The Rockford Files: TV Show Remake Dead, But…

Rockford Files pilotAs one of the most-talked about pilots of the season, NBC was apparently counting on The Rockford Files remake to be one of the cornerstones of the 2010-11 season. Several familiar faces were signed to the project, including Dermot Mulroney, Alan Tudyk, Beau Bridges, Alex Fernandez, and Melissa Sagemiller.

Last week, we reported that the pilot for the new TV show was not well-received by the network. The first version supposedly looked very dated and dull. Prison Break vet Dawn Parouse tried recutting the footage to salvage the pilot but that apparently wasn’t up-to-snuff either. Things weren’t looking good for the new Jim Rockford.

Now we know that NBC has officially passed on the new Rockford Files. NBC’s entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, downplayed the quality of the pilot to the press. She said, “We had a very strong pilot, however, to put this new title out there, it has to be A++ and I think we had an A-/B+ pilot and we just want to get it right.”

Bromstad indicated that NBC would likely try again though, either for mid-season or for 2011-12. The pilot script was said to be very good but there will likely be some recasting. If another pilot is made, Mulroney probably won’t be in it.

What do you think? Are you happy, sad, or indifferent that the new Rockford Files won’t be on the small-screen next season? Should they try again or just let the project die?

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  1. Norton Willard says

    Watched Jim Garner in Maverick. Watched Jim Garner in Rockford Files. Watched it age like fine wine. Great to bring it back. EVEN GREATER TO GET IT RIGHT BEFORE ITS LAUNCHED. By the way, Hope Jim Garner is doing better after his illness. Thefre is alot to like and admire about him beyond acting.

  2. says


    Mike Rowe would be an excellent choice as a modern Jim Rockford–He has that proper combination of maturity, humor, and rugged handsomeness that eludes these mamby pamby weak looking girlie boys now infesting Hollywood.

  3. eaps says

    I’m 21 and only started watching Rockford a few months back on Retro TV. I surprisingly realized that I love it, and I’m not so sure about the idea of a remake. I mean, consider the epic fail of the “new” Twilight Zone… In particular, I am worried about the casting. The other commentors have Jim Rockford’s character right on. And though it sounds silly, the first person that comes to mind for Rockford’s role is Mike Rowe.

  4. Nizza says

    I agree that Joe Flanigan would have been a great choice because he has at least has that sparkle and sense of humor that made the original so fantastic to watch. Cop shows are boring procedurals for the most part. Castle is the only network one that makes me laugh ever. I hate comedies for the most part but a show that has drama, humor, and some great eye candy is a rare these days. I don’t find Mulroney attractive, funny, or entertaining. He might have been when he was younger but not anymore. I’m glad NBC had the good sense to toss this one before it hit the airwaves. Funny how they so seldom have a good show on the network but the original scripted dramas for USA and SyFy turn out pretty darn good. Maybe they should put their out of the box thinking hats on for the network before it dies even more. Chuck is the only thing worth watching on NBC anymore and it is slipping too.

  5. Diane says

    I thought the casting of Dermot Mulroney was a mistake. He’s very handsome, but the role of Jim Rockford requires something more. I thought actor Joe Flanigan (“Stargate Atlantis”) would have been the natural fit for that role. He would have delivered ‘Jim Rockford’ for the network. I loved the original “Rockford Files”. James Garner had and has an energy that comes through the medium to the audience. It will take an actor with something special to match his presence. I believe Joe Flanigan is that actor. I also like Beau Bridges, so I hope something can be made of the pilot.

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