Revenge: What Happened? Has the ABC Series Been Cancelled?

Revenge canceled?This evening, fans of ABC’s Revenge may be in for a surprise. The freshman drama has been replaced by an ABC special with a similar name — Revenge for Real. That’s no doubt the network’s attempt to attract regular viewers to watch a news special. So, has the real Revenge been cancelled? When will it be back?

For those who aren’t familiar with the TV series, Revenge revolves around Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp), a young woman who comes to the Hamptons with a secret agenda; to exact vengeance on the wealthy people who ruined her family’s life and reputation. The drama also features the talents of Ashley Madekwe, Christa B. Allen, Connor Paolo, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Joshua Bowman, Madeleine Stowe, and Nick Wechsler.

Revenge debuted to a healthy 3.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.0 million total viewers. Week two saw the all-important demo fall 18% and week three dropped another 11%. Over the next several weeks, the ratings rose and fell, dropping as low as a 2.1 demo rating.

The way things were going, it looked like Revenge might be heading for the cancellation pile — like so many failed ABC dramas that had come before it — but the numbers evened off and the show’s been averaging a healthy 2.5 in the demo in 2012. While the show isn’t a big ratings hit, it certainly isn’t a flop either. Revenge’s demo average is actually stronger than that of aging shows like Castle and Private Practice.

Unfortunately, ABC has now put the series on hiatus for four weeks — a bit of a scheduling gamble that could seriously hurt viewership.

ABC News’ Revenge for Real will take over for two weeks and then repeats of a new Thursday night drama, Missing, will fill the slot for two weeks after that. Revenge isn’t slated to return until April 4th. It’s unclear if that night will feature a repeat or one of the six remaining originals.

The way things stand right now, it looks like a sure bet that Revenge will be renewed for a second season. Hopefully, enough viewers will return to watch the show after the hiatus so the ratings don’t drop and put the series’ future in jeopardy.

UPDATE: Revenge will now return on April 11th with a recap show. An original regular episode will air on April 18th and the finale will run on May 23rd.

What do you think? Will this hiatus cause the ratings to drop or do you think Revenge is assured of a season two renewal?

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  1. Renee says

    ABC you suck if you pull Revenge. It is an amazing series that millions of people love. I am tired of STUPID REALITY SHOWS!!! Give us back good drama. Give us another season of Revenge.

  2. Valerie says

    Please keep this show ……..Iam no tv person .But for this show I watch faithful . So many shows are the same where it has become very boring ..But Revenge , it’s hot and something new.

  3. Harry Pitts says

    That’s what’s wrong with your network now. You finally get a show worth watching and you cancel it. You are driving viewers to CBS, NBC and the cable channels. And that’s where I’ll be if you cancell Revenge.

    • Lana West says

      I agree 100%. I really like this show; it’s different than all the cop, doctor and reality shows that have taken over.

  4. DEB LIEB says


  5. says

    I also love Revenge. It’s one of the best tv dramas. Some of you complain of the music being too loud, well I watch it on Hulu and just use CC with it. Hopefully they will renew it for another season.
    If I need to guess, in season two she will take revenge on Nolan’s death…

  6. Pervize Jamaji, says

    why cancel a show that is doing so well. This is the first time I’ve seen a series that really has you longing for more. We have to see the Grayson’s destroyed, and Emily reunited with Jack. Please don’t pull the plug on revenge!

  7. gail says

    Love the show but the back ground music is over powering, can’t hear what they are saying have to put the sound up very loud. please soften the music. Thank you

  8. Christina says

    How could they do this to dedicated viewers? I plan my whole day around watching Revenge. Right in the heart of the show, they pull the plug…??? WHY? If the show is not back on soon, I will never watch Channel 7 again (not that I watched it much before, now I know why, losers!). C7 need to listen to the viewers or they will be out of business pretty soon I reckon.
    Not a happy fan. 

  9. linda Baker says

    This show is addictive… it is so well done and moves quickly. I hope you keep it on. It is better than most shows and Madenline Stowe is amazing..

  10. Bates says

    The stop and go has to sour viewers. I can’t believe that programmers are so cavalier about how they jerk their audiences around. One would think building a reliable relationship would be obvious, but I guess it’s not.

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible for production companies to rent, or sell their shows on places like iTunes. I have not watched television, or owned one in almost four years. I get the programs I want from iTunes, and watch them without commercial interruption when I want. I think the television industry has a death wish.

  11. Carol Pearse says

    Please renew this series! It is so enjoyable to watch. Old school primetime soap, bad a#$ acting and on point writing. Love this show!

  12. Maria says

    Best show ever. I even DVR and watch twice in case I missed something. The writing is excellent. all of my friends watch and then have discussions. One problem I would like to mention. In a lot of the scenes the background music is so overpowering over the actors voices. This is one of the reasons for rewatching……..looking forward to another season.

  13. Laura says

    Will not watch ABC anymore if they take Revenge off. I know of a lot of people that feel the same way!

  14. Laura says

    Only trailer trash would watch the Revenge for Real, and probably CARRY OUT the actions of the show ! Let’s give ABC a hand for teaching our people to get revenge on each other WAY TO GO ABC LET’S PUT OUR NATION TO WAR AGAINST ITSELF! Duh! Put REVENGE BACK ON ! AT LEAST PEOPLE KNOW THAT IS JUST A TV SHOW!

    • Alex says

      Revenge is by far the best show on abc it has a lot of twists and very thrilling I can’t wait for season 2 great job excellent characters as well the show is not predictable either quit interesting and keeps you on your feet . Love revenge

  15. Ashley says

    Please renew revenge! It is the best show since greys and private practice! Love the drama and anticipation it leaves!

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