Rake: Cancelled Now? FOX Series Sent to Saturdays

Rake TV show canceled?A couple weeks ago, FOX shifted their low-rated Rake series to Friday nights. Now, the show is on the move again.

Rake follows a lawyer (Greg Kinnear) who tries to do good but just can’t seem to get beyond his numerous addictions that cause him so much trouble. The cast also includes John Ortiz, Necar Zadegan, Bojana Novakovic, David Harbour, Tara Summers, Miranda Otto, and Ian Colletti.

The series is being replaced by Kitchen Nightmares as of this Friday night. A rerun of the Gordon Ramsay series will lead into the one-hour series finale of Raising Hope at 9pm. Season six of Nightmares kicks off on April 11th.

Back-to-back episodes of Rake will air on Saturday, April 5th, starting at 8pm. That will leave one episode unaired — the sixth installment produced, titled “Mammophile.” No word on when or if that will see the light of day.

One thing is clear however. Despite the fact that FOX hasn’t cancelled it yet, there’s no way that Rake will be returning for a second season.

What do you think? Have you been watching the Rake TV series? Why do you think it hasn’t caught on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jan & Tom says

    Please do not cancel Rake! Besides moving it around like a piece on a chess board there was little or no promotion of this fresh & FUNNY series!! Give it a second chance!

  2. Kathy says

    One of the best shows on Tv now!! Greg Kinnear is fabulous. Supporting cast is wonderful. Finally some well-written Tv in prime time!

  3. Toulouse says

    Greg Kinnear is great. This show is hilarious. Maybe people dont like that it shows how fallible people are. I think its great. Sad if it is cancelled

  4. Vince says

    This is a great show…. Why would is be considered for cancellation.

    Someone is not in touch with the viewing audience.

  5. Tnddub says

    Really Linda, you loved how the show had a good “moral”ending? I’m curious what your definition of moral is. Is it the weekly infidelity, the sex with animals, 3 way sex, teacher and teenager sex? What is wrong with you, and Society?
    I’d like to think that sex doesn’t sell in this case. I enjoyed the show but all of the sex in every single episode was completely unnecessary and ruined the the show for me. the last episode was especially disgusting. I only realized the show had been cancelled when I went to delete Future Episodes from my scheduled recordings. Com’on Hollywood, try and be more creative and entertain without sexual content. I’d like to think America’s growing sick of it.

  6. Karen says

    Great, great show! It doesn’t need canned laughter to be compelling and funny. It’s a clever, mature, and witty show but that’s obviously not the audience networks care enough about. So instead of tuning in to that network, I’ll find something else. Shame, it was too good a show to lose.

  7. Brenda says

    Rake has become so sick with evil sex with animals,gays, adultery every sin was addressed in one episode. The writers and Fox are so corrupted by Evil..they don’t value our children’s life’s , by showing this kind of programming,it is robbing our youth of their innocents. Shame on all who participate in this filth, what kind of examples you must be to your family’s. I will not be watching fox any longer. All they offer to watch is Freaks and Trash. Good Riddance !

  8. HELEN says

    I love the show Rake…. It is refreshing to watch something other than, reality shows, serial killers, cop show….. etc… All the actors work as a team which is what makes this show so entertaining…. Hello Fox Network…. wake up…. you have a good show here, please don’t cancel.

  9. says

    I look so forward to Rake every week….Greg Kinnear is wonderful…the show actually makes me laugh out loud…it is witty, fun and allows us to see a bit of ourselves in every character…If there is a petition I will sign it….What can we do? Perhaps after the movie Greg Kinnear is in, Heaven is Real…there will be more fans and followers, give it one more season PLEASE! Put it back on Thurs. more marketing….give it a chance, one more chance at least!

  10. Anonymous says

    I love the show Rake….. It is refreshing compared to some of the other shows that are on . Serial killers, cop shows, reality shows I have no time for them…. please don’t cancel this . Greg Kinnear and all the other actors work as a team and that is what makes this show…..Hello Fox…… you have a show hear….

  11. Keith Manning says

    This is great show. Do not cancel! This is the kind of show that takes a while to get off the ground but it has been steadily building. It’s funny, mature, and Greg Kinnear is right on target as Kee. The cast of characters are diverse and compelling. Fox should know by now that Nielsen ratings are meaningless. Keep the show!

  12. says

    im so mad i love this show And its on a cliff hanger 2 omg no rake is a inspirational show to the lives of lawers it cant just end like this its a terrible moment to waste and this show kept getting pulled away over boring stuff fox has they should get rid of dads and that boring show master chef hell american idol been on tv since 2002 its time to retire that crappy show we want rake back

  13. Georgia says

    Love the show , great acting and so funny am so tired of reality shows its refreshing to see something that makes me laugh. Hope they dont cancel and give the show more time and maybe a better spot but then the networks never listen to us

  14. Diane says

    It’s very disappointing that this smart and entertaining show will be giving way to more of Gordon Ramsay’s totally predictable ” drama”. I have watched every episode and enjoyed it thoroughly…even caught the original Australian production.Good tv.

  15. sherry says

    Love this show! always been a fan of Greg Kinnear. Why do they always cancel the good ones and keep the crap thats the same on every other network, such as reality battles? Sick of reality TV.

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