Rake: Cancelled Now? FOX Series Sent to Saturdays

Rake TV show canceled?A couple weeks ago, FOX shifted their low-rated Rake series to Friday nights. Now, the show is on the move again.

Rake follows a lawyer (Greg Kinnear) who tries to do good but just can’t seem to get beyond his numerous addictions that cause him so much trouble. The cast also includes John Ortiz, Necar Zadegan, Bojana Novakovic, David Harbour, Tara Summers, Miranda Otto, and Ian Colletti.

The series is being replaced by Kitchen Nightmares as of this Friday night. A rerun of the Gordon Ramsay series will lead into the one-hour series finale of Raising Hope at 9pm. Season six of Nightmares kicks off on April 11th.

Back-to-back episodes of Rake will air on Saturday, April 5th, starting at 8pm. That will leave one episode unaired — the sixth installment produced, titled “Mammophile.” No word on when or if that will see the light of day.

One thing is clear however. Despite the fact that FOX hasn’t cancelled it yet, there’s no way that Rake will be returning for a second season.

What do you think? Have you been watching the Rake TV series? Why do you think it hasn’t caught on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rose says

    I love watching this show. My husband and I watched it every week. I had to google to find out what happened. Plan to watch it this Sat night.

    • Robert says

      A program that actually has a story to it and not getting stuck following people who have no life. I think Fox needs to be the network that could be known for not following the pointless shows we are subjected to.

  2. Anonymous says

    If fox cancelled rake i will boycott them period. So sick of these stupid restaurant shows, rake is amazing . I followed it to friday and was looking so forqard to it because i didnt have to work and it wasnt on now ita on Saturday and the season is cut short. Im so sick of great shows being canceled. Life with jack too, i mean its had 2 episodes i thought it was great, both refreshing dark comedy .to much to compete with these OVER RATED reality crap.it amazes me that shows like the bachelor can have 20 seasons andwe cant even get a full season of some great shows.. detroit 187 , the show about the navy guys on abc .shows that my husband and i could watch together and enjoy. Get it together networks. Wendy Williams, tmz,stupid celebrity stalker shows cancel those.

  3. Michael Platt says

    RAKE is excellent! Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it get “discovered” online once Fox kills it… Would love to see it picked up somewhere else…

  4. N. says

    are you kidding me? Sooo many crap shows on and finally a good, witty one. Why don’t they give it a chance, moving it to Friday and now Saturday? It’s so annoying that they give a show about a 5 mintue chance. Can’t they figure out good writing when they have it in their hands?

  5. Kathy B says

    I love this show! Quirky, different, entertaining. Stop moving it around so the viewers can find it! If you can’t keep it on Fox, put it on FX. Don’t let this one die. Why is that original shows can’t find their footing? Good luck to this one.

  6. says

    Love the show, felt it wasn’t promoted well, then the press enterprise gave it a bad review, and it had a bad time slot…. What did fox expect? So impatient, instead of letting it get on its feet, they cut off its legs. Gonna miss that womanizing, drinkin, gamblin, crazy lawyer. Just glad I wasn’t his secretary.

  7. Mike says

    This show is awesome! So disappointed when I tuned in tonight and saw Rake wasn’t on. Fox will truly regret if they cancel this show. I’m hooked and this is such a refreshing comedy .

  8. L Willis says

    Give it a minute already! I’m loving this show. RAKE is brilliant. Kinnear is perfect. Half the time I can’t find it on the schedule so I have to watch it online. But I”m always looking for it. Please keep it coming.

  9. Kargon says

    I had no expectation that “Rake” would last because I love it. It’s new, refreshing and Greg Kinear is adorable! I was a fan of “Detroit 1-8-7″ and “Life on Mars” – neither of which lasted even one season. I’m developing a complex – if it strays from the mundane and I like it from it’s first airing, it’s not likely to last. Kitchen Nightmares could air the same show every week and who would know the difference? Every restaurant has disgusting food, atrocious kitchen and storeroom conditions, co-owners who can’t get along, etc., etc., etc. (it amazes me that no one has died after eating in one of the restaurants – I don’t watch the show, my husband does – it’s “background noise” for me) And yet, it will probably continue airing as long as Ramsay lives. C’mon FOX – give “Rake” a chance. How many super-rated shows do you have, anyway? It’s one of of the few shows that I do watch on your network.

  10. Joanne says

    This is such a fresh and funny show that both my husband and I watch every Friday night. Too many smart shows are taken off without any good reason.

  11. Brenda Diamond says

    Oh, for heavens sake, RAKE is a great show. Greg Kinnear is especially good. Please, don’t cancel another terrific show!!! Why does FOX keep doing this? Give it a chance for people to pick up on it….stop moving it around. I taped it tonight but was very disappointed to see that KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (pathetic crap) was on instead (UGH :). Yes, RAKE is a little different from the norm but that is what makes it so interesting and funny.

  12. phyllis says

    I love Rake. Give people time to find it and get aquainted with the characters. Moving it around sure doesn’t help with that.

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