Red Widow: Cancelled by ABC, No Season Two

Red Widow canceledMarta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) won’t have to worry about working for the mob for a second season. Red Widow has been cancelled by ABC after one season and eight episodes.

Red Widow follows a San Francisco housewife and mother who finds herself forced to continue her late husband’s work in organized crime for the sake of her family. The series’ cast includes Radha Mitchell, Clifton Collins Jr., Luke Goss, Sterling Beaumon, Suleka Mathew, Erin Moriarty, Jaime Ray Newman, Jakob Salvati, Lee Tergesen, Wil Traval, Rade Serbedzija, and Goran Visnjic.

The show’s ratings were unfortunately very low right from the start — debuting to a 1.5 demo rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.13 million total viewers.

The numbers got worse for later episodes and Red Widow fell as low as a 0.7 rating and 3.47 million viewers — much too low to warrant a renewal.

What do you think? Are you sorry that the show has been cancelled? Why do you think it didn’t catch on with a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I should have known better than to get interested in a show on ABC. If it is not idiotic reality tv season 2 never arrives. Why bother getting trying to gain the interest of individuals if your just going to leave everyone in the dark. I really should have expected this from this network. VERY disappointed!!!!

  2. Alauda says

    I loved the show. The only real problem was it aired on ABC. ABC is a junk network. It has one or two shows but it doesn’t promote them well. If you like a show on ABC, don’t. It will be cancelled. I’m shocked they haven’t cancelled Scandal. They do cancel popular shows as well. They prefer crummy comedies that no one really watches and reality stupidity. I was hoping one of the better quality cable channels would pick up Red Widow. They would get a better viewing audience. Right now Scandal is the only show I watch on ABC. Otherwise, it isn’t worth tuning in.

  3. Kris says

    I should have known ABC would cancel another good show. You know, I wouldn’t mind so much if there was closure. Once again, I am left wondering what the writers had planned for season 2. Hmmm, I will stick with NBC. Yes, all tv stations do cancel shows. Atleast they didn’t have you watch the whole season.

  4. Raewyn says

    Myself and my husband looked forward to coming home from work and watching Red Widow , it was a great show and we were looking forward to season 2 . It is disappointing that it is cancelled.

  5. Christie says

    HATE THAT THIS SHOW CANCELLED IT WAS GREAT! I honestly think though if it came on another night night other than Sunday when all the other popular shows came on it might have been better for the show. Cause some of the people i know said it came on the same times their other shows came on. But PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  6. TERI says

    This is just terrible!!!! LOVED THIS show and was looking forward to S2. I don’t watçh many TV shows, but this one, could not wait from week to week. Should at least have appropriate ending.

  7. Janet says

    Once again the shows that are thought provoking and a bit complicated are cancelled. Who are TV shows attracting.?…

  8. Emily H says

    This is ridiculous!! I loved the show..kept you watching and wanting more. And now we won’t even find out the outcome of the season 1 finale!!!!! They could atleast do 1 more season to tie up the story line!!! Reality tv is killing everything…Get ridiculous numbers of people watching trash like the kardashians and real housewives of every single US state. .. But not enough watch the good stuff. Hopefully another channel picks it up!!!

  9. Malena says

    After the cancellation of CSI Miami and One Tree Hill, my family found a show that we could agree on and watched together and then they cancelled Red Widow-Very rarely did I ever watch ABC-guess this may be one more reason for me!

  10. KD says

    I can’t believe they cancelled this show!!!! I recorded every single episode and just went looking for the S2 premiere date to find there IS NO S2!!!! I can’t believe that people will sit mesmerized by vapid, trite sh*t like “The Bachelor” and won’t watch a show about a strong, intelligent, savvy woman. Mainstream TV just keeps getting worse and worse. Thank the gods for good original programming on premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz) and what’s becoming one of my favorite networks (FX). It’s sad … ABC used to be one of my main channels but now they’re down to 2 shows. And, at the rate their going, it’s about time for them to end these shows and I won’t be watching anything on their lousy, reality-gorged, bullsh*t network.

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