Raising the Bar: TNT Drama Cancelled; No Season Three

Raising the BarCourt will soon be adjourned for the Mark-Paul Gosselaar drama, Raising the Bar. TNT has decided to cancel the series after two seasons but, there may still be more to come.

From executive producer Steven Bochco, Raising the Bar revolves around a group of law school classmates who work on opposite sides of the courtroom. The drama’s cast includes Gosselaar, Gloria Reuben, Currie Graham, Melissa Sagemiller, J. August Richards, Jonathan Scarfe, Teddy Sears, Jane Kaczmarek, Stacy Hall, Natalia Cigliuti, Paul Joyner, Wayne Lopez, Jon Polito, and Angel Oguendo.

Back on September 1, 2008, the series premiere attracted 7.7 million viewers. That set a record for TNT as the biggest audience for a new series launch on regular cable. Unfortunately, much of the audience didn’t return for later episodes which averaged 5.5 million. Despite an early decline, TNT renewed the series for a second season.

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On June 8th, season two of Raising the Bar attracted just 3.6 million and shed half of the audience of its lead-in, The Closer.

As a result of the low ratings, the cable channel has cancelled the legal drama. Via a statement, a TNT representative said, “Everyone at TNT had a great experience working on Raising the Bar with Steven Bochco and the rest of the show’s terrific cast and crew. We’re proud of the series and appreciate the efforts of all of the creative people who were involved. Unfortunately, ratings for Raising the Bar’s second season did not reach the levels required for TNT to renew the series.”

TNT had opted to split the second season into two parts. The first dozen episodes finished airing on August 24th. That leaves three episodes on the shelf. It was expected that they would air in early 2010 but they haven’t been given airdates yet.

What do you think? Are you upset that the series has been cancelled? Why do you think that Raising the Bar failed — acting, storylines, or something else?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. SMILE says

    I loved the show. In terms of storyline, characters, cast performance; everything. I think it has the competitive advantage of combining court cases -that have some amount of action- with personal relationships and everyday life. Plus, there is a variety of characters to which different people can relate to.
    In particular, I like the values that this show promotes. Good friendships, communication, the importance of cooperation and doing good, idealism. Despite each person’s limitations and weaknesses a group of people tries to make things better-on various levels- and I find the concept positive, optimistic and real. The way Jerry’s character is presented as passionate, idealistic and truthful makes it really interesting (actually, he is my favorite character). As well as the romance of course! And there is plenty of room for more of that, regarding all characters, not just Jerry’s. I think that would be an important factor: human relationships on all levels, regarding different characters, evolving. As there is also plenty of room for more cases to unfold. That’s why I think you should definitely produce another 25 episodes, for a start! And I wouldn’t mind if this show went on and on!

  2. Anonymous says

    I saw this show on Netflix, too, and would love to see what happens to Judge Trudy, Ros and Richie, and I want to see a wedding! This could’ve been great! I actually liked watching these stories and how they were told. This show as good, really good. It gives the viewer hope for justice, but also acknowledges that the truth isn’t always accurate.

  3. al says

    loving the show , been watching on hulu
    I agree with marvin
    “Any show which actually causes one to think get trashed”

  4. yc says

    I happen on the series at the library. I love it. I want more. It reminds me of Law and Order, which I truly miss.

  5. Jean Goetz says

    TNT…you should reconsider resurecting this Series…RAISING THE BAR! I don’t have a television…Oil watch on a smart phone and found this Series on Netflix…I have taken just 3 evenings to watch all the episodes. Myes mind and heart want more. The characters enteracted well together. The Public Defender and the District Attorneys were portrayed realistically. In a world that is out of control and crazy, why take away a Series that portrays the system trying to work together? TNT, you were too impatient, did you try different time slots, switch days of the week? Reconsider and dust off the wtiters, locate the cast and RAISE THE BAR!

  6. Marvin says

    Another good show cancelled. This pisses me off. Any show which actually causes one to think get trashed. Yet we continue to conveyor belt out all these trashy reality show. I am sick to death of reality shows. I don’t give a flying fig what the Kadashians or Ice Tea and Coco are doing-just to name a few. I will not be forced to care about something that really should not get any attention. Well I will keep my two box sets of ‘Raising the Bar’ and enjoy them.

  7. Dorothy says

    Ugh!! Why did they cancel this show!!?? I love it! How can we start a petition to get this on air again???! I never even heard of this show before netflix.. They should have done more advertising….maybe that’s why they didn’t get as many viewers as desired. Im so mad!! I want more!

  8. TNT Head says

    I stopped watching the rest of TNT Shows to watch this one. I’m still looking for it NOWWW…can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  9. Bill Lewis says

    Sad to see that this show was cancelled after just 2 seasons. I normally don’t watch a lot of television shows, opting for movies on occasion and books most of the time instead. I decided to try out the pilot on netflix just for kicks and was hooked right away. I watched both seasons in a matter of weeks and would really love to keep watching. I would definitely recommend to show to anyone, with the caveat that they should expect to be left wanting more when it’s over, especially given that a few story arcs had just be started making it obvious that they did not expect the cancellation.

  10. defense bar says

    I thought it was a great show. As a criminal defense attorney I give good marks for accuracy I enjoyed the storyline and felt the actors played really well together. Another 25 episodes would have been great. I watched the whole thing in a month, guess I will go back to working all night! Thanks for the break Zach Morris

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