Rogue: DirecTV Series Renewed for Season Three

Rogue TV show on DirecTV season 3THR reports that DirecTV has renewed their Rogue TV show for a third season of 20 episodes. The order will be split into two parts, between spring of 2015 and 2016. No decision has been made yet on if this will be the final round of episodes for the show.

Rogue revolves around a female undercover detective (Thandie Newton) who works to find her son’s killer and ends up working with a crime boss. The large cast includes Marton Csokas, Claudia Ferri, Ian Tracey, Jarod Joseph, Joshua Sasse, Kavan Smith, Leah Gibson, Martin Donovan, Sarah Jeffrey, Cole Hauser, Andrea Roth, Brendan Fletcher, and Alec Newman.

What do you think? Do you watch Rogue on DirecTV? How long should this series continue? Should season three be the end?

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  1. C Jamerson says

    Please Do not cancel this show. I love love love it. It is one of the few shows I can never figure what’s going to happen next. Cast Is gr8 love ms newton and Hauser(wow).

  2. ERIC Amundsen says

    “Miraculously” bringing Thandie back would be insulting.The cardboard cutout characters now being written reduce the show to a formula melodrama. Any & all responsible for the new direction should be stripped to their underwear & dropped in the middle of Death Valley. Ouch! A new “reality” farce. Sorry Rogue, I bid you adieu.

  3. Cstoney3 says

    Without Grace the show is failing. It Appears as though she is truly gone!! The end of an excellent series.

  4. E.R says

    Why did they wipe Grace off the show?
    I cannot believe they let her off. She IS the reason people watch this tv show.
    Horrible mistake.
    I hope it’s just a spin..

  5. Deb says

    I’m big fan of the show, but if Grace (Thandie) is dead or still not in the next episode, sadly, I will stop watching. They should change the name of the series (spin-off) if new main character is far off character of Grace at all — a lady cop and with family. New characters are all single which is not the main premise of the 2 past seasons. Without Grace, it’s totally different storyline — Cole is not even a “rogue” cop ! not even a “rogue” ex-military, so what is “rogue” means for going forward ?

  6. Van K says

    It will be a massive mistake if Grace is gone from the show. The show is missing her character and the related characters already. I hope they renew, but I won’t watch if Grace is gone.

  7. lovingRogue says

    I love this show! Not sure why the consideration of ending when each season it gets better & better! I hope this is a plot twist and Grace has not been killed she’s the draw! I think Grace & Ethan should become lovers with a twist of betrayal & actual soulmates. I can’t wait to see if Grace & Sarah (the cop) work well or against one another. I hope against, I think Sarah should dislike Grace because she’s a rogue uncontrollable cop & knows about her affair with Ethan & the plot should thicken more by showing Ethan’s & Sarah’s relationship.

  8. FastEddy says

    I have watched many cop shows but this one is by far one of the best since it mixes the regular story line with family stories. For instance the Grace story line and how it has destroyed her family especially the death of her son. I hope she was not killed on last night’s episode. Keep up the good work.

  9. FastEddy says

    I have seen many cop shows but this one mixes different story lines which I like. For instance the Grace home life and what it has done to her family.

  10. Mona says

    I Love that there is a season 3. This show is so exciting and different from all the teen triangledrama shows. I hope they bring back Jimmy Lazlo though his dynamic with grace was of the charts and ethan brings some great game too but bringing jimmy back would be Amazing!

  11. Glo says

    This is a great show that I waited anxiously every week to watch. We need this show to stay on for as many seasons as possible, its edgy, its jaw clenching and Thandie’s character is phenomenal.

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