Ripper Street: Season Three Might Happen After All

Ripper Street season threeIt looks like there may still be some hope for Ripper Street, the BBC series which was recently cancelled after two seasons.

According to the Guardian, the show’s producer Tiger Aspect is reportedly in negotiations with LoveFilm, an Amazon video-on-demand company, to fund most of Ripper Street’s third season budget — in exchange for premiering the third season online in the UK.

If the deal works out, BBC would air the show shortly afterward. No word yet on when US audiences would get to see it. BBC America showed the first two seasons.

A Tiger Aspect spokesman said, “The creative team has great vision and high ambition for future series of Ripper Street. It would, of course, be marvelous to find a route to make these plans reality.”

A BBC spokeswoman added, “The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return, but at better value to license fee payers.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Ripper Street return? Would you pay to watch a thrid season? How about Copper, another import that was recently cancelled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Nomi Herbstman says

    Why does this news not surprise me at all. The most perfect series that ever graced the screen, “Copper” was canceled by BBC America . BBC and it’s affiliate seem to be in a race to see how many viewers can they let down.

    As a member of “Bring Back Copper” on facebook, I truly hope that Lovefilm will also consider picking up “Copper” for a live streaming show as well.

    “Copper” created with love and care by Tom Fontana. The miracle of “Copper” is the alchemy that happens when creators with unlimited imagination (yet steeped in reality), writers that understand the human soul and a cast of miracle workers came together and made a masterpiece.

    • Anon says

      It is clear that you are in love with Copper. Its a great show, but you shouldn’t let a show take on that much importance in your life. Its only tv. Don’t get so attached. Its not normal. I don’t even think stars of tv shows are as vested.

  2. says

    I think that I have officially decided to not watch anything that BBCA puts out with the exception of maybe Dr. Who. I watched “Copper” show out there and I watched “Ripper Street” both were fine shows with amazing acting and story lines. Right now I am working on the “Bring Back Copper” facebook group and we have launched a full on campaign to find “Copper” another home. Some people are just now finding out that “Copper” was not renewed and they are not happy campers. People are joining our group daily. We, the fans will not let this go..we want to see “Copper” back. We were loyal to BBCA and fell in love with the characters of “Copper” we were rewarded with a cliffhanger… We think that “Copper” deserves a season three. Funny, I said that I was not sure I would continue to watch “Ripper Street” as I see how the fans were treated with “Copper” I said they will probably cancel “Ripper Street” as well. I see hope though..for both shows… In this time of mindless reality shows..”Copper” and “Ripper Street” should not be passed over..give our shows another chance.. Thank you for the article!

    • lainie kantrowitz says

      Copper definitely deserves a season 3 and we loyal fans have been working for months now to let the networks know that we will support Copper wherever it lands- network tv, cable tv, Netflix, Lovefilm, or otherwise. Tom Fontana has already indicated that he had season 3 plotted out and we want to see how he gets us out of the horrible cliffhanger which we were left in. If you support Copper returning for seasons to come, please join our Bring Back Copper Facebook page.

  3. elaine says

    Lovefilm should do the same for Copper. I know the show started on BBC America, but who cares. Maybe they can work with their American affiliate to make it happen. DO YOU HEAR US BBC? You messed up dropping Copper and Ripper Street!!! The fans and the shows will live you – you just won’t reap any of the benefits and lost viewers in the process. Bad decision.

  4. lainie says

    Copper fans have been trying for months to let the premium Cable channels, networks, Netflix, Lovefilm, Showcase, and Cineflix know that we will follow Copper wherever it lands. We are a loyal fanbase and have letter writing campaigns, petitions and tweetfests to keep the dream alive of Copper Season 3 and beyond. We were left without any resolution and a horrible cliffhanger, and we want to Bring Back Copper. Any fellow fans interesting in joining our campaign, please visit our Bring back Copper Facebook page. Tom Fontana has promised to do his best to have his season 3 vision played out on tv, online or in a movie, but we need fan support and commitment to truly make it happen.

  5. Nan A says

    It is great to see some support for Ripper Street. It is an excellent show. The 2nd season hasn’t even been premiered in the US and Rippter Street has a big fan base here. I would be very pleased to see this 3rd season worked out. (fingers crossed) BBC made a mistake cancelling it. The timeslot change was a problem for the series as well. The show is just beginning to develop its characters and the story lines were improving. Amazon has done well with House of Cards and that is paid for. I think Ripper Street would draw a big audience also.

  6. Koleena says

    i would love to see something like this happen with Copper also. there is a whole band of us on Facebook and Twitter that are fighting to get Copper back in some way.

  7. Pamela says

    Copper should be brought back . Season 3 was written and it was abruptly dropped after Season 2’s finale which left fans hanging . The series is unfinished and has a huge fan base of fans who want to see the return and are actively working to make it happen. Copper is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time . The cast is some of the best actors and actresses I have seen working in one series . Extremely talented & phenomenal writing in this series ! It should be brought back and at least finished for the fans who supported it .

  8. Fan in NJ says

    While Ripper is good, Copper is outstanding and should be given the same opportunity. The Bring Back Copper and Save Copper campaigns on facebook have a large and growing set of supporters who would probably agree.

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