Ripper Street: Season Three Might Happen After All

Ripper Street season threeIt looks like there may still be some hope for Ripper Street, the BBC series which was recently cancelled after two seasons.

According to the Guardian, the show’s producer Tiger Aspect is reportedly in negotiations with LoveFilm, an Amazon video-on-demand company, to fund most of Ripper Street’s third season budget — in exchange for premiering the third season online in the UK.

If the deal works out, BBC would air the show shortly afterward. No word yet on when US audiences would get to see it. BBC America showed the first two seasons.

A Tiger Aspect spokesman said, “The creative team has great vision and high ambition for future series of Ripper Street. It would, of course, be marvelous to find a route to make these plans reality.”

A BBC spokeswoman added, “The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return, but at better value to license fee payers.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Ripper Street return? Would you pay to watch a thrid season? How about Copper, another import that was recently cancelled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kelly says

    Best drama they’ve knocked out for a LONG time we watched religiously every week and they’re not continuing it. Just about sums up the BBC. Giving the people what they don’t want….

  2. Emily says

    I wish the “Copper” fans weren’t monopolizing this thread because it is for “Ripper Street”, and that show deserves to have its own thread. I could not get into “Copper” even though I had every reason to want to, given that my ancestry takes me back to that place and time. I much preferred “Ripper Street” and hope that it will find a venue for a third season. I’d buy it if necessary.

    • Lee G. says

      The reason people are writing about Copper with regard to this article is because the author asks would people like to see Copper come back…it could be that there are just more Copper fans in America than Ripper fans which is why you think there are people monopolizing it. Honestly, I preferred Copper to Ripper so I could see why it would have more fans in the US.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree this has become a venue for Copper. I wish this would be left for its intent to bring back Ripper Street. Copper has its own sites set up for the fans who want to see it back. Please bring back Ripper Street it is a great show!!

      • Nancy Herb says

        The bottom question asks about Copper and whether we would like to see that renewed too. So, it makes 100% sense that the comments are also about Copper. So, your comment makes 0 sense. Read the article again. And how about not pitting fandom against fandom? Nothing makes me crazier. There is room for everyone on this thread. BBC America messed with all of us, so we have that in common.

  3. kent wind says

    No was Copper is coming back at this point. Most of the stars are doing other stuff now. Doesn’t mean that BBC America wasn’t obnoxious canceling it the way that it did. Should have at least given the fans some sort of answer at the end. If they are going to do something, having a fanpage isn’t going to make a difference one way or the other. Money is King.

  4. Michele says

    I enjoyed Copper but Ripper Street was my very favorite series. Loved the characters and looked forward to seeing it each week. I really hope they will bring it back!!!

  5. Vicky says

    Would like to see season 3 made. I’ve watched from the outset and don’t think it should have been put on up against reality tv. The failure is with the programmers and not the show and considering the amount of licence fee money they waste giving undeserved bonuses to anyone that shows up to work perhaps they ought to take more notice of what the viewers want.

    • Peter murphy says

      It is the best thing on TV for years that and pinky blinders most peopel recorded it becaus get me out was live or watch it on cath up I wood pay to watch it

  6. Brianna says

    I have never watched Ripper Street. I am sure from all of the posts here it must be quite good. But I’m here for Copper. I have to agree, I LOVE Copper. I seem to never get bored of it. I’m hoping they give Copper a chance and get that show back on TV. I was truly upset when they announced that they won’t be making anymore of Copper. I really hope they do. It’s an amazing show and I’m honestly in love with it. Copper needs to come back . One of the all time best shows ever! #SaveCopperTV

  7. Pamela says

    Copper needs to come back . One of the all time best shows on ever . Deserves to be finished or to go on with another few seasons !!!

  8. Bonnie Moe says

    Another vote for bringing Copper back. Not only was it a great show, but it left on a cliffhanger! Who cancels a show right in the middle of a major story arc?

    • Anonymous says

      I have never watched Copper Street. I am sure from all of the posts here it must be quite good.I will be sure to watch it now. I am here to comment on Ripper Street of which I am a dedicated fan. I am hopeful that this plan to bring it back works out. The show is excellent and was doing very well until the time slot was changed to compete with a popular reality show. The second season has not even shown in the US yet to get full fan reaction. The characters, plots and settings were very realistic to the times. I think that BBC needs to give quality shows such as Ripper Street the support it deserves. Thank goodness producer Tiger Aspect supports and believes in his show. I respect that fact that Mr Aspect is trying to give Ripper Street a fighting chance.

  9. Bethany says

    Since this seems to have turned into a Copper thread, I have to agree. LOVE LOVE LOVE Copper. Frankly I was not such a fan of Ripper Street, but that is only because I never really took the time to get into it. The one episode that I did watch all the way through was not bad, and I would probably get into it. However, knowing BBCA, I am always wary about getting into their shows. I really like Orphan Black, but am figuring that they will cancel it just as it really gets going. I LOVE Torchwood, but of course that was canceled ages ago (I watched when it originally aired) Merlin and Being Human have both ended their runs. I am running out of reasons to even notice that this network is on the air. Maybe if they bring back Copper and this Ripper Street they will get some viewers again. Maybe they could set an example for the other networks and keep the shows that are worth keeping, and scrap the ones that actually are not, as opposed to the other way around (which seems to be the current trend.)

  10. Beth says

    While Ripper is a good show, Copper really should be given this opportunity as well. It is an amazing show with a strong and growing loyal fan base. It just hasn’t received the dame publicity as Ripper.

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