Rescue Me: Denis Leary TV Show to End in 2011, No Season Eight

Rescue MeFX has decided to end their Rescue Me series after seven seasons and 93 episodes. The show will go out as it began; closely tied to the events of 9/11.

Rescue Me follows Denis Leary as a hard-living New York fireman who balances the challenges of his stressful job and crazy personal life. The series also features the talents of Diane Farr, Adam Ferrara, Mike Lombardi, James McCaffrey, Jack McGee, Tatum O’Neal, Steven Pasquale, Andrea Roth, John Scurti, Daniel Sunjata, Larenz Tate, Callie Thorne, and Dean Winters.

Though it’s still a high-profile show for FX, Rescue Me’s numbers aren’t nearly as strong as they once were. The first two seasons averaged about 2.7 million viewers per episode. The fifth season has been averaging about 1.4 million and 914,000 in the 18-49 demographic. Variety reports that’s a 38% decline from season four.

The drop in viewership likely comes as a result of the show being off the air for an extended period of time. There was a gap of 18 months between the end of season four and the start of season five, largely due to the writers strike. A series of webisodes were released in 2008 in an attempt to bridge the gap.

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In February, months before the premiere of year five, FX announced that Rescue Me had already been renewed for a sixth season of 18 episodes.

Of the early renewal, FX’s President and General Manager John Landgraf said, “Rescue Me is one of the very best series on television and a tentpole program for FX. We’re amazed by the quality of episodes for the upcoming fifth season, which are some of the best they’ve ever produced. I believe this show will continue to maintain a level of excellence for several years to come, and we’re thrilled to pick it up for a sixth season.”

Now that the network has seen the numbers for season five, it seems their enthusiasm has waned and have decided to make the next round the show’s last. But, instead of 18 episodes as previously planned, the final group of episodes has been increased to 19. The extra installment will presumably be used to cap off the series.

Rather than airing all 19 episodes together, the new plan is to break them up into two smaller seasons. Season six will air in 2010 while season seven will be held until 2011. Peter Tolan, the show’s co-creator, says the plan is to run the final episodes to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

Of the final episodes, Tolan told TV Guide that Maura Tierney, who’s featured prominently in next week’s season finale, may pop up for the final episodes. He said, “We loved working with her — that was kind of a big deal to get her… She’s got Parenthood, but I think we have a deal where we can use her for four episodes. And since we have that deal, we will take advantage of it.”

What do you think? Will you be sorry to see Tommy Gavin and the other characters go? How would you like to see the show end?

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  1. says

    This show was so amazing! I just finished watching the final episode and I must say that it was honestly one if not THE best show I’ve ever watched. They really need to make a season 8! I want to see what happened to all the other ghosts like his cousin and his brother. Also, it would be interesting to see how he lives with ghost Lou. FX is seriously messing up by not keeping this show alive. We don’t want shows like Anger Management we want high quality television! Bring back Rescue Me I’m almost positive ratings will spike back up. 62 truck deserves another chance.

    • rachel says

      I completely agree! How could people not watch this show? It is amazing! I want to see how Tommy and his family get along now and if he starts to manage his personal life better. I want to see the guys on the crew work together and the new probie. I wish they would continue with season 8!

  2. Andy M. Kuper says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….Season 8 is a must needed and well deserved event. The Show in its FULL integrity and meaningful pleasures of life, sex, booze, and most important HONESTY. This show is the best and would be sadly missed

  3. Court says

    Do not cancel the show! It’s amazing I enjoy watching it!! Found it on netflix and I was so sad to see it end! Please make a season 8 it’s worth it! Do a marathon on tv and get the old and new followers im sure people would be interested now!!!

  4. roli says

    best show ever!!!Leary writes great shows!The job and Rescue me have almost the same cast and they are kinda the same…the only diffrence is that in The job leary is a cop and in rescue me he is firefighter 😀 it would be nice if they would bring this show back…the end of season 7 could be continued…

  5. lou says

    Never was a firefighter nor cop or even in ems. I started watching this show by boredom and it turned into honestly the best show I have ever seen. Another season or two is definitely in order. Bring it back. Oh yeah and I never liked Leary or his comedy but was great in the show.

  6. jeremy weise says

    do not cancel the show it is one of the best shows i have watched, maybe the best we need a season eight. if they dont bring back season eight they would be ****** morans, bring it back

  7. Anonymous says

    the people at FX are a bunch of ********.they would rather have two dumbass shows like louis & willfred on their network than a show thats got more talent cast wise.i would of like to see the show end by seeing how things work out with gavin’s daughter & sean.also
    to see what happens to gavin and the rest of the crew.

  8. BRENDA says


  9. tim says

    Of all of my years watching very little tv I came across a tv show that I loved,laughed and seen a bunch of goof balls,which I came to love! Great actors and great writing. Keep it going and create more shows like this…

  10. pasqual says

    Bull**** keep it going. With all the bull**** on tv now let us atleast have one decent show to watch. Maybe if there werent so goddamn many commercials, your numbers would be better.
    I share your feelings mihai.

  11. Justin Lynch says

    i really was hoping you would start a 8 season i really love this show. it so disappointing that you are canceling the show.

  12. markus says

    whay do you want do cansel alllllllll the tv shows we like or what all the shows i like are canselt or will be canselt soon soo waht will i do becase i dont have much tv shows do whats soo ty soo much i realyy want you do make a 8 season and bring all good show back

  13. Artie Wilkerson says

    Please start season 8 next year! I want see more season it is my favorite. I think 7 seasons are kind of short.

  14. says

    f*ckin ******** !!! instead of renewing this show, they renew bullshit like ‘the vampire diaries’. i mean come on, give us a ****** break ! this is just another example of american stupidity and idiocy. f*ckin wankers

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