Ripper Street: UK Series Cancelled, No Season Three

Ripper Street canceled, no season threeThe BBC has cancelled Ripper Street after two seasons on the air. The cast and crew were notified this week. The show airs on BBC America here in the states.

Ripper Street begins in Whitechapel in London’s East End, six months after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The men of H Division had searched for the killer but didn’t catch him. When more women are murdered, they wonder if the killer has returned. The show’s cast includes Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, MyAnna Buring, Charlene McKenna, David Dawson, Amanda Hale, Damien Molony, Joseph Mawle, and Frank Harper.

Flynn broke the news during an interview on radio station BBC London 94.9. The actor said, “We found out this week that the third series of Ripper Street isn’t going. We’re all in shock. It was up against I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and that’s been cited as one of the reasons in terms of viewing figures… We’re all in absolute shock because it’s a wonderful job and we feel like it’s kind of this unfinished work. So we’re hoping it will turn around if anyone from the BBC is listening.”

He added, “There’s these wonderful storylines which Richard [Warlow] and Toby [Finlay], the writers, have marked out and it’s one of the most captivating characters I’ve played and also been part of in terms of the story, so it is suddenly like a marriage being broken”

A BBC spokesperson confirmed the news and told Digital Spy, “We are very proud of Ripper Street which has enjoyed two highly ambitious series on BBC One… However, the second series didn’t bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won’t be returning.”

Season two of Ripper Street was expected to begin airing on BBC America on December 1st but it’s been delayed until 2014.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that there won’t be a third season of Ripper Street? Are you hoping that the show is revived somehow?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mac says

    Ripper Street was one of the best shows on the last 2 years. The actors were excellent and the story’s were great. I looked forward to watching every episode and will miss it.

  2. Nick Toczek says

    Utterly spellbound by the Shakesperean scope and style of Ripper Street… one of the best things to hit TV in years. Cancelling series three on account of viewing figures displays the same brand of Phillistine cowardice that killed off TV drama way back in the early seventies. Shame on all guilty of its murder… justice will see them brought down in true Ripper Street style!!!!

  3. says

    Bring Back Ripper Street, Why do we pay all that money for a licence? to watch a reality show Don’t think so,Maybe we should have the option of opting out of the bbc? I was a fan of Iam a Celebrity but how long can you keep churning it out and this year was awful. Give us good drama (Ripper St) With people who can act and sell the story t0 you All i can think of the people of the BBC have lost their marbles as well as their minds

  4. says

    BBC are you mad Ripper Street canceled? Please stop with the reality shows we are bored by them, I was a fan of Iam a Celebrity but this year was awful maybe its time to say goodbye to it and give us more good drama like Ripper Street. Let us watch people with real talant for a change. BRING BACK RIPPER STREET as one person said its the only program that makes you feel maybe paying all that money for a licence is worth it Not the continuing reality shows Maybe we should be given the option of opting out of the BBC?

  5. Peter Sheldon. ( England ) says

    The first series was good, the second was great, the third promised to be amazing from what Jerome Flynn says in a radio interview !
    All the cast and crew are as devasted as the fans at the termination of the next series!
    This series as a whole has had great script, brilliantly portrayed by the stars of the show, each week the characters were developing. Each character developed over both the first and second series, we the fans have watched captivated by the highs and of lows encountered by the main characters as a different story unwound each week.
    BBC you know the real reasons for the cancellation and if you are so shortsighted as to end this wonderfully detailed series then let’s hope another channel invest in it. The story line is far from being dried up, the main characters can continue to be tested by incidents of history and by some more wonderful cameos from further excellent actors and actresses that turn up on the RIPPER STREETS each week to test and harass our favourite Victorians.

  6. Nat says

    Ripper street was the ONLY reason that I did not mind paying for a TV license, it’s the only British drama that I have seen in a long time which can compare to some of the excellent series that we get from the states. If it is not renewed I am seriously contemplating giving up on British TV altogether.

