Rome: Kevin McKidd Ready to Make the Movie

RomeA Rome feature film is becoming less of a “maybe some day” and more of a “definitely soon.” At the end of 2008 it was reported here that series co-creator Bruno Heller wanted to see Rome rise again. There doesn’t seem to be much holding it back now, with the script having been completed and the stars having a desire to film it.

HBO may be realizing that they prematurely cancelled Rome, a co-production with the BBC. The program shows the violent transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Heller had a multi-year plan for the series but, when he learned the it was ending after the second season, he hurried his story along. The series stars Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson, and also features Indira Varma, David Bamber, Chiara Mastalli, Manfredi Aliquo, Suzanne Bertish, Max Pirkis, Lee Boardman, Esther Hall, and Ciaran Hinds.

Despite the fact that Heller seemed to kill off McKidd’s character, Lucius Vorenus, he left himself an out. Vorenus was indeed seriously wounded and appeared to die, but his body was never shown being sent to the afterlife. Heller explains, “It was very deliberate that we saw him drifting away, but didn’t see him atop a funeral pyre.” Kidd himself even adds in, “I never closed my eyes!”

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With the big screen success of another HBO series, Sex and the City, and the success of Starz’ historical series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Heller has found time (when not working on CBS’ hugely successful The Mentalist) to finish a big screen sequel to Rome.

Morning Light Productions is financing the development of the film and will produce as well. While the series began with Caesar’s invasion of Gaul and featured the rise of the first Emperor Augustus, the story in the film will pick up in Germany four years after the series’ end.

Up next is signing the series stars, and finding a director and studio. McKidd has expressed interest and has said, “We’re just trying to get the director nailed down. All the [actors whose] characters are still alive on the show are very keen to get back.”

McKidd is figuring the movie would most likely film during his break from Grey’s Anatomy in 2011. He thinks that would work well with the storyline picking up a few years from where the series ended, as “We’re meant to be a little older and wiser.”

What do you think? Would you go to see a Rome feature film?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Yes, Without a doubt, I need an ancient fix. Rome was a blast. What an enormous mistake not finishing the project. I watch it over and over it was beautiful entertainment

  2. Peter says

    Rome was a great series; one of the best that I have ever seen. To follow up with a movie is the right thing to do.

    Go for it….

  3. proto345 says

    Rome season 3 should be a 11 episodes season and be from where season 2 ends ( 29 BC ), until the dead of augustus in 14 AD,

  4. martimus maximus says

    YES… 100% they should continue the Rome story. After the movie they should push for a revival of the HBO TV series. Let’s start a petition to get one of the best TV series ever made – back on the air! It is hugely popular in Australia and is growing more popular by word of mouth now the series is out on DVD. In my city It is listed in most DVD stores as recommended viewing.

  5. victor says

    YEsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Rome was a great Show. i know at least 1000 people who definitely see the film.

  6. E.J. says

    This was our favorite series. It was one of the most brilliantly written, produced and acted dramas we’ve ever seen.

  7. says

    Rome is one of my favorite filmed theatrical productions, if not my all time favorite, and I, too, have both seasons on DVD and have watched it several times. I would welcome ANYTHING Rome, in theaters, TV, DVD, even radio, though the sets were so astounding that they were another character. I was angry when the show was canceled. HBO has a habit of doing this, like they did with Deadwood, another all time favorite. Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!

  8. Dave D says

    Rome is still one of my fav shows and it really burned me when HBO canceled it. Never getting to see Bruno Heller’s original vision for the show (at the time 5 seasons were planned) was a crime in my book. I still watch the DVDs on a frequent basis to this day. They are a prize part of my collection and of course I’d go see it on the big screen!

  9. Bram Eisenthal says

    One of my favourite TV series ever (and I am in my early fifties), after The Sopranos. And just like the latter, I watch the former over and over again on DVD. I would be among the first in line to see the feature film. How about Rome: Resurrection as a title?

  10. Jim says

    Yes please, I’d go to the theater to watch it or love to have it on HBO to watch at home. Anywhere, anytime, it is a great production a deserves more of a life.

  11. Dani says

    Yes! Please I would watch Rome any where Theater, DVD, T.V.
    I don’t care where it is I just want to see it.
    I hope it happens. I was sad when it ended we got H.B.O. just to see this series and when it ended we canceled, I would gladly resign up if they bring it back.

    • ELWOOD27 says

      I heard ROME , was originally destined to be a 5 season series? But that HBO had blown the entire budget…on the first two !! ( Easily done, i should think, when the quality of something this BITCHIN !!! is trying to be created, and corporate BEAN COUNTERS have the final say! ) Final rant ? Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus are characters in the MISPLACED LEGION novels. By HARRY TURTLEDOVE !

  12. Roselle says

    Loved Rome even before I knew who Kevin McKidd was. Now that I’m such a huge fan of his I am really keen to see this. Planning on big time travel to see this when it comes out.

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