Raising the Bar: Cancelled TNT Series Returning (Briefly)

Raising the BarTNT’s cancelled legal drama, Raising the Bar, is returning to the cable channel, albeit for one night.

The final three episodes of the drama, featuring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Gloria Reuben, Currie Graham, Melissa Sagemiller, J. August Richards and the rest of the cast, will be shown in a mini-marathon on Christmas eve.

The installments begin at 8pm and continue until 11pm. The titles are “Maybe, Baby,” “O! Say Can You Pee,” and “Happy Ending.”

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to watch the Raising the Bar characters have their final day in court and say goodbye? Anything you hope to see happen in the final episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jean says

    I had been wondering about Raising the Bar and was very dissappointed to learn that it had been canceled. It was a quality show with a excellent cast and good writing. TNT does have many good shows but they lost a great one when they let this one go.

  2. Barbara says

    I Can’t believe This!!I have been waiting on New of when it was coming back on and just went online and found OUT. Wait a Petty!! You get good quality TV and What do they Do Cancel It!!
    What the Heck are They Thinking. Great Actors, Great writing and Do This! I thought TNT was a Smart Network but there you Go! This Stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  3. Isis says

    Like everyone else I waited patiently and wondering when the hell was Raising the Bar starting season 3….but nothing!!! What the heck was TNT thinking when it cancelled the show, it was a great show. The characters were awesome and Mark Paul was great in his portrayal of “Kellerman”, loved it when he cut his hair. I recorded every episode and can’t believe I won’t have any closure, I hate it when the do that. You get all involved in a TV series and then they yank it off the air :( I loved Raising the Bar and they should focus on the show’s fans not on the low ratings!!!

  4. Diane says

    Raising the Bar and Saving Grace!!!!! Are you kidding me?? Someone please tell TNT to get their heads out of their asses.

  5. KC says

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! What a huge let down. what is going on with the let downs. You made sure we all new Saving Grace was ending{what a total let down,the ending was not worth my time}. Please quit with cancelling shows so quickly. I become engrossed in the characters and then BAMM! GONE. Please Please keep Memphis Beat! Jason Lee is fantastic. I really enjoy the memphis style. The elvis music is great too.

  6. Brian says

    I can’t believe that Raising the Bar was cancelled. I was waiting like many others for the series to begin this summer. I kept checking TV listings to no avail so I logged on to your website and found out the bad news. I didn’t even get to see the last 3 episodes because I wasn’t looking for the show until now. I can’t tell you how disappointed that I am with your station. I mean Memphis Beat give me a break! Now I can’t even access your site to see those shows. Looks like I probably won’t be watching TNT too much any longer, but I guess that you guys could care less.

  7. veola williams says

    Please bring baqck rasing the bar. It is a great courtroom drama told from a great vantage point. It has a fabulous cast and we want to see them come back. Not interested in a new show with Mark-Paul. Want to see more of Gloria on raising the bar. PLEASE bring it back.

  8. says

    I just don’t get it!! Quality series like “Raising the Bar” gets cancelled and we have to put with stupid, trashy **** like Saving Grace forever.

  9. Donna says


  10. Sherry says

    I was trying to figure out when Rasing the Bar would begin showing this summer and was very diappointed to learn it was cancelled. The cast was fatastic and I liked the fact that the episodes weren’t the standard network stuff. I’m sorry the show won’t be returning this season.

  11. Donna Whitney says

    Why wasn’t the return of “Raising the Bar” advertised better?! I would think that would be one of the reasons alot of the audience missed it. I waited patiently for some onformation on the return and if I hadn’t been flipping through the channels, I would have missed it. In this age of
    dvr’s and other types of recording mechansims, this show would have been recorded, if not watched during the time it was aired by viewers. It was a well written show, great storylines, fantastic cast. It amazing how the peolple that make the big bucks make the worst decisions.

  12. Kim says

    I was wondering when “Raising the Bar” was coming back on. Could not believe it when I read online that the show was cancelled!!! It is a really great show. I was so looking forward to the next season & I really loved the characters. I agree with other comments that the show was not your typical Hollywood legal-type show. I thought Mark Paul G. played his character “Kellerman” brilliantly!!! What the heck is TNT thinking??? They should bring the show back & give it another chance. We can’t be the only fans out there!!! Come on TNT, get your heads out of your butts long enough to recognize a great show when you have one!!!

  13. Linda J says

    I cannot BELIEVE that TNT cancelled “Raising the Bar”. The first season was incredible. Granted, the second season was a letdown: it was as if Steven Bochco forgot how the first season ended, because the premiere and the remaining episodes had nothing to do with the first season’s cliffhanger. I must admit; I was disappointed. Nevertheless, I didn’t write it off. Then, Christmas Eve, TNT showed three back-to-back new episodes that were absolutely dynamic! I was completely engrossed. I thought “THIS is the “Raising the Bar” I know and Love”. The episodes were fabulous — Steven Bochco got his creative juices flowing and he brought it! After watching these three episodes, I KNEW TNT would have to bring this show back for a third season… and I was anxiously awaiting the continuation ’cause the cliffhanger was gripping! However, sadly enough, this was not to be the case. TNT chose to leave its viewers unsatisfied: never knowing the outcome. Unfortunately, TNT doesn’t know a quality show when they have it.

    TNT chose to bring back “Hawthorne”, but cancels “Raising the Bar”. I mean, I like “Hawthorne” (and Jada Pinkett Smith), but if I had to choose between the two, there would be no contest: “Raising the Bar” would win hands-down. What in the world is TNT thinking??

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