Reunion: Episode #11, Unseen Surprises

Here’s the second article describing what happened in the unaired episodes of Fox’s cancelled and much loved Reunion series. Though certainly not a replacement for the complete series, it does give some interesting insights into the characters’ lives and their motivations. Stay tuned for episode 12!

Episode #11 – 1996

Present Day
Reunion castAs Craig tells his father (Russell) that someone is angry that Marjorino was coming after him, Craig’s shy fifteen-year-old son Henry enters from his bedroom. The three sit to talk and it’s obvious by the expressions on Henry’s face that he was the one who hit Marjorino.

Will and Craig
Katherine assures Will that her father will give them his blessing. Will is skeptical, considering his history with Clark, that he will be in favor of their marriage. Katherine tells him that her father knows she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

After a meeting with Katherine’s Congressman father, Craig complains to his father that he had cut him off during their discussion. Russell reminds Craig that he practically froze when Will appeared. Craig says he was just surprised and suggests they go back and take another shot with Clark. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his career running the Congressman’s errands.

At the Congressman’s lodge, Will tells Clark that his daughter is taking a shower and will be down soon.

Aaron is now a single father and his thirteen month old daughter Noelle is making a mess of breakfast. While he rescues some papers, five-year old Chloe walks into the kitchen, still dressed in her pajamas. As Aaron tries to get ready for work, things get even worse when the sitter calls in sick. As a result, he has to bring the Noelle with him to work and passes her off on his assistant Brian, who isn’t up to the task.

Jenna arrives and tells Aaron how sorry she is about Pascale and that she wants to help. Aaron tries to hand over Noelle it’s beyond what Jenna can do. Later Chloe is crying because she believes her mother hates her. Aaron reassures her that it’s not true and that Mommy and Daddy are trying to work things out.

Sam, Carla and Jenna
Sam’s cleaning up and getting five-year-old terror Henry ready for school. Carla shows Jenna pictures of her recent ski vacation with Will and Katherine and comments how good they are together. Jenna wonders if they’ll have a real wedding or elope without inviting anyone (as Carla did). Carla defends herself, saying out that it was Peter’s idea because his family was driving them crazy. Jenna rolls her eyes, saying that she’s not ready for marriage or to start a family. Henry is filling Jenna’s purse with Playdoh and juice. Jenna asks Carla if she’s sure she really wants a child and Carla sarcastically replies that she just goes to a fertility specialist for fun.

Later, at the hospital, Dr. Monroe asks to talk to Sam about her referral, Peter Holland. Knowing they’re friends, he shows Sam some test results. Sam can’t believe what she sees and asks for the tests to be double-checked and run again, immediately. TV Series Finale home page

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