Reunion: Episode #10, Unaired Episode Secrets Revealed

As I described a couple months back, Fox’s very popular drama (though seemingly not popular enough) about six friends was prematurely cancelled and pulled from the Fox schedule. The show premiered with the murder of one of the friends at a 20-year high school reunion. The series then followed the criminal investigation in the present, while flashing back to the characters’ past — one episode covering one year of their lives, starting with 1986 and working forward to the present.

Reunion castProduction was halted after the show was cancelled and its 13 episode original order (up to 1998, eight years before the murder happened) was completed. To date, nine episodes have aired and it’s doubtful the other four will be aired.

Fans were left hanging as to the identity of the murderer as well as reasons behind several plot points. We told you who the murderer (probably) would have been, but fans of the show are still hungry for more. So to ease the pain, we’re going to bring you a brief synopsis of the four unaired episodes. Here’s the first…stay tuned!

Episode #10 – 1995

Will, Craig and Samantha

Craig and Sam have set Will up with attractive Katherine. They’re all on a double date and Will and Katherine are hitting it off. Through the date, Will finds out that she is the daughter of Congressman Clark. Will almost breaks it off because he sees it as a stunt by Craig to help ensure he’ll get the Congressman’s seat in case he doesn’t run for re-election. We later find out that the date was Sam’s idea.

A week later, we see the four dining with the Congressman. Privately, Katherine’s father tells Will that he knows about his prison time and doesn’t want Will to see his daughter any longer. The Congressman tells Katherine and Will tries to explain but can’t go into details. She starts to leave and Will unexpectedly tells her that he hadn’t been the one driving the car but doesn’t tell her the real driver had been Craig. She wonders what kind of a friend would let Will wrongfully go to prison.

Later, Congressman Clark visits Craig at his office, asks about his future political plans and then threatens to tell the world that Craig let Will go to prison for him. Craig denies this and the Congressman angrily warns Craig about setting up his daughter with an ex-con. Craig now knows that his best friend has exposed his big secret.

In a conversation sometime later, Will asks Katherine if she only does what her father tells her to do. He tells her that he can’t believe she told her father about his secret and breaks off the releationship with her.

We find Jenna in a hotel room with a new man, David, who we discover is married with children. Later on, we see Jenna in a hotel room waiting for David when his wife Nancy comes through the door. Nancy confronts Jenna and tells her that Jenna’s not his first affair and shows her family pictures so Jenna will know who she’s hurting.

David apologizes for his wife’s behavior and promises to be more careful. He tells Jenna that he’ll leave his wife but she knows it wouldn’t last and resolves to be done with hotel room affairs. Aaron comes to console her soon after.

Carla and Aaron
Aaron and Pascale are in couples therapy. She thinks he doesn’t spend enough time with her and the kids and too much time with his friends. Aaron counters that he runs a multi-million company and doesn’t understand her problem.

Peter and Carla are at a bar waiting for Aaron and Pascale. Peter tells Carla how much he loves her and asks her to marry him. Carla accepts and they’re both overjoyed. Upon hearing the news, Aaron is visibly upset. Later on, Carla is grading quizzes filled out by Peter and Aaron on who knows her better. Aaron is the clear winner. Peter good-naturedly agrees that loser should buy lunch.

Later on, Carla tells Peter that Sam has made reservations for their engagement party. They talk about plans for children and Carla agrees to Peter’s request that they should have three.

Present Day
Father Will watches two paramedics work on the injured Marjorino, whose condition is serious. On the way to the hospital, one paramedic tells Will that if he hadn’t been in the alley, the detective would have died. Marjorino’s heart stops but after several attempts to revive him, his pulse returns. The paramedic advises Will to start last rites and he reluctantly does so. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Samantha says

    it would be SO awesome if this show came out on DVD. I’ve been hoping it would ever since it got cancelled…which i REALLY wish didn’t happen. i loved this show a looooot. please please please! someone put it on DVD haha.

  2. cathy coe says

    I finally googled why this show was cancelled. I haven’t had a show that I enjoyed as much as this one, since I didn’t watch a lot of television because I went back to school and didn’t have time, but I made time to watch each week religiously. I really miss all the actors in the show, they were all great. I wish I could see the remaining shows even if they rerun the whole series over again. I think if more people were to google the show after all this time I still think about the show, and I don’t do that much about anything. So, I think this would be something to think about. I’m glad I looked up this television show after all this time and to see there were others that felt as disappointed as I was that the show had been cancelled, all of a sudden it was there and then gone… Thank You, If the network actually reads this email.
    Cathy from San Bernardino

  3. ashley says

    reunion should definately be put on dvd. even though they didn’t htink there was enough viewers, i’m sure its more than some shows that stayed on air got. also, if you were to say it was a new reality show people would be all over it. it wasn’t as simple minded as a reality show. it was a show that could actually keep people interested and allow their minds to think more than a reality show does!

  4. melanie says

    I remember watching this show in fifth grade all the time…. it was really disappointing for me to see the show just stopped airing. it was so much better than the OC.

    they should definately get it on DVD so all these people who liked it can watch it and those who made the show can get some profit off the show too…

    also.. does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning. the one that was like “time time time see what has become of me”

  5. Kevin says

    Fox should definitely put Reunion on DVD…I was hooked since the first episode. If a petition hasn’t already been started, someone should start one

  6. Hailee says

    I loved this show and was instantly disappointed that FOX had canceled it. Why they chose to is beyond me because my sister and I watched religiously every week. The Fox Network has stupid ass shows now.

  7. Samantha says

    It would be great if you could put the season at least on DVD, I work for a big corporation and I know plenty of people who were very into this show. If anything you owe us a DVD so we can see the season for ourselves. I was So hooked on this show. Couldn’t wait for the next episode, and sometimes I watched the episode a second time!

  8. kalani says

    I agree.. Completing the whole season on dvd, is a great idea. I felt absolutly sick the week it got cancelled. And now im still hoping that they will do something.. anything!!!

  9. Susan says

    I loved this show! It really is a shame they took it off the air when they did. It was the only reason I started watching the OC. I hope we get a chance to buy a full season DVD of the show. That would be awesome!

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