The Rockford Files: TV Show Remake Dead, But…

Rockford Files pilotAs one of the most-talked about pilots of the season, NBC was apparently counting on The Rockford Files remake to be one of the cornerstones of the 2010-11 season. Several familiar faces were signed to the project, including Dermot Mulroney, Alan Tudyk, Beau Bridges, Alex Fernandez, and Melissa Sagemiller.

Last week, we reported that the pilot for the new TV show was not well-received by the network. The first version supposedly looked very dated and dull. Prison Break vet Dawn Parouse tried recutting the footage to salvage the pilot but that apparently wasn’t up-to-snuff either. Things weren’t looking good for the new Jim Rockford.

Now we know that NBC has officially passed on the new Rockford Files. NBC’s entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, downplayed the quality of the pilot to the press. She said, “We had a very strong pilot, however, to put this new title out there, it has to be A++ and I think we had an A-/B+ pilot and we just want to get it right.”

Bromstad indicated that NBC would likely try again though, either for mid-season or for 2011-12. The pilot script was said to be very good but there will likely be some recasting. If another pilot is made, Mulroney probably won’t be in it.

What do you think? Are you happy, sad, or indifferent that the new Rockford Files won’t be on the small-screen next season? Should they try again or just let the project die?

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  1. Jim Lengell says

    Josh Holloway from Lost as Jack Rockford, son of Jim Rockford and that lawyer girlfriend he had in the original. Don’t try to replace James Garner – not gonna happen. Just continue the story 25 years later.

  2. steve clarke says

    i think the rockford files is too good a series just to let die but it needs some recasting particuly dermot mulroneys position as jim rockford and in his place should be joe flanigan the public have a better sense of what works i hope joe flanigan gets the part of a rebooted rocford files

  3. Carolyn says

    I loved the original Rockford Files and used to watch that, as well as any film with James Garner, with my parents. I loved it and believed it had strong characters. That said, I also believe Joe Flanigan would be a NATURAL to play Jim Rockford. He’s a strong actor and no, he isn’t too young. I believe he has the experience and talent to pull it off. He also comes with a strong fan base. He has so much to offer and is a pleasure to watch.

  4. Don says

    I’m a huge James Garner fan, since Maverick as well as the Rockford Files. Noah Beery Jr. wasn’t Rocky in the pilot,the show took a little tweeking. Dermot Mulroney is a fine actor most of his work has been in feature films maybe thats why many of the post keep bring up a TV actor they are familiar with. I hope they can pull this off Angel was my favorite character in an ensemble cast that really worked. I’m a disabled vet but my world doesn’t revolve around it,it’s just one of the things that happened in my. My focus is to help the young vets and active duty personnel,buy them a meal,cup of coffee or just say thanks.

  5. John says

    The Rockford Files is a true classic. Although I would love to see it come back, nobody could ever replace James Garner. Anyone who tried, would be at the very best, a pale shadow. I did enjoy the few Rockford Files movies that Garner did in the 1990’s, but unfortunately it’s 2010 now. I know he is fully capable of the role (intellectually), but I doubt he is still up to the physical demands of the character. Jim Rockford was not meant to be Barnaby Jones (another classic in it’s own right). Let the Rockford Files remain as what it is…an unequalled part of TV history.

  6. Tony says

    I am saddened that we won’t get an original remake, but I am happy that we won’t see Rockford’s background change from VETERAN to Cop come to life. THERE ARE TOO MANY COP SHOWS! Veterans are overlooked every day for their sacrifices, and shown as psychos when they integrate back into society. Rockford’s character was a vet, who spawned Magnum, who was a vet – and both showed vets in a good light. As a vet myself, even though I love the show, I would have had a hard time watching it with him being just another cop….

  7. says

    I can’t say whether or not any actor could do Rockford as well as James Garner, but I can say that it wouldn’t really matter, because I wouldn’t be watching. It’s not so much my loyalty to the original series (although I did love it as a child) as it is my complete disdain for the amazing lack of creativity and originality the broadcast networks continue to show versus the great things the cable networks are producing. I refuse to give them even a minute of my viewing time for ANY rehashed shows.

  8. Scott says

    Loved the original. Was very excited at the prospect of having new adventures of Jim Rockford. Not so much with Mulroney in the role. Would love to see them try it again (heck, ABC did it twice with the ultimately ill-fated remake of the BBC’s LIFE ON MARS). I know there’s a web push to get Joe Flanigan, but if NBCU would loosen up Bruce Campbell from his BURN NOTICE contract, I think he’d make a great Rockford.

  9. leslie says

    i was a huge fan of the original rockford files but the casting for the new version didnt seem right from the start & i rather doubt anyone could replace james garner & noah berry jr anyway! a once again, why all the remakes–why not give an excellent ORIGINAL series with a terrific cast & writing another shot FLASH FORWARD another shot with a good time slot & no long breaks. And when are the networks going to realize that a HUGE portion of audiences tivo or dvr the shows for later watching & are evidently not counted at all in the ratings race. even if i am home, i deliberately wait to watch the recorded version to avoid all the irritating commercials!

  10. Ryan says

    I’m not keen on the idea of a Rockford remake but Mulroney just isn’t a great actor. Perhaps Joe Flanigan could pull it off.

  11. Herb Finn says

    CBS had a couple of Hawaii-50 scripts written before the current one happened (Plus the unaired pilot done about 15 years ago) so if it takes NBC a couple of tries to get it right,it’s worth the work.

  12. Brandon Walsh says

    Why a remake? Just make it a continuation instead of a remake like what they did with that Shaft movie about ten years ago. Put Jim Rockford’s grandson in as the lead with James Garner in a recurring role.

  13. says

    Loved “The Rockford Files”…apparently so did my Wife. Characters were strong right down to Angel. I would love to watch this series again but I don’t want a watered down product. If D.M. isn’t right then replace him. (with me;)
    Get a strong actor for Jim Rockford.
    Jef Bruce

  14. Tony Nasser says

    I’m always happy to see actors I like getting a pay cheque regardless of my liking of the show. However, I am getting tired of all the remakes of classic series. I grew up watching Rockford files and Hawaii 5-0 and seeing these show remade depresses me becasue I don not believe they can do justice to the originals.

    Come on guys, surely not every good idea has been done already. I still have faith that you can come up with new and interesting concepts for television drama without resorting to remakes.

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