Ringer: CW Prez’s Thoughts on Cancelled TV Series

Ringer TV series canceled

At the CW portion of the Television Critics Association summer press tour, network president Mark Pedowitz shared some insights about why he believes that Ringer wasn’t a big enough success to warrant a second season.

Pedowitz believes that the complex story about twin sisters may have been better suited to a shorter season. He said, “One of the things you learn about the level of these serialized shows is ‘less may be more.’ Twenty-two [episodes] might have been too many. So if there’s a consideration to redo it, we’d probably go anywhere from six to 13.”

He believes the ratings fall-off was due at least in part to the complexity of the stories. Pedowitz also noted that “it was not performing as well as we hoped it to on the digital-online station and the social media station.” Still, “the fans are still writing me, they want [a second season] desperately.”

Though Ringer is staying cancelled, The CW and Sarah Michelle Gellar — who was also an executive producer on the series — may be back in business together soon. Pedowitz shared that they’ve “had many discussions since May” and offered, “When she’s ready, she would love to come back to the CW and we would love to have her at the CW either as an actress or a producer.”

What do you think? Should Ringer have had a shorter season? Were there other problems with the show? Did you watch the whole season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lolavie says

    You have to bring it back. It’s still good today. 22 episodes too many or too little? No show is like this one. I am sure SMG would want it back she’s on The Crazy ones now but the Ringer is so hers and much better.

    the Crazy ones aren’t even that crazy. At least not as good as this one.

  2. Eivor Johansson says

    It’s Feb 2, 2014 and I am watching the series here in Sweden just here on a temporary visit. I am really surprised over the fact that the series comes to an end after 22 episodes. I love the scenes, plots and the cast is brilliant. I truly hope that you bring it back ASAP.

  3. shoron richards says

    yes sooooooooooo good twists and turns you guys could if you d choooooooooooooooooooooooose to do more of same nothing was wrong with it, great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. says

    I also only found out about it now..!! So you have more viewer.. I get it from the internet.. So please bring show back!! Begging you.. Maybe Briget can be pregnant the Andrews baby.. And Andrew and Bridget must be together again..!!* please..*

  5. denise says

    I think you should bring back “Ringer”,”GCB” and “Missing ” but on Lifetime network or TNT network I think it would be better for the cable network anyway and the tv show “Deception”.

  6. Anne Power says

    It was such a brilliant series. So completely hooked and waiting for the next season. Did not expect to find that it was axed. “Ringer”, along with “Brothers and Sisters” were fantastic and did not deserve to finish.

  7. Kathi Reed says

    I agree with the other comments that a second season (and perhaps more) is warranted! My husband and I found Ringer on Netflix and were hooked. In fact, I found this article while searching for additional episodes. The last broadcast certainly left room for more…and we would love to be able to follow the characters to some completion…please!!

  8. Dani Cada says

    I love love love this show…to end it like this would be a greek tragedy!!!!! There’s no closure for any of the characters….no happily ever, storylines unfinished, no the end. Didnt your mother ever teach you to finish what you’ve started? Give it one more season, a movie of the week…..something to complete the story. I started watching this series on netflix, because I HATE commercials. I was hooked from the pilot episode. Canceling this is much like finding the perfect shade of lipstick and when you go back to buy another tube…you learn it was discontinued. Very frustrating!!!!

  9. Jennifer DeBord says

    It was an excellent show and needs to return. I saw nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t too long or complicated. It was excellent writing and nothing was left unanswered. Bring it back!!!!!

  10. Sarah says

    I think there were many episodes, but I liked the way suspense was created throughout the episodes. I also loved the performance of Sarah Michelle Gellar as a twin and I liked the storyline, although I had some trouble with the complex side stories interwoven into the main plot. Sometimes it seemed too much to take in, but I still don’t understand why it was cancelled as it was brilliantly written and I loved to see more. I also say: Please bring it back!!!!!!

  11. April says

    Ah! I don’t think there were too many episodes I think there were not enough! The last episode was a great season finale, not series finale! There has to be a way to bring “Ringer” back! It is such a good show! PLEASE bring it back!

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