The Rockford Files: Could Josh Holloway Take the Lead Role?

Josh HollowayAs you may recall, NBC hasn’t given up on doing a new version of The Rockford Files.

The pilot that was shot earlier this year, featuring Dermot Mulroney, Alan Tudyk, Beau Bridges, Alex Fernandez, and Melissa Sagemiller, was met with a less-than-enthusiastic reception. Still, NBC’s entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, recently said, “We are actually redeveloping [the series], and we will be reshooting the pilot.”

Bromstad also indicated there would be changes in front of the camera and noted that Mulroney wasn’t the right choice to play Jim Rockford.

EW’s Ausiello is reporting that an actor that several fans have suggested for the job, Lost’s Josh Holloway, might be in the running. An NBC insider says that his name has been mentioned and executive producer David Shore conceded that Holloway would be a “viable choice.” Shore cautioned however that it’s still too premature to start naming names.

Shore added, “NBC is still high on the project… They would like it to happen. Peter Berg’s involved producing and possibly directing and we will be looking for a new lead.”

UPDATE: Ausiello posted an update that quotes Holloway’s thoughts from last April on being a good choice to play Jim Rockford. Holloway said, “I thought so, too! And I was like, no way, don’t even go there… because I love The Rockford Files. And I thought Ken [Leung] would be great for [Rockford’s sidekick]. I would have loved that show. But I wanted to give movies a shot, so I never even pursued it.” Could Holloway have a change of heart?

What do you think? Is Josh Holloway a better choice? If you’re a fan of the original Rockford Files, would that casting satisfy you?

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  1. Charlie815 says

    Oh gosh, abso-freaking-lutely!!! Holloway would be perfect for the role!! And, Leung as his partner, fabulous casting that would be!! I would so watch that! They’d be perfect! My whole family would watch! I think any Lost fan would watch it too!

  2. Ty says

    I think Josh Holloway would be great! But just the same, I’d love to see Mel Gibson signed on as Jim Rockford. He starred as Maverick in 1994, another famous James Garner role, and it was a big success. Plus, Maverick and Rockford are essentially the same character…. They’re just set in two different eras….. it could work.

  3. Jaceyjaden says

    I would definitely watch if Josh was the lead. He was great on Lost as James pretending to be Sawyer, James Ford, James pretending to be LaFleur, grieving James and cop James. It’s funny that James Ford is nearly James Rockford.

  4. REC says

    I never really saw any of the original series because that was long before I was born, not to make anyone feel old. I have seen some syndicated episodes, but vaguely remember them. I would however, make sure to watch the remake series especially if Holloway is in it. He is a really good actor and over the 6 years on Lost, he proved that he can be more than just a dangerous ladies man. Given the chance to be the lead to this show, he would be awesome!

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