Rita Rocks: Lifetime Sitcom Cancelled, No Season Three

Rita RocksLifetime has decided to cancel their original sitcom, Rita Rocks, after two seasons.

Rita Rocks revolves around an overworked wife and mother who tries to balance the many different aspects of her life, including being in a local rock band. The series stars Nicole Sullivan in the title role with Richard Ruccolo, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Natalie Dreyfuss, Kelly Gould, and Raviv Ullman rounding out the cast.

The show was initially ordered as a companion for reruns of Reba with an eye towards amassing enough episodes to run it five nights a week.

The series debuted in October of 2008 with a 20 episode season. In March 2009, Rita Rocks was renewed for a second season of 20 more installments.

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JoAnn Alfano, executive VP for entertainment at Lifetime, said, “Rita Rocks is the first original comedy that Lifetime has launched in 10 years, so you can imagine how delighted we are to welcome it back for a second season. It’s smart, it’s funny, and it appeals to anyone who has ever tried to carve out a little time for herself.”

The second season kicked off in October but apparently wasn’t successful enough for Lifetime. The cable channel has opted not to renew Rita Rocks for a third season. The December 7th episode will end up serving as both the season and series finale.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Rita Rocks go? How would you have liked to see the show end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Zoe says

    what there is no third season i found this show 1week ago on Netflix and i watched both seasons in 1 week because i fell in love with it… can you really not finish it??

  2. lupita says

    are you kidding they should NEVER canceled the show!!!! its an awsome show! it made laugh and cry. why would they canceled it!?

  3. Uschi says

    Lifetime …Please bring back “Rita Rocks” so I can stop watching it again and again and again …it’s like a good book that has no happy end …Lifetime don’t stop this HILARIOUS shows …

  4. Stan says

    I too am quite curious to why this show ending up being cancelled other than maybe not enough advertising or a decent enough time slot for everyone to watch it. I mean when it was on lifetime I personally ignored this show, mainly because the premise just seemed dumb to me. Now, that it’s on netflix for instant viewing I thought to myself…why not give it a watch. I was quite surprised of how amazing this show is. My roomates don’t want to admit they like it, but everytime they walk in the room when the show is playing they seem to stick around, watching intently, laughing throughout the show. Until the episode is over and then they go back to whatever they were doing before coming out into the living room. Now, realizing why there are only 40 episodes on Netflix, I am curious to know again why this show was cancelled. This is truly a show that everyone can enjoy. My roomates enjoy it, my girlfriend, and all these people who left comments prior to mine. Maybe another network just needs to adopt this show since Lifetime doesn’t want to give it the time of day which is a shame cause this is probably the only show on Lifetime I thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. Dave says

    I am SO incredibly missing RITA ROCKS!!!!! Please, please, please bring it back Lifetime. It was one of your BEST shows ever! It was one of the few shows that the whole family enjoyed with no arguments. I agree with a lot of other people here, it is a shame and disappointing that other networks keep such crap on that is useless and not worthwhile, and yet you had a gem of a show with good writing, GREAT ACTORS, FUNNY!, and entertaining. Few shows today can say that. Please consider bringing this great show back. It ISN’T impossible. It’s been done before.

  6. Jenny says

    I think rita rocks should be brought back because I’m disappointed alot. That show was the only show my whole family could watch together. Even my dad would say hey put on Rita rocks that’s a funny show. Canceling that’s show was very idiotic of the show. Now I’m stuck wandering about max and stuff like that. I wish it could come back because that show was really funny. And that dad was smoking hot(; and also the wife was seriosuly funny but now what am I suppose to do. Before I never watched this channel but when rota rocks aired I did. But now that it’s over, there’s truly no point for me to keep watching this channel just cut lifetime of this bullshit is gonna keep happening.
    – sincerely, a VERY disappointed viewer.

  7. danielle says

    So sad ): such a good show! I think it had great potential and should have continued and wish there was a season finale. Was sad to watch the last episode and know no more were coming!

  8. says

    Just because “Rita Rocks” apparently wasn’t “successful” of Lifetime, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be successful on any other channel. Y’all could have moved the show to TV Land or something. Y’all should’ve kept the show. BRING BACK “RITA ROCKS” !!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    Since y’all made the heartless decision of canceling the show, the wonderful cast has truly been “off the map”. I haven’t seen Nicole Sullivan in any other production, so those wonderful talented actors and actresses and out of jobs. It’s saddens me…I’ll always watch Lifetime, but please bring back “Rita Rocks”.