  7. Stephen Gale says

    I am disgusted that one of the best shows I have seen in a long time is to be cancelled. I look forward every week to watching it. Please change your mind BBC it is an obvious wrong decision.

  8. Ann says

    I am also gutted about the demise of ‘Ripper Street’ There are so few really good dramas on television and when one actually comes along it is cancelled in favour of reality, reality reality shows which I am sick of!! (Cheap television) We shouldn’t have to pay TV licence for rubbish. Shame on the BBC!!!!!!

  9. Tilly says

    I’m horrified that a creative thrilling drama can just be cut because it doesn’t involve celebrities! I love nothing more on a Monday to settle down and watch the story line unfold! Shameful bbc

  10. H O'Connor says

    Gutted. Brilliant programme that’s excellently written with superb acting. Such a shame it’s not returning for a 3rd series. It was a welcome break from dull reality shows. Shame on you BBC

  11. Jennifer says

    While I most certainly agree with everyone here about the sudden, and extremely shocking cancellation of Ripper Street, don’t forget it wasn’t BBC America that cancelled the show. It was THE BBC in London. If the original BBC that paid for and originally aired the show had given it a green light for a third series, BBC America would most certainly have broadcast it. You can’t blame BBC America for the decisions of their parent BBC. According to this post, you should still get to see series two of Ripper Street (which is, as usual, excellent thus far, I might add) on BBC America. You will just be seeing it later than you’d originally hoped.

    That being said, I am deeply saddened and shocked by this announcement. I have greatly enjoyed Ripper Street’s second series thus far just as I did its first. I was hoping to get word from the BBC of another exciting season. This was truly one of the few well-written, well-cast shows still left on the air. A good portion of American tv does not appeal to me and even a lot of what airs on British tv is rubbish. There’s way too much “reality” programming in Britain as well. Every now and then a show comes along that you can’t help but love and Ripper Street was that show for me. I love the characters, the story lines and the actors themselves. The list of what I watch on television gets smaller every day. I’m grateful for DVD and Blu-Ray so once it is all-reality, all poorly written scripted shows all the time I will still have great shows like Ripper Street I can turn to for quality entertainment. This is truly the biggest entertainment disappointment of the week for me.

  12. Sonya J says

    Paul Franco I’m with you. I was a fan of both Copper and Ripper Street and I’m just blown away right now. Two of my favorite shows are gone and it’s a shame. They both ended with a lot of unanswered questions too! Both had powerful casts, wonderful and clever writing and great story lines. It seems like SMUT-TV has taken over and the quality shows get cancelled at the blink of an eye. It’s very disheartening and sad. Now I’m scared to get into another show on BBCAmerica for fear of it getting cancelled after 1 or two seasons!! I’m extremely disappointed with this news about Ripper Street.

  13. Thomas says

    Very sad to hear the news of this show’s demise… I really enjoyed watching this program and think it was one of the best British programs I’ve seen. I was really looking forward to season (series as the Brit’s call it) two.

  14. says

    What the HELL is wrong with BBCAmerica, first you cancel COPPER, which was a fantastic show and certainly engaging and now Ripper Street is cancelled!! BBCAmerica why don’t you cancel the employment of your staff making these insane and very idiotic decisions. Your cancellation of both COPPER and RIPPER STREET make no sense to the fans of both of these fine series. Both COPPER and RIPPER STREET were well acted, very well written and invited the viewer to bond with the characters, which many of us did. Of course, I would not be surprised for BBCAmerica to develop crap like Honey BooBoo, etc., and present that to its viewing audience with a claim of original and engaging programing. BBCAmerica you have totally lost my household as a viewers. BBCAmerica programming, headed off the cliff, hopefully, you will have your decision making programming staff on this train…

    • lainie kantrowitz says

      Paul and Sonya- if you are fans of Copper, you should check out the Bring Back Copper Facebook page- campaign. We are trying to get Copper back in any format or network we can, so that we can get a resolution to the season 3 cliffhanger.

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