Prison Break: After the Shocking Finale, What’s Next?

Prison Break series finaleAfter four seasons of jail, torture, perilous escapes, stabbings, and death, Michael Scofield’s saga has come to an end. Tonight’s Prison Break series finale solved many of the drama’s ongoing storylines and then, we were treated with a montage that shows our “heroes” four years down the road. And then, the unthinkable happened. While fans have all been expecting a big finish, few expected it would truly end this way.

Prison Break follows architect Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) whose half-brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) has been jailed for a murder he didn’t commit. To save his brother’s life, Michael concocts a detailed plan to have himself imprisoned and then to free both of them. Along the way, they realize they’re involved in a far-reaching conspiracy with dire consequences for all around them.

The show’s massive cast has included Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Wade Williams, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Paul Adelstein, Marshall Allman, Rockmond Dunbar, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Robin Tunney, Stacy Keach, Leon Russom, Phillip Edward Van Lear, Peter Stormare, Muse Watson, and Patricia Wettig.

The FOX drama debuted to solid ratings in 2005 but, over time, the audience’s interest has dwindled. In January it was announced that the show had been cancelled and that the story would soon come to a close.

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As difficult as it is to take, Michael’s final fate does makes some sense. Executive producer Matt Olmstead told the LA Times, “When we got to the end, the only real, noble thing for Michael is to have it be that what he did — the initial act and the ramifications — were not in vain and weren’t selfish,” Olmstead said. “So, good comes out of it, but he himself would also have to pay a sacrifice.”

Olmstead tells EW that, “It just felt a little weird for us to have Michael and Sara holding hands on the beach walking away — though that would be gratifying in the moment. Knowing that there was pretty much a scorched path behind them in terms of what happened, [having him die] balanced the books for us. He also paid the ultimate sacrifice and, in doing so, everyone else close to him was able to live, including his child.”

Thankfully for fans, the story’s not over just yet. There’s a two-hour made-for-DVD movie that will be released on July 28th. It’s a self-contained story that takes place during the four year fast-forward; soon after the characters are exonerated but before Michael’s death. We’ll learn the details about Michael’s big sacrifice and whether it’s directly tied to his condition.

Olmstead explains the premise this way, “Sara is on the hook for [killing] Michael’s mother and she gets locked up while pregnant. The tables are turned… once a doctor in prison now imprisoned, and Michael’s on the outside. The majority of the cast is back. It’s Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, T-Bag, Mahone… all the heavy-hitters.”

While Olmstead is sorry that Marshall Allman (Linc’s son) wasn’t available to return for the finale, he doesn’t have any regrets about how they’ve ended the Scofield story. He says, “Every story was exhausted. Every creative juice wrung out. It was a completely worthwhile experience, and I know the other writers [agree]. It was a difficult show to pull off, and we did it.”

What do you think? A fitting end or a disappointment? Either way, will you be buying the DVD in July?

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  1. danielle says

    season 5 shud be brought out with micheal staging his death all the orginal cast members. please season 5

  2. archit says

    I think season 5 will come soon cuz they didn’t show his I hope season 5 will come soon and Gretchen and mike get out from there….love prison break

  3. Chelsea Grant says

    Prison Break was by far my favorite show I’ve ever watched. I would love for it to be brought back as Season 5 with more drama..WITH WENTWORTH MILLER as Michael Scolfield and ALIVE! I’m sure you can think of more things to write, how else can you call yourself a writer. The ending was BS I can’t believe he died or that the show ended. 2013 Post here..BRING BACK PRISON BREAK SEASON 5!!

  4. jaqueline14 says

    I was hyperventilating wen the words he said “god I love you” to sara.. I couldnt taken7t. He loved her and their child, he would die for them. Dam, I needa vato like that. I loveeeeeeee this show. BUT to continue the series without him?? Nah im good. Mike is dead, sara n tha bby live. Get over it, at least she knows he loved her n the bby.

  5. Sneha Roy says

    Yes, Micheal shud be brought bk to life….. no other way u can continue the series without him. And we want that to be continued and its only Wentworth Miller and Sarah calleys is goanna do justice to this story. WE WANT PRISON BREAK BACK WITH MICHEAL SCHOFIELD…….Pleaaaaaaaaaase

  6. jason says


  7. christine says

    screw fox i think the end of the show was such BS michael has been through everything responsible for everyone else fate and in the end the one thing that he worked for he couldn’t get i think if you wanted to kill off someone it should have been his brother make him sacrifice something for his brother for once its not like you had to bring back his brain tumor could have left it alone i loved the show and one of my favorite things to do is collect box sets and be able to sit there and watch with no interruption but with the way they ended it i don’t think i can stand to watch the series again knowing that everything he has gone through was for him to end up died and everyone else going on with life and its because of him yes i got invested in these characters but that is the point and you don’t want to see the guy your rooting for the last four season end up like and not only did you kill him but you killed him in a prison where he has been running from i think that fact makes it so much worse you really should do another movie where the FBI covered up that he didn’t really die in the basement but the only way to keep him in jail is if no one knows he is there to help him out and now some how he has been able to finally get a message out that he is alive and while the FBI was fixing him up they fixed his tumor of course because you guys are stupid and just had to bring it up again

    • Anonymous says

      I think prison break 5 should be made as there is nothing interesting on fox this is the best ever series that i have ever seen interested from start to finish.

  8. Merna M. Young says

    The absolute best thing that TV ever produced. I watched the originals and just recently bought the DVD’s of all four seasons and The Final Break. I can’t imagine anything would be able to top this and the Final Break ended it all on a perfect note. Awesome writing and acting.

  9. Arnab says

    lets make an appeal to fox!! to restart Pb with season 5!! atleast it is much more interisting than its other shows!!! i hpe any one of the member of fox sees my post!!!!!! :(

  10. kyle says

    look seriously this show was awsome yes it was sad that micheal died but now they need to come out with another season with his son all grown up taking his place being smart taking over finding a women breaking out of prison or something else i mean its an amasing story line but u couldve made it longer

  11. sydney seibert says

    this show was amazing but i just cant believe he died he cant die i don’t know why that would happen after everything…. and i also want to know something did michael and sara ever go out after the show i really want to know they made a really cute couple in the show but again it was the best show i have ever watched but i think it would have been even better if michael never would have died but it was still a verry good show and michael is sooooooooooooooo cute…….

  12. pison break luver says

    wow…… i just dont knw what to say. i mean prison break was like the best show ever!! no exaggerration eatha!!!! im only 12 and i was literally hooked on the show, and i can tell u this it was way better thenwatching spongebob or anything….but now im the most saddest person in the world i mean it doesnt make any sense!!!! y would u do that after all he did for everyone and he died , u need to bring him backl make like a loop hole or sumthing idk it just needs to happen and if there is a season 5 coming and micheal isnt there then idk i think the show would be a little boring and suckish

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