  10. says

    It truly shocks me that MTV can manage to keep pointless, bogus crap on the air like “Jersey Shore”, but Lifetime can’t keep “Rita Rocks” on the air. I mean seriously, this is outrageous. I need “Rita Rocks”. And what was the point of canceling “Sherri”? That show and “Rita Rocks” were a couple that I was truly lookin’ forward to the next season. What’s the point of leavin’ us hangin’ like that? If y’all seriously wanted to end the show so sudden, you could have aired a finale that is as good as the show was. Really great show. Come on, y’all had males watching Lifetime when “Rita Rocks” was on the air, and I don’t know any other way to get a guy to watch a chick-flick channel. Bring back “Rita Rocks”, better late than NEVER. . . . . . : — (

  11. says

    I’m saddened to think that such a great channel like Lifetime can’t keep an amazing show on the air. I truly admire and enjoy Lifetime and all the shows on there. Please bring back “Rita Rocks” and “Sherry”, because Lifetime will never be the same without those GREAT and HILARIOUS shows….

  12. says

    I love Lifetime, and literally 20 minutes ago I found out that “Rita Rocks” was canceled. I’m very sad that y’all canceled this show. I’ll always watch Lifetime, because I don’t want to miss my other favorite shows. Y’all should bring back “Rita Rocks”. I apologize for any threatening material used in my previous comments. I’m a total hothead and I’m 12. So, it’s really hard for me to keep my big mouth shut when I know I have to speak my opinion. Frankly, I can! It’s America, and we have Freedom of Speech. Unless suddenly we’ve turned into a Communist nation, I’ll say what I think is appropriate to say about this issue. Please bring back “Rita Rocks”. I’ll always watch Lifetime, but bring back “Rita Rocks!”

  13. says

    Look, I’m a 12-year-old quirky girl who is a faithful viewer of Lifetime. I love “ArmyWives”, “Drop Dead Diva”, “The New Adventures of Old Chrisitine”, the list goes on and on. I love the shows on Lifetime, but why in the world would y’all make such an ignorant decision to cancer awesome shows like “Rita Rocks” or “Sherry”? I loved those shows and was SUPER excited to see the next season. I mean, why end the show when Rita brings baby Max home? I was looking forward to more humor, sibling madness with the new baby, and more fun with the witty rock band. It’s seriously decisions like these that turns loyal viewers, like me, away from this great channel. Lifetime has soooooo much to offer, and canceling “Rita Rocks” is just as bad as when y’all stopped showing re-runs of “Reba” for a period of time. What was that all about? Gosh, I LOVED “Rita Rocks”, that was a show that my little sister, my mom, and I would sit around the T.V. and have a great laugh with. It’s extremely crucial to have more shows like “Rita Rocks” and just cancel the pointless crap on MTV like “Jersey Shore” and “Jon and Kate plus 8″.
    Now, if I EVER find out that y’all decide to cancel “ArmyWives”, “Drop Dead Diva”, “One Born Every Minute”, or any other show on Lifetime, I’ll seriously have my mother drive me personally to the studios where they film these wonderful shows and totally tell off the complete KNUCKLEHEAD who canceled these shows. Lord willing that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN! BRING BACK “Rita Rocks”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      If y’all bring back “Rita Rocks”, Lifetime would be even more popular than ever! I mean, don’t get me wrong, watching “Reviving Ophelia” or “The Craigslist Killer” is a great time, but “Rita Rocks” was AMAZING! This is a test of the EMERGENCY broadcast system! I may not know a lot, considering the fact that I’m 12-years-old, but I do know that y’all were complete boneheads canceling this awesome show! You need to apologize to your loyal fans for canceling a show that was obviously loved by many people. For Pete’s sake, you had MEN watching Lifetime, which is a chick-flick channel! Goodness, maybe I should run Lifetime, because if I did “Rita Rocks” would still be on the air! Heck, ever since y’all canceled that show, I haven’t seen Nicole Sullivan in any other production or sitcom. So y’all totally robbed those wonderful actors and actresses of a JOB! Wow, that says a lot!

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