that. It really irks me. Other than that I loved the finale, but I hated that Michael died. I hope the movie gives a few more answers. I am really going to miss prixon break!

  11. jo says

    it was a LOUSY ENDING, with no regard for the fans feelings.. there are a thousand and one ways to offset Michael’s “guilt ” without killing him, but the producers rushed everything, in their hurry to get more money, insulting their viewers by having Michael suddenly turn stupid; by having the group escape to Costa Rica who has an Extradition Treaty with the US, therefore they can easily be brought back to the US.. the 4 of them, they’re all conspirators (for the escape of Sara), therefore they’re fugitives, and and we see them freely going around Costa Rica.. you’re insulting us Matt Olmstead and company. and you’d like to kiss the a.. of the director– during that scene, after Sara came out of the bldg. and no Michael followed, it was good the director didn’t make Sara, Lincoln, Sucre, and Mahone clap their hands. I wanted to throw my pc out the window and hope it will land all the way into Fox.!!

  12. Steve says

    I expected to rewatch prison break many times on DVD….. But I will not be watching it again. Michael’s death (though not seen to give true finality) leaves a sour taste in the mouth after we the viewers have shared so much struggle with him. With the gloom and economic doom shrouding the world, was it too much to ask that Michael survives. Where’s the hope? The PB writers are hacks if they think there is any Karma in this ending. Karma would be them ending up as dung beetles in their next life rolling up the scraps of this horrible horrible ending they have contrived very lazily and with no care for the fans whatsoever.

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