Ringer: Should It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Ringer canceled or renewed?Tonight marks the last episode of Ringer’s first season — and likely of the TV series as well. Despite being The CW’s most anticipated new TV show of 2011-12, the series hasn’t been able to hold onto its audience.

Ringer revolves around a former exotic dancer named Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who, after being the sole witness to a professional hit, reunites with her wealthy estranged twin, Siobhan. When Siobhan disappears, Bridget assumes her identity and discovers that her sister’s complicated life rivals her own. The show also features the talents of Nestor Carbonell, Mike Colter, Ioan Gruffudd, Zoey Deutch, Tara Summers, and Kristoffer Polaha).

The series debuted to strong numbers (by CW standards anyway) with a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.84 million total viewers. That was pretty close to being on par with the smallest network’s most popular show, The Vampire Diaries.

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Unfortunately, the second episode of Ringer lost 25% in the demo and by the fourth installment, the series lost another 33%. Not good. It didn’t help that the network put the struggling series on hiatus for two months.

The ratings have fluctuated somewhat over the course of the season but have been trending downward overall. The most recent episodes of Ringer have been bringing in a 0.4 demo rating and just over a million total viewers. Even by The CW’s standards, those are very bad numbers.

While The CW gets revenue from other areas besides broadcast advertising — big deals from Netflix and Hulu, for example — the network still has to make choices about what to cancel and what to renew. If viewership of Ringer had been on the rise, it would have a chance at being renewed. As it stands now, it looks certain that tonight’s episode will be the last one.

But what do you think? Is it time for Ringer to be cancelled or should there be a second season?

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  1. Nina says

    Ringer is amazing. It’s the vest drama ever on tv. You must make another series I can’t imagine jot knowing how Andrew and bridgets relationship ends I hope they get married for real they make such a good couple. And I want to see the ***** siobhan get her comupsnce she deserves it. Needs to be at least another couple of episodes to tie up loose ends so were not left wondering. Please please please please please fetch back ringer

  2. jo says

    I completely agree with all these especially shelady. I loved flashforward too. Least they could do in both cases is a feature length to tie up the endings and I do wish UK viewings were included.
    Ringer was well written, well acted, brilliantly styled (so envious of th wardrobe Bridget got!) It deserves to be properly concluded.

  3. says

    Pleeeeeerse bring it back how can you leave it like that I never missed it it was brilliant so many twists and turns maybe do an extra long 1 where you tie up the loose ends but don’t leave us hanging like flash forward and ghost whisperer it’s so annoying

  4. viv says

    Please bring it back one season is not good enough, I want to see a good endin for Bridget and Andrew, It cant be left like this….

  5. Shelady says

    I have totally enjoyed Ringer, I’ve been kept on the edge of my seat by all the secrets and twists and turns and trying to work out who wanted who dead. I can’t imagine why Ringer didn’t get great viewing figures, it has Honestly been my favourite programme in a while and I haven’t been able to wait for the next episode. I’m in England and I believe I read somewhere that the viewing figures over this side of the pond have been far more succesfull. I don’t know if this is true but if it is I wish a UK channel would pick it up if CW are going to drop it. It’s a shame they don’t take into account their British viewers because we in fact follow and support a lot of good American TV shows and Ringer will not be the first series that had good viewing figures over here that hasn’t been renewed in America. I do agree that taking the two month holiday during the run of this show was a mistake. In fact American shows do this a lot, it’s something we never do in this country with our home grown programmes. I hate to get interested in something just to have it disappear for weeks on end. I can see how some people may not bother coming back to something after such a long time, especially with a brand new show trying to find its legs. Anyway I think it will be a huge mistake to drop Ringer whereas lots if inferior shows go on and on. Please keep it going or sell it to another channel. I think the ending needs another series. No doubt when it was filmed they hoped it would get a second season. I get cross at the amount of shows I have watched which end after one season or so and are suddenly withdrawn leaving so many questions. I almost feel like I don’t want to watch any new series again until I know it’s been renewed for another series. Either that or give it a proper ending like our British dramas which are only ever intended on being shown for one season. At least Ringer managed to get the whole season shown before they pulled the plug, Flashforward wasn’t so lucky. How frustrating was that withdrawn half way through with no answers. Come on CW get it right be loyal to the fans and bring back Ringer.

  6. Pauly d says

    Please bring it back love it.. One season is not good enough.. I need to know what happens next. And sarah Michelle is really good in it

  7. Maja says

    I dont think that they should end this show. i want to know the end of this story so they sholud do the next season but shorter(12 eps would be enough)!!!

  8. veronica says

    I still really want to see what happens. i believe each episode kept me very interested and on my toes!

  9. meg says

    I never missed it. I don’t think they could have drawn the plot through another season, but the least they could do it wrap it up for us. I need some closure, at the very least!

  10. Anonymous says

    I would love to see Ringer renewed. Ringer is well written and never fail to surprise.
    Love the ideal of Good/Bad twin. Here to Season II Hopefully I am hook.

  11. says

    I think it’s a great show. Well-written, well performed and well-produced. Deliciously dark and twisted. I would love to see “Ringer” continue for at least one more season.

  12. nadine says

    I hope they dont cancel ringer, it has become,my favorite show and I never miss it. I was a huge fan of heroes also and then they cancelled that.what a bummer that was for me. Ringer stays!

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