Ringer: CW Series Gets Full Season Order

Ringer full seasonThe ratings certainly haven’t been as strong as The CW was hoping for but Ringer’s been doing well enough for the network to give it a full season order, bringing the total to 22 episodes.

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in a dual role, Ringer has been averaging a 0.9 in the 18-49 demographic and about two million viewers. That’s certainly not great but it’s performing just a bit better than most of the other shows on the smallest network and is actually The CW’s third-highest rated show.

What do you think? Are you glad that Ringer has been given a full season? Do you think it’ll be renewed for a second season or end up being cancelled by May?

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  1. Donna says

    I think this is one of the better shows on TV. I looked to see what tonites show is about & its already a re run. This show needs to stay on, all my friends & family watch this. Laura is a Great Actress!!!!! We need to see more of her on TV. This show has a story line that I dont think has ever been done before. PLEASE KEEP IT ON.

  2. Gina V says

    Am probably one of the very few who never saw an episode of “Buffy”, but SMG in Ringer is awesome. Even my husband is hooked – and it’s tough to keep him interested in any new show. As for the viewers who don’t think shows like this (& Revenge) can last more than one season, don’t sell the writers short – they do this for a living and most likely have enough story lines to keep future shows as addictive as they are now.

  3. SlayerKat says

    I’m hooked. I love SMG and enjoying the thriller and suspense BUT I dont think it warrants a full season and definitely not a season 2. It should be a one off block like the shows in the UK. You can enjoy a show without having to keep it running forever – thats where stupid storylines creep in and you stop watching a show because it gets silly. FINISHh it when the going is good I say!! Don’t drag it out in the quest for more money.

    • Craig says

      Good point. Many of these serial shows like The Event and FlashForward would have been great mini-series instead of trying to make them into long running shows.

    • Isaura says

      I agree also, I don’t know how they could turn this situation into 2 seasons. Give it a beginning and an ending, then move on to a new show. I’ve been watching Revenge, and while it is a good show I don’t see how they can have more than one season of this.

  4. Kat says

    I was skeptical of “Ringer” at first, especially at the fact that it was blatantly a soap opera (and I don’t watch soap operas), but you know what? Sarah Michelle Gellar manages to make it interesting, somehow! Through her portrayal of Bridget, I actually care what happens to these characters. In the most recent episode, it appears something has happened to Gemma and, to my surprise, I actually care. It’s only been, what, four or five episodes? And yet, the show has managed to make me care about characters I initially wanted nothing to do with. So kudos to “Ringer” for that and I’ll continue watching. Not so thrilled that “Hart of Dixie” and “The Secret Circle” have also received orders for the back nine episodes, because it could mean that they’re prepping these pretty boring new shows to take over for some of our struggling old favorites.

  5. Adam says

    I’m oh so very glad they’re ordering the full first season… their’s nothing like it on tv, and it’s such an interesting show!! The show is getting better and better by the episode, i just wish the ratings would pick up more! (:

  6. RJ says

    I watched the first couple episodes because SMG was in it, but then I realized the whole thing was nothing but a soap opera. From the storyline, to the character relationships, to the music; I would see the exact same thing if I turned on “Day’s of Our Lives” or something. I don’t plan on watching any more.

  7. brookgarden says

    I wasn’t sure I would watch past the first episode, but I’m totally hooked. Very glad CW gave Ringer a full season. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  8. Samara says

    I love “Ringer”! Even my mother watches it! I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is wonderful, and she stayed away from television long enough for people to see her as more than just Buffy! I hope more people watch – I’m already wanting to hear about a second season!

  9. Bill C... says

    I really enjoy ringer and it is doing a great job and throwing something new in each week and running so close to the edge. Sarah Michelle is doing a great job, probably woulndt have watched it without her…

  10. Craig says

    I am glad Ringer is sticking around. The CW can’t cancel all of its shows even though it seems that all their ratings are far below the other networks. Unlike Fox, the CW seems to have painted itself into a corner by appearing to focus on a demographic that is not watching much television or does not like the CW shows.

  11. P Jones says

    I love the Ringer series. It is intriguing & I love the suspense. I hope the show’s ratings increase so that the show is continued. There is no other show like this one.

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