Reba: Season Six and 13 New Episodes…But Will They Air?

The cast of Reba, that has been savedAs reported here, the WB’s top-rated comedy Reba was not scheduled to make the jump to the new CW network — even though it had been given a two season renewal agreement last year. It was expected that, because of the agreement, FOX would be paid one way or the other. One source put the penalty as high as $20 million, including compensating the studio for lost syndication revenue.

The new CW schedule has been announced and Reba is not on it. But, in a last minute reprieve, the CW has reportedly placed an order for a sixth season comprised of 13 new episodes. When will they air or will they air at all? It’s hard to say but, considering the production costs and the sitcom’s high WB ratings, my best guess would be that the show will be brought back to the airwaves as a midseason replacement.

Will more episodes be ordered? Time will tell. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carrie says

    It’s hard these days to find a good, wholesome, quality family show. But, REBA is just that and although I didn’t become a HUGE fan until this year, I am also very disappointed that REBA was cancelled. Wonder what it would take for them to start it up again? I’d rearrange my schedule just to watch it.

  2. Denise says

    C’mon you guys….what is the matter? Don’t you know a brilliant show when you see it? Reba is by far one of the very best, top sitcoms I have ever watched. It’s so funny and they deal with real life issues – this show has great value. Most of the other programs are not worth watching. What a mistake to take it off!

  3. phyllis says

    Reba is a great show. Very humerous. Please bring it back. Love to watch it with my daughters. It’s terrible that they want to get rid of such a good sitcom. Executives better think this one over and bring it back.

  4. Alissa O says

    Does anyone have copies of season 5 or 6. I haven’t seen these and would like to have a copy to remember the show by. It is truly crappy that they ended the show. I would love to keep watching if they change their minds. My email is if anyone has 5 and 6 I could get. Thanks.

  5. Lynn says

    I think that its a crying shame there taking reba off the air. I’ve seen many, many tv shows in the past and I think that reba is one of the best tv series I have ever seen. Please do not take reba off.

  6. krys says

    I liked the show reba and kyra are my top favs cmt plays reruns a lot ill likly buy the season dvds one day i have 3 cds of reba liked her last one.If there is a six season hope i catch it be really cool.

  7. Courtney W says

    I really wish they’d bring REBA back. I love the show so much and I’m buying the DVD’s and I have a lonely feeling without the show because there aren’t new episodes for me to keep up with the family. It feels like I’ve lost an entire family of friends, they’ve just disappeared.

  8. Roger S. Alamogordo, NM says

    Please bring Reba back. I really miss her and the show was the funniest ever. Who would think so many people would be willing to act so silly, just to bring smiles and laughter to strangers. Reba makes my day, soooooooo please, please, I’m begging you bring back Reba now! Thank -you.

  9. Nikki H says

    I think it’s awful that they’re getting rid of Reba. Reba has been my all time FAVORITE show I have all seasons the dvd’s that have come out and I’ve recorded season 5 and 6 on video! There is not a episode I haven’t seen and watched a million times! It was nice to watch a show that was clean cut and absoluely HILARIOUS! I will still religiously watch Reba!<3

  10. Sandy S says

    I watch reruns of Reba 4 times a day. This show is way funnier then “Raymond” and it stayed on way too long. Bring “Reba” back, this cast of actors/actresses are the best. Reba and the gang bring laughter and smiles after a hard days work. How could you let something like this get away. Oh yeah, money!!! We want Reba! We want Reba! We want Reba!, are you getting the message? I hope so.

  11. Kath says

    I can not understand why a great and funny family show like Reba would be cancelled, it is the only show my family and I sit and watch together, all that ever seems to be on are the reality shows that most stink. I will not watch Cw channel any more there is nothing else worth watching on there.PUT REBA back on.

  12. Maryann S NYC says

    Reba is the Lucille Ball of this century. What a terrible
    mistake to cancel this hysterucally funny, endearing and heartfelt show. the station mentions it wants to
    cater to new younger hipper image. Well station directors/
    managers be aware there is a
    hipper mature crowd that you must never leave out and which
    you are doing a disservice to. When you say younger hipper
    image this means empty headed
    reality shows. Well There is
    a T.V audience out there that needs and wants substance. A
    show with intelligance and
    humor. I am not a T.V. watcher
    and for a show to catch my has to have the “IT” factor. Stations need
    to balance their offerings.
    Higher up decisions should not be solely based on one specific hipper group.
    Reba is a show that should be
    taken up by CBS etc.
    and kept for the long haul.
    It is an A+ show.
    Hope stations rethink their
    objectives for the sake of
    keeping broad spectrum T.V. viewers.
    A mature hipster viewer,
    Love to the Reba cast

  13. Donna Logan says

    I love this show – how rare to have a show to watch with the whole family. They cover a wide range of topics using fun and humor – its a TV show – that is what they are supposed to do. At least its not mean spirited like so many of the shows now and there are no murders/rapes as over-covered in many of the top rated shows. Thanks and please keep this show going for a long time.

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