Ringer: Premiere Ratings; How Did It Do?

Ringer ratingsLast night marked the premiere of Ringer on The CW, the first new show of the 2011-12 TV season. How did the new TV series perform?

Sarah Michelle Gellar and company generated a positive but not overwhelming debut for The CW. Per the fast affiliate ratings, Ringer generated a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.74 million viewers. That was a vast improvement over last year’s Life Unexpected premiere in the same timeslot. It was fourth in the timeslot and easily beat repeats of FOX’s Raising Hope.

On the downside, though the ratings are positive, CW execs were surely hoping for better, especially considering that this one’s been generating more interest than the other new programs. Last year, run-of-the-mill Hellcats registered similar numbers and Nikita performed even better. Additionally, next week Ringer will have to contend with all new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, The Biggest Loser, and the Dancing with the Stars “results” show. Those are sure to suck away some viewers and won’t help.

It’s of course too early to tell how Ringer will do in the long run but this isn’t the best start.

Note: Check our Ringer ratings page for weekly updates.

What do you think? Is Ringer a winner or your pick for early cancellation? Did you watch? Will you keep watching?

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  1. Samara says

    I really liked it! I was surprised the premiere was so early in the season, so I have to wonder how many people didn’t realize it was on! I will continue to watch – I am a huge fan of both Sarah Michelle and Nestor (I, too, think they should show him more!)! If I were to say anything negative about the show, it would be only that it felt like there were more commercials than there was actual show! I would hate to see a series, that it so vastly different from the rest of the mainstream series, be dismissed and/or cancelled – especially this early!

  2. Kat says

    I can see what the critics meant by “no one ever accused SMG of being a subtle actress” or whatnot, heh. Her style of acting just seemed more at home on the quirky show of Buffy than on a serious drama. Ah well. It’s difficult to keep my attention when there aren’t vampires or time travel or somethin’ invovled, so while I thought the show was interesting, I’m not exactly thrilled by it. Soaps like Ringer aren’t really my thing (ironic, considering that’s where SMG got her first big break).

  3. sonny says

    I’d have to watch it on friday because im in canada and i don’t get CW so there’s another channel that does broadcast it here…. but i just couldn’t wait and i watched it somewhere else just for this once today and it was AWESOMEEEEEEE as usual Sarah Michelle Gellar brings a lot to it, i liked the rest of the cast a lot too and the way they carry the plot was outstanding.

  4. robycop3 says

    A much-better show than most of the usual CW fare. I hope the Neilsens are favorable enough for them to keep it for at least 2 seasons.

  5. Lily Moon says

    It was nicely done and interesting, but like so many of the dramas in today’s times, you are fighting with the commercials to keep your attention on the show. Good luck to this new show; however, I’m usually a bad luck omen–if I like it, it’s cancelled.

  6. josh says

    Reporting these numbers is so irresponsible. You fail to acknowledge that these are metered market numbers, not fast nationals. There’s a big difference. If you (and Marc Berman) actually took the time to wait for the real numbers, you’d see they’re very different than what you reported here.

    • says

      josh » As noted, we’ve updated the post as the updated numbers become available. The “real numbers” are the finals and they won’t come out until late afternoon.

      • josh says

        Yes, and in the race to get a scoop, you publish wildly inaccurate numbers. This morning you said it got a 2.5 HH rating when it actually got a 1.7. That’s a big difference. Do you know the difference between metered markets and fast nationals? or how the data is collected? or what each is for? or the difference between people meters and set meters? you should probably just wait until 8AM when the fast nationals are released so you don’t run into this problem.

            • says

              josh » I included the metered markets notation in the initial draft but it may have been deleted in editing. I’m not sure. I know that I noted that they were the earliest ratings. If that was misleading, I apologize. Again, I appreciate your feedback.

        • Kat says

          Hey Josh, I’ve seen these exact numbers elsewhere with no indication that they weren’t the “real” numbers, too. It’s not that big of a deal to average fans of television; those who need to know the real numbers will know ’em.

          • Grandizer says

            I don’t need no STINKING numbers!!!!

            I watch a show because I like it!
            Not because the demographics say I HAVE to like it.

  7. MK says

    It was good. I’ll keep tuning in. They need to feature Nestor Carbonall more (yum!) If only he were Siobhan’s hubby :)))

  8. Beth Coccaro says

    While I saw the promotions for the show all summer, I never saw a promotion about the premiere and realized it at 9:20 pm. Thankfully, CW is rebroadcasting it Friday, so I’ll catch it then.

    • Joanne M says

      I also never saw any ads for the premier; I have DVR conflicts with the repeat of the pilot, and unbelievable conflicts for the night of the next episode. I think they picked a very poor night to air this new show and I have a feeling it’s going to be gone before we know it. How can it compete with Dancing with the Stars and NCIS (the highested rated TV show across the board)?

      A better night might have been SATURDAY; which is a night no networks put on hot shows. Also – it’s a shame the Neilson ratings don’t include people who DVR shows, and watch later, because then half the shows that are cancelled would have a much better shot of staying on TV.

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