Ripper Street: Season Three Might Happen After All

Ripper Street season threeIt looks like there may still be some hope for Ripper Street, the BBC series which was recently cancelled after two seasons.

According to the Guardian, the show’s producer Tiger Aspect is reportedly in negotiations with LoveFilm, an Amazon video-on-demand company, to fund most of Ripper Street’s third season budget — in exchange for premiering the third season online in the UK.

If the deal works out, BBC would air the show shortly afterward. No word yet on when US audiences would get to see it. BBC America showed the first two seasons.

A Tiger Aspect spokesman said, “The creative team has great vision and high ambition for future series of Ripper Street. It would, of course, be marvelous to find a route to make these plans reality.”

A BBC spokeswoman added, “The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return, but at better value to license fee payers.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Ripper Street return? Would you pay to watch a thrid season? How about Copper, another import that was recently cancelled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sally Broadhurst says

    It looks like BBCAmerica is vying with SYFY Channel to be the all out spooky channel because they sure seem to dump whatever quality programming they offer for weird programming. First you give us Copper, and just when it starts to get interesting, you drop it. Now you are doing the same thing with Ripper Street. What the hell is the matter with you people? If you want viewers, leave the shows on viewers like and try some marketing.

  2. Julie Wack says

    Ripper Street is a well written, well acted and engrossing show. I get sick and tired of series such as Ripper Street and Copper being cancelled after I have become emotionally involved with the characters and the BBC America has been particularly guilty of this. I’m afraid I am going to have to stop watching their shows. Particularly since the only shows they seem to renew are syfy.

  3. Colin says

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the BBC were thinking of cancelling Ripper Street. The BBC is supposed to produce quality drama after all… I really hope the new deal works out.

    • Timothy says

      I can’t believe they are cancelling Ripper Street it is my favorite BBC show work something out it is a good quality program let’s make a deal.

  4. Mary M. says

    Ripper Street was so great, and so original — totally different than anything else.
    I understand that not everything can be renewed, but cancelling this one… I really cannot understand the reasons. Please renew it — not only for a third season, but a fourth, fifth…

  5. Cris says

    The bbc are losing the touch to offer great TV, Ripper Street is one of the best programs ever shown on the bbc a long with Doctor who & top gear there are other. Stay firm with Ripper Street it will bring in the ratings as word is going about what a great Drama this is.

  6. Tricia Williams says

    Most of the TV shows are out there now are crap, BBC puts out some worth watching programming. Keeping this show going would be a good idea!

  7. Greg says

    Why is it that all the truly entertaining shows, Ripper Street, Cooper, WhiteChapel and a variety of others are canceled and crap like The Big Bang Theory and all the others with an annoying fake laugh track stay on season after season? Why can’t America finally grow up?
    Just when new shows for mature adults are put on American channels they are taken off. BBC is the best station aired on American television and only the Fox network tries to give us programs with adult content. It’s no wonder so many people would rather buy DVDs, the seven American channels are full of crap.

    • marty says

      First of all I must make it clear that i enjoyed Ripper Street and like everyone else I
      remain disappointed at its cancellation. Personally I see its demise due to another
      fine show be it of a different point in time but historically from the same era, Sherlock.
      ITV have Downton Abbey, is there room for more victorian drama, well yes in my book.
      Whatever the politics and reasoning behind the cancellation I can but shake my head
      and sigh at what the BBC are becoming, in ten years years time we`ll all be watching
      fox and I wish i was a celebrity “Again” twaddle wondering where the licence fees went
      and where it all went wrong!

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