The Rockford Files: Dermot Mulroney Out, NBC Still Wants New TV Show

Rockford FilesThough the idea of a remake of The Rockford Files didn’t meet with a lot enthusiasm, NBC isn’t giving up.

The original Rockford Files stars Jim Garner as a private eye who struggles to make ends meet and stay out of the way of the law. The new version cast Dermot Mulroney as the lead with Alan Tudyk, Beau Bridges, Alex Fernandez, and Melissa Sagemiller in supporting roles.

The remake pilot wasn’t well-received and NBC passed on ordering it as a series. In May, NBC’s entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, downplayed the quality of the pilot to the press. She said, “We had a very strong pilot, however, to put this new title out there, it has to be A++ and I think we had an A-/B+ pilot and we just want to get it right.”

At the TCA press tour this week, Bromstad told Fancast, “We are actually redeveloping [the series], and we will be reshooting the pilot.” She also said that there would be some recasting for the lead role.

Deadline is reporting that Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey’s Film 44 company will now co-produce the project with Steve Carell’s Carousel (which was behind the Mulroney pilot). House creator David Shore wrote the previous script and will continue as writer/executive producer. There’s no word if the pilot script will be reworked or rewritten.

What do you think? Are you interested in a new version of Rockford Files or should it just be left alone?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. francne says

    I loved james garner in the role, and still watch re runs when available, I like to idea of bring in a rockford jr… and having james show up for some of the shows if possible… I think this would generate a wide audience….

  2. Karie says

    How about if they remake it with James Garner as the original Jim Rockford and have someone else (hint: Joe Flanigan) play HIS son, the second generation Rockford. I know he didn’t have a kid on the show, but MacGyver didn’t know he had a kid til the last episode either. That would make alot of people happy and James Garner fans would get to see what happened to Jim Rockford in the future. This way it wouldn’t really be a remake but a continuation…

  3. Montana Marie says

    We said all along that Joe Flanigan would’ve been perfect and that Mulroney was a bad choice, but did they listen to the viewers who would actually be watching? Nope.

    And now Flanigan’s filming a movie over in Ireland, so they’ve missed the boat on him. Oh, the irony.

  4. Mea says

    I still think if they’re going to do it at all, they should go with Joe Flanigan. He can do the dry humor, the action, the charm, and the intelligence of the original.

  5. JD says

    Lost’s Josh Holloway would make an awesome 21st century Rockford. Is Alan Tudyk still involved with the new pilot or they re-casting the Det. Becker role too?

  6. Jim Power says

    There is only one Jim Rockford – James Garner. You can’t improve on perfection, so please just leave well alone and don’t spoil the memory of a truly great show.

  7. Ryan says

    Jason Lee is doing Memphis Beat.

    I back Joe Flanigan. He can play cocky, kick ass, and charming.

    The man even acted on a James Garner show. He played his law clerk on “First Monday”. Somebody should ask Garner what he thinks

  8. runnerkmf says

    I think Bill Murray would be an excellent Jim Rockford. His offbeat humor would work well in the mold of the old series.

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