Ringer: CW Prez’s Thoughts on Cancelled TV Series

Ringer TV series canceled

At the CW portion of the Television Critics Association summer press tour, network president Mark Pedowitz shared some insights about why he believes that Ringer wasn’t a big enough success to warrant a second season.

Pedowitz believes that the complex story about twin sisters may have been better suited to a shorter season. He said, “One of the things you learn about the level of these serialized shows is ‘less may be more.’ Twenty-two [episodes] might have been too many. So if there’s a consideration to redo it, we’d probably go anywhere from six to 13.”

He believes the ratings fall-off was due at least in part to the complexity of the stories. Pedowitz also noted that “it was not performing as well as we hoped it to on the digital-online station and the social media station.” Still, “the fans are still writing me, they want [a second season] desperately.”

Though Ringer is staying cancelled, The CW and Sarah Michelle Gellar — who was also an executive producer on the series — may be back in business together soon. Pedowitz shared that they’ve “had many discussions since May” and offered, “When she’s ready, she would love to come back to the CW and we would love to have her at the CW either as an actress or a producer.”

What do you think? Should Ringer have had a shorter season? Were there other problems with the show? Did you watch the whole season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lindsey says

    I loved the show and was very upset when I heard it was cancelled. It was nit your typical CW show and that made it that more interesting. If you can bring it back I would be so happy. Too many good shows are being cancelled and it is very frustrating. You become invested and then poof it is gone. I have been watching channel 11 shows since I was 14 and still plan on continuing to watch channel 11 shows but stop cancelling shows please

  2. Patty says

    I am devestated. Everyone I know was watching and anticipating the return. Shows that won awards are cancelled why? oh so we can have more stupid reality shows. THe complex storyline made it intriguing and you had to pay attention but that was the fun of it. Im so tired of even trying new series. you get invested and they end with all the questions hanging.

  3. Linda Holmes says

    I am gutted just found out its not coming back i loved every minute of it yes it wad a complex storyline to follow but that was what i liked about it. I believ it needed more advertising as no one really watches adverts anymore so new shows need to be advertised elsewhere to build the fan base. But i would definitely watch it if it was to return

  4. Iris says

    I didn’t miss ONE episode! Loved the show, and was VERY upset upon hearing the bad news! I would LOVE for this show to continue for years to come! I did not find the story line confusing at all! It was wonderful entertainment! The NY scenery wasn’t too shabby either. Was dying to find out what happend to them & the babies! HATE when we’re left hanging! CBS uncancelled “Unforgettable”! How about the CW doing the same, with Ringer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • s Auten says

      One of the very few shows I watched. I liked the story line and really would of appreciated it to of seen the last of it. Like everyone else, I don’t like to be left hanging. Bring it back and cancel the talk and reality shows!

  5. jasmin says

    I just started watching Ringer its an amazing show, but the I hear its not going to have a second season. That is just terrible news! the Cast was fantastic, loved Ioan!

    • Michelle says

      I agree!!! I loved Ioan! Although I think Sarah is fantastic, he was the best part of the show in my opinion! I am devastated that it is not coming back!!

  6. Dave says

    I just started watching CW this year because of Ringer. Now that they have cancelled Ringer I can cross CW off my list of networks to watch.

  7. Kelly says

    Ringer was a great show. I think if there was more publicity, the show would have done better. I told a lot of people about the show, and many had not heard of it. Everyone was interested in it and everyone loves SMG. Please give us a second season.

  8. MK says

    It had nothing to do with it being too complicated. Yes, some viewers are stupid, but not most of us – I resent it every time a suit says that. BUT, I did tire of it myself. Saved the last 13 eps but ultimately deleted them unwatched when the show was canned.

  9. Katie says

    Yes, we want a second season. It was a good show and SMG was amazing. There was a little bit of a bore towards the mid to end of the season, but no reason to cancel. Much better than Heart of Dixie. (and really AL not that backwards CWexecs).

  10. Heather says

    Please the show was great…please we really need another season, you can’t keep it hanging there…and Anthony sounds like Seaseme Street could be right up your alley.

  11. Samara says

    I watched every single episode with baited breath! It was never cliche, always compelling and entertaining, and worthy of all 22 episodes plus more! The storyline was not difficult to follow! I just think that the majority of The CW’s audience are too young and too unintelligent to keep up with a show that has more than one or two plots at any given time! Good luck to Sarah Michelle Gellar – she is a wonderfully talented actress, I hope to see her again soon!

    • Lorlelei says

      I agree whole-heartedly with Samara! My thoughts exactly!!!!!! I miss SMG and that was a kick ass show! Not hard to follow and I was always looking forward to the next episode!

  12. Craig says

    The president of the CW is really just saying the viewers of his station are too stupid to be able to follow the show.

    • Kat says

      Except that it had Sarah Michelle Gellar! I don’t normally watch soap operas, but I watched this one and actually liked it, if only to see SMG on the small screen again. Honestly, 22 episodes in one season of this was probably too much — it moved a little too slowly for a show on The CW.

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