Real Time with Bill Maher: HBO Show Renewed for Season Nine

Real Time with Bill MaherHBO not only wants you to have “real time” with Bill Maher, but “more time” with him as well. While airing the 24-episode eighth season of Real Time with Bill Maher, the cable network has ordered up 35 installments for season nine of the talk fest. This news comes after the series has been averaging 3.8 million weekly viewers, a combination of the original showings, encores, and DVR viewing.

In much the same format as his previous outing, Politically Incorrect, Maher’s show features a panel of guests who discuss the current happenings in politics and the media. Yet this time there are less actors and celebrities on the panel, and more people that are knowledgeable in that given area. Each episode also includes political or current events skits as well as a monologue and interview before the panel session.

HBO senior VP of entertainment Nancy Geller said that they’ve ordered more episodes than usual because people were always asking why it wasn’t on more often. She said, “A stand-up audience of his recently was so rowdy when they were asking questions about where he’d been.”

Even if Real Time had not been renewed, Maher is still committed to a two-year deal with HBO. That calls for him to not only host the series, but executive produce it as well along with Scott Carter, Sheila Griffiths, Brad Grey, Marc Gurvitz and Billy Martin. The deal also allows him to film another special and create a new unspecified unscripted project.

Maher’s been associated with the network for the past twenty years, as Politically Incorrect was produced for an HBO production shingle first for Comedy Central, then for ABC. In addition, Maher has done nine HBO specials.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear there’s a lot more Real Time with Bill Maher on the way?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    You people are so mean, If you don’t like Bill Maher don’t watch him. I didn’t like Glenn Beck so I didn’t watch him. There are million of hard working, patriotic, tax-paying liberals and millions of welfare dependent, lazy people who vote for conservative candidates.

  2. Dominick Divencenzo says

    I am sorry just cause you think Bill is an idoit with the IQ of kumquat, does not mean your a republican. Just means you have a brain. He poisons people who are not that smart and pisses off those who are. The if you hate anything liberal you have to be a republican,who is a racist, who must watch fox news, because they lie. The only thing he says that is factually correct is that he fried his brains on drugs. We are seperating. The people who are smart and have jobs, who actually pay taxes and have read the consititution. and the people who are not intelligent who dont pay taxes.
    “The democracy will cease to exist
    when you take away from those
    who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    • Lisa says

      Hey thats what the Republicans do…they speak and attract stupid people hahahahahaha. You are definately a Rethuglican. Bill Maher for President

  3. Mike says

    I had to cancel my HBO. The fact that I was even contributing any of my money to give this POS Maher a soapbox irritates me. Get rid of this guy….he’s a cancer, and a dumb one at that.

  4. Sam says

    haha I love seeing all these angry republicans on here. I love the Starz comment(and they have westerns too!). What a bunch of inbred hillbillys. Both parties in this country are ridiculous and bloated pieces of **** who think saving money is wiping their ass with silk instead of one hundred dollar bills. But I guess I will settle with the lesser of two evils, because there are just far too many drooling rednecks in the republican party for me to handle.

  5. says


  6. john says

    hey i just want to say that bill maher can kiss my ass because he thinks im stupid because i dont want obama care, im not the one who is stupid, he is the one that is stupid. he is the dumbest mother ****** i have ever heard in my life he thinks if u dont agree obama the your just stupid i say no he is the stupid ass over 60 percent of americans hate the democrates because our taxes will increase and all they do is spend and spend on stupid ****.

    p.s im glad your show is going to end because everbody knows your stupid mother ******

  7. Chuck says

    As long as Bill is pissing off the likes of Palinista tea baggers like JJ, Angela, Jeremy and jhart05, he must be doing his job well. Hell, he pisses off my idiot/savant brother-in-law also (and anybody to the left of Adolph Hitler is an evil commie to him.)

    Bill Maher rocks!!!

  8. jhart05 says

    Bill Maher is a P.O.S. who thinks he knows more than he does.

    Acting smart and being smart are two different things.

  9. says

    There’s no “may” about it. I cancelled HBO a long time ago because of Maher. I’m certainly not going to pay someone for delivering trash. I get a big kick out of getting HBO every now and then for free, then refusing to order it. I find STARZ to be a much better network (with westerns, no less). Wonder if Maher will be as popular when we clean house this November…

  10. Angela says

    I DETEST Bill Maher. I’ll go out on a limb further than JJ and say I wish he and his whole crew would fall into a pit of liberal hell, which would be a conservative country for us! He’s an idiot who couldn’t make it as a comedian, since he’s NOT funny, so how in the world did HBO pick him as a so-called political commentator? Really HBO, I may have to cancel you for wasting my precious time with your liberal shows and agenda. If comedy is what you’re looking for, put his show on CNN. It’s about as funny as a dog ****.

  11. JJ says

    I wouldn’t waste my time on this nitwit. He has a political axe to grind and it shows. Everything he does is slanted to the left; he always loads his panels in favor of left-wing liberals and then always sides with them to gang up on any conservative on the panel. He poses as the moderator and, as such, should be neutral, but he’s anything BUT neutral and often exceeds the bounds of civil debate. And as for qualifications, he fell into this gig because he was a comedian, not because of his vast education and experience in politics and world affairs, of which he has none. This guy is nothing more than a rude, arrogant bozo.

  12. says

    Thats very good to hear. I’ve been watching for about 5 years now and I really look forward to it every week. And I’ve been really fond of each special he’s done. And he’s right: he’s not wrong.

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