Rookie Blue: New ABC Cop Show; Cancel or Keep It?

Rookie BlueABC recently premiered a new police series for the summer months called Rookie Blue. Many have compared it in concept to Southland on NBC (and now TNT). Will this one stick around long enough to see season two?

Rookie Blue revolves around five rookie cops who are plunged into world of big city policing. The ensemble cast of the drama includes Missy Peregrym (Reaper), Gregory Smith (Everwood), Eric Johnson (Flash Gordon), Ben Bass, Enuka Okuma, Travis Milne, Charlotte Sullivan, Matt Gordon, Noam Jenkins, and Melanie Nicholls-King.

The TV show debuted on June 24th to a 1.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 7.24 million viewers. In the regular season, those numbers wouldn’t be cause for celebration but, in the summer months, they’re quite respectable. For the timeslot, the premiere ranked second in the demo and first in total viewers.

What do you think of Rookie Blue?

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In week two, Rookie Blue bucked the usual trend and didn’t lose many viewers. The second episode brought in a 1.8 rating and 6.78 million viewers. If the series can sustain these numbers throughout its 13 episode season, it’s a good candidate for renewal and for returning next summer.

Also in its favor, Rookie Blue is produced in Canada through a joint venture between Canwest Broadcasting and ABC. That means it’s not costing the network as much as other scripted dramas.

What do you think? Is Rookie Blue worth watching? Would you like to see it return for season two or would you rather see it canceled?

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  1. says

    This show is great and brand new and I love it. We needed something new and fresh. What better than a young cop show and how they deal with enforcing the law everyday. Please keep this show.

  2. You've got to be kidding me says

    Just caught the commercial for Detroit 187, with Michael Imperiolli – now there’s a show ABC might be making the right decision on… I guess we’ll see. Just too bad they wouldn’t replace RB with that new show instead of showing it on a different night. Seems odd – almost as if they’re trying to test the viewers: see if RB’s ratings really are because of BostonMed by giving the viewers a different yet closely aligned, while at the same time more realistic show, on a different night at the same time.

  3. You've got to be kidding me says

    Marcia – good example, Criminal Minds is an excellent show… this show RB just proves ABC executives do not know the first thing about what viewers want.

  4. You've got to be kidding me says

    This show is pathetic – I will admit the season opener kept my attention somewhat, but after that it was just too unrealistic… see – I expect rookie cops to not really know EVERYTHING so it got a pass from me for the first episode. But after that, I don’t care if you’re rookie or not, the academy REAL cops go through prepares them a hell of a lot better than what this crap show portrays. Story lines are way too unrealistic – undercover rookies posing as hookers? Are you kidding me? No city would ever do that until they’ve had significant patrol experience. Personally, I put up with it cuz I have other stuff to do when it’s on combined with there is nothing else on, that is before BostonMed, a show which is worth waiting for. Therefore, through anecdotal evidence and not just my own, I have to assume that these “ratings” this show is getting is SOLELY because of being the primer to the later hit – BostonMed. If you want drama, then stick to soap operas and bring back better programming to prime time TV. What happened to the thought provoking shows(The real CSI-original, Numb3rs, Lost, etc..) , or the action packed escapes (24, Lost, etc.. )? No, the good shows that are worth watching get cut after monster seasons or have their casts and/or goals drastically altered, while the crap where “I’m a cop, I need to use my eyes to look all around me while making pretty face in such a way that shows I don’t know how to make up my mind about what to do next” stick around – are you kidding me, people like that would never make it past day one on the job. And while it is fictional, this show is just too far removed from the real thing – at least have some aspects closer to the profession – my God, even NYPD Blue was better than this show. See the problem? Even Southland was better – but it was too good or too accurate being called “too racy” – oh, and you think Rookie Blue is a valid substitute?? bull. The companies think viewers want the weirdest nonsensical shows, ooh but not something too close to the real thing like Southland… ooh, viewers can’t handle that – let’s give them a kids cop show instead. I expect better from Canadians, but maybe I was wrong to expect that.

  5. Shurony says

    I love it, and I hope they keep it. I only stay up late 1 night a week and it’s Thursday to watch the show. It’s a keeper !!!!

  6. susan says

    Who on earth has compared it to Southland? I’ve read almost every review and have never seen that comparison, and I’d laugh at anyone who made it. Grey’s Anatomy, yes.


    go to the message boards, and you’ll see the comparison


  7. Marcia says

    This show is horrible. The characters are completely unbