Pushing Daisies: ABC Cancels Beloved Fantasy TV Show

Pushing DaisiesTo little surprise, ABC has decided to pass on ordering additional episodes of Pushing Daisies. After a critically-acclaimed and ratings-challenged run, will faithful viewers get some closure?

Pushing Daisies follows the story of an unusual pie-maker (Lee Pace) who can bring people back from the dead. With the help of his previously-deceased girlfriend (Anna Friel) and his detective partner (Chi McBride), the trio solve mysteries by briefly reanimating corpses and asking them questions. Other characters are played by Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene, and Jim Dale (the show’s unseen narrator).

Daisies debuted in October 2007 and, though the ratings weren’t good by the end of the first season, ABC renewed the show for a second year. The network execs hoped the show would catch on with a larger audience in season two. It didn’t and has only averaged six million viewers each week. Last night’s episode marked a series low in the ratings.

As a result, ABC has opted not to order any additional episodes. The network has avoided saying that it’s actually cancelled the show. The series could possibly return at a later date but, considering Daisies’ ratings track record, that is highly unlikely. More likely, the network is trying to avoid backlash from devoted and disappointed fans.

The network hasn’t announced plans to pull Daisies from the schedule thus far so hopefully ABC will finish airing season two. Though the series finale will give some closure, it’s been reported that it will leave devoted viewers screaming for more. Chenoweth recently said, “[There’s] not really resolution, which bums me out, but what you’re left with is hope.”

The reason for leaving viewers without a conclusion is somewhat of a mystery since producers were told in advance that this would likely be the final installment. For whatever reason, season creator Bryan Fuller decided to go the way he did. Filming an alternate ending was considered too expensive a proposition considering the show’s extremely tight budget.

If the network does pull Daisies before all of the episodes have aired, they’ll certainly be released on DVD at some point. Fuller has also said that he has plans to continue the tale of Ned the piemaker and friends in comic book form, likely with DC Comics. Fuller says he’s already in talks with the publisher and has a movie idea ready to pitch as well.

Though there won’t be any new episodes, it doesn’t look like these characters will be going six feet under any time soon. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cesar says

    As Emerson would say, ‘Oh HELL no!’ I’m really not surprised that the show is doomed. You have something innovative with snappy writing and is funny and entertaining and all the slack-jaws will go and watch Idol all week or one of the ad-nauseum list of cop/crime shows instead. There’s an endless barrage of shows that have been doomed because the lowest common denominator rules the cash flow. I hope because of this inverse proportionality that always occurs between intelligence and cancellation that it motivates the producers of the show to continue in DVD films, or possibly some sort of satisfying finale on a season two collection…I’m not really a comic book person and doubt I would follow it to that format.

  2. says

    Wow, I can’t believe that they are cancelling this show. It’s one of my favorite on tv… I also enjoy “Lipstick Jungle” and “The Big Bang Theory” …. that’s about it. We started playing MMORPG’s about a year and a half ago cause there is just not much at all to watch on tv. I’m disabled and have a hard time even sitting up at all so finding things to keep me entertained and from going totally insane while at home is a real pain. TV really bites but they put on a few good shows every year and then jerk them right off again because the Nielson ratings don’t care about us people who use tivo. Get up to date with the 21st century already!!!!!!!!! Don’t you realize we are in the age of technology and you’re going to end up cancelling everything if you don’t start counting people who use the available technologies???? I am very very disappointed with ABC and don’t think that I will be watching much on tv anymore. I’m so sick of finally finding a show that I really like and then having it taken off like this… Good luck to the networks when they finally drive us all away totally… what are you going to do then?

  3. randy says

    To bad ABC is cancelling the BEST tv show EVER! Every Wednesday we hurry home, fix dinner and hurry the clean up so we can sit and watch this show. This is the most unique show that the whole family can ACTUALLY watch. Most shows are full of sex and violence and this one isn’t. My son loves watching it with us and he only likes superhero shows right now.

  4. michelle says

    we are very sad that this show is being cancelled. 6 million viewers a week isn’t enough to keep it going? bah! Pushing Daisies is the best tv show on and when its done there is NOTHING that can replace it!

  5. says

    I personally don’t see the point of them pulling this show off the air, I’m still shocked about hearing that Dirty Sexy Money is going as well, I mean really? What are you going to do with Wednesday night exactly? I suppose it’s a good thing they moved Private Practice to Thursday’s so it wouldn’t suffer being with some new or repeated “nobody” shows. However they only did that to save Grey’s Anatomy…which would take a grand miracle of resuscitation in my book.

    Anyway I know the ratings are a major issue here and I hate to say it, but I kind of do see why it happened. I love the show but it does seem to have lost it’s zip and whimsical nature that it had in season 1. Last week’s episode confused me to no end which made it kind of a bummer really. I didn’t see last night’s episode due to the Tree lighting thing on 10, I wanted to watch Daises but it was a family choice for the Tree….meh! We have a Tree up in the living room…why couldn’t that be enough lol.

    Well anyway I don’t blame the story but I do have a couple of things to note

    #1 Repetition: Why didn’t they repeat the episodes from season 1 during the strike, many shows repeated stuff constantly, look at CSI Miami for instance, or Desperate Housewive’s? I mean the more you air it the more likely it will be viewed.

    #2 Syndication: while I understand that there was only 1 season at the time it could have at least repeated simultaneously on ABC family like Kyle XY and other shows do.

    #3 Publicity: There was little to no advertisements in the way of interviews and such to keep this going. I don’t mean commercials I mean actual interviews, or the stars going on shows to get the message out. I suppose it’s not their faults as it’s up to the host to have them on the talk shows but still something could have been done. I have seen Kristin Chenoweth on a few shows these past months and she never plugged Daises once. Or maybe she did, but not enough obviously.

    #4 The Mindset: Personally I don’t get why people still watch shows like Desperate Housewive’s or Grey’s Anatomy, there just isn’t enough to make them good now a day but still they rake in the ratings, so I suppose there is something they are doing right. I mean to keep junk like that on doesn’t happen all the time right? So what was Daises missing?

    As a final note: What in the world is ABC thinking? Dirty Sexy Money is an awesome show, how can it be gone?

    Daises, Dirty Sexy Money, Shark….I don’t know anything anymore.

  6. Ian says

    This is sad. Very good show. They have also put in talk about a movie… and since ABC never officially “cancelled” the show, if they actually do make a movie and it is successful, the show could come back… it has a base of devoted fans certainly.

  7. A says

    It is obvious ABC is incapable of supporting any new shows that are fresh and unique. I don’t see any reason to continue bothering to watch this channel in the future. No matter how good future shows on ABC might look, don’t bother watching them, they won’t last 2 full seasons, and ABC is incapable of doing anything to improve ratings (additional commercials Where there any anymore?,) commercials during highly watched shows, moving the show o a different time slot, moving the show to a different network.

    Honestly, in this day and age you could put it on t 2 am and fans would still tivo it. Tivo and tv on demand is the future, and a network that can;t figure it out won’t be around in the future itself.

    I can’t wait for the day TV shows are all released online free of the major networks, and the letters finally suffer the same fate they gave so many good shows.

  8. Rick M. says

    Personally, I love how this show has dark comedy delivered in a light handed manner… the writing and acting of this show walks that line wonderfully. It’s one of the best shows on the air and one I always watch as a devoted fan.

    However, if they cancel this show, the only one I really watch on ABC, then in my opinion, this network’s initials will just stand for “Another Bad Channel”.

  9. Kim says

    This show is awesome. It is so original and has an almost “pure” sense about it. My 15-year-old son and I watch it together. This is the second show in a week that ABC has decided to cancel and if this continues, there won’t be anything on worth watching!

  10. Windy City Blues...... says

    I’m so dissapointed to think that ABC would be willing to cancel such an original show! A friend got me hooked on the show, and I’m in love with amazing cinimetography, storyline, and characters…. PLEASE don’t cancel the show!

  11. Donna Watters says

    I love this show! It’s unique and interesting. Not just the same stuff that is on every other station. I started back watching ABC because of Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. Guess I’ll have to go back to CBS.

  12. Darlene Puckett says

    I can’t believe you’re cancelling another good show! Again, you want to put on the same shows as everyone else. I like your network because it came out with unusual shows like Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. I’m tired of the same old crap shows.

  13. Casey says

    This is really too bad, I had heard that it wasn’t doing too hot.
    I can’t wait to see what Kristin Chenoweth does, now! I love her. :)

    I miss Dead Like Me. :(
    It’s too bad shows like this have such a narrow demographic.

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