Ravenswood: New ABC Family Drama; Cancel or Keep It?

ravenswood cancel or keep?Last Tuesday, ABC Family unveiled their long-awaited spin-off of Pretty Little Liars — Ravenswood. Liars is the cable channel’s highest-rated drama. Will Ravenswood also be a hit or could it be cancelled after one season instead?

A mystery/thriller series, Ravenswood revolves around a group of five young people in a small town in Pennsylvania. They become connected thanks to a deadly and mysterious curse. The cast includes Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Anderson, Britne Oldford, Brett Dier, Merritt Patterson, and Steven Cabral.

The show premiered to 2.12 million viewers and a 0.90 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Though this wasn’t as strong as the special episode of Liars that preceded it (3.18 million and a 1.4 demo rating), it was still very good.

Unfortunately, Ravenswood plummeted in its second week and lost nearly half of its viewers. Last night’s episode brought just 1.1 million and a 0.5 rating. That’s lower than Twisted, The Fosters, and Switched at Birth.

Bunheads and Jane by Design rarely fell that low and were both cancelled. Will Ravenswood follow? At the moment, things aren’t looking so good.

But, what do you think? Do you like Ravenswood? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. erin says

    KEEP IT KEEP IT PLEASE RENEW RAVENWOOD FOR A second season first of all ravenswood season 1 needs 22 episodes

    OMG of all people how could you make awful comments about one of the best shows on abc family Ravenswood is the best

  2. Erin says

    I like Ravenswood, its good but I want Caleb to go back to Rosewood and be with Hanna. I think this show was just feeding off of the PLL viewers, hence the lousy “Halloween” episode this year, if it wasn’t for PLL I don’t think Ravenswood would’ve had so many views. I have mixed feelings about this show but if it goes in the direction its going now, it should be canceled.

  3. cay says

    Keep it! I love this show! It is addictive. The first episode I didn’t think I would like it that much because it didn’t follow pretty little liars but it turned out to be one of my favorite shows. I don’t really care about the Hanna caleb break up. I found them boring together anyways and it is exciting to see tyler in a bigger role rather then a reoccurring one.

  4. ChloeyMercer says

    Dont like it much; wanted to see Twisted in its place and am still upset it’s postponed! Ravenswoods supernatural stuff doesn’t interest me much, the characters are a bit bland, and it uses PLL stuff in ways that seem hokey.

  5. Clara says

    Cancel it! They’ve completely ruined Caleb and turned him into jerk for absolutely no reason besides making themselves more money

    • cay says

      How did they turn him into jerk? If it is because of him breaking up with Hanna he didn’t want to he had to because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. I think it is a brilliant show. I don’t see why everyone is so dramatic about it.

  6. Drew W says

    I’ve watched this show since the day it premiered and I have really got to say…. It is amazing…. Yes I get that it is a spinoff to Pretty Little Liars but truthfully I don’t really see the connection other than Caleb having his own show… Now as for Pretty Little Liars…. I’m sorry….. I can sit there… and have the show on but I honestly can’t get into the show… I’m not bashing anyone here but seems like some of you PLL fans don’t like Ravenswood because it has that supernatural type vibe to it. Give it a chance….. that’s all I say… I was psyched for this show Ravenswood ever since I see commercials for it but yes I must say please keep this show. Hoping for it to get renewed

  7. LC says

    *SPOILERS* I loved Tyler Blackburn in the PLL series. He was one of my favourite characters! And then he had to go to Ravenswood. I tried so hard to like Ravenswood. But I just couldn’t do it. Some of the characters seem off. Some of the acting is really bad. Luke and Olivia’s mother? That scene when she’s asking Olivia where Luke is when she gets out of questioning from the police in the seventh episode? Really wasn’t my favourite. I just don’t feel it for Ravenswood. And I hate how Hanna and Caleb had this mind-blowing relationship and suddenly out of the blue it comes to a halt. Like, it’s too fast. And it’s just too weird. One day, Caleb is totally normal and dealing with non-supernatural things and attending Rosewood High, and the next he’s in some creepy place supposedly in some old curse as a doopleganger with another doopleganger whose originals were in love. I think the series is trying to infer that Caleb and Miranda are supposed to be in love, too. Which is wrong because Hanna & Caleb’s relationship was PERFECT. But then it was ruined. Gosh, please let Tyler return to Pretty Little Liars!

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