Revenge: Season Three To Have New Showrunner

Revenge season 3 showrunner changeWhile Revenge hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet, it’s fully expected to be. The show’s ratings have dropped in season two but ABC needs new dramas and this season’s crop has essentially been a bust. Only Nashville will likely survive to see a second season and it’s hardly a hit.

When (technically if) Revenge does return for a third season, it will be without the show’s creator as showrunner. Mike Kelley has been steering the series for the first two series and is stepping down from day-to-day duties. He may stay on as a consultant.

Kelley called the departure “a difficult mutual decision” between he and ABC Studios.

According to Deadline, Kelley had lobbied for shorter seasons for Revenge, believing that it was much better suited for cable-sized seasons. The pressure of producing 22 episode seasons supposedly caused tension on the set, uneven storylines, and ultimately Kelley’s decision to step down.

A replacement hasn’t been named but it looks like writer/executive producer Sunil Nayar will get the job.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Kelley is leaving? What have you thought of this season? Are you still watching Revenge?

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  1. Paul says

    Revenge the first season was terrific. Season two in the beginning was ok and near the end and the ending of the last episode ridiculous. Glad to see Deckland gone. He was horrible.Conrad is getting terrible, Ashley should have stayed off the show. TOO MANY stories within a storey. I was glad to see Amanda gone, as well as, the brothers who conspired with Conrad gone. Get the girl(who gets Nolan) arrested off the show. She is horrible. Get Nolan out of jail, get Conrad put in jail with his wife. What a joke at the end her long lost son shows up. Before you start a THIRD season, if you make it third season get rid of her lost son and finish up at least some of the other story lines. THE SHOW IS GETTING BAD and I would be suprised you get have the ratings UNNNLESSSS you finish at leat some of the stories. GET Conrad or his wife for murder, blowing up the plane, blowing up the building, thown out of mayor of NY and gt Nolan out of jail. I ERSONALLY believe you have LOST alot of viewers. I can see why the writer quit or is leaving and he was god first year TERRIBLE this past year

    • Paul says

      Declan{gone great} Ashley {was off-back-should be off},Victoria, {Let ‘s get her character looked into by poice)Nolan, {A plus in his role} Charolette, { Ok } Conrad, {Let’s get him convicted or at least looked into for plane bombing, murder, fraud, blowing up building, murder Amanda)(By way glad manda gone) Jack,( Doing good job) Emile,{ Getting wishehwashy} Decator (Ok}Daniel{Ok- glad going against Conrad-Victoria}Writer leaving—I’m ok with it. First year ok second year – not so good}. Get Nolan out of jail. Get RID of Girl that claimed Nolan did all those things.She was an is awful.{My opinion!}

  2. Sandra says

    I thin k thyat this past season had too many side lines to the main theme – revenge. I hope that it gets back to a simpler theme.

  3. says

    The first Season, the show was about REVENGE. This season, I am not quite sure what it’s about. I recall last season they talked about Emily’s mother joining the cast. I thought, “wow, there is a great possibility.” Instead, Jennifer Jason Leigh came and left in a wimper. I now ask myself, “what was the point of her being there?” Nolan, is he gay, or straight, and do we care? Why is he in love with this girl Padma all of a sudden? They haven’t been romantic or seem interested in each other at all yet, he’s in LOVE with her???? All of these stories that are not fleshed out and go no where and have nothing to do with the point of the series…Emily’s REVENGE. It’s like LOST to me…a whole lot of nothing, yet I am waiting for the payoff. However, like LOST, there probably will be no payoff. Just convoluted storytelling, and they wonder why the ratings are down. No one wants to have to think THAT much on a Sunday evening. That’s why Desparate Housewives fit that time slot better.

  4. Duane says

    Good show when it’s on! 22 epys is a lot in a Drama. A good story line could be done in 15-16 shows. Comedies can go 22-30 like the old days.

  5. Why Watch says

    Season 1 had a good, simple premise – revenge.
    Season 2, had too many nonsensical, side stories which took away from the basic revenge saga and hasn’t added anything.
    Unless something changes drastically in the last few shows this season, it’s unlikely a third season will be watched in my place.

  6. LB says

    Season 1 was great. Season 2….not so much. It’s gotten so boring and the whole “Initiative” storyline is not very good and takes away the initial plot of this series.

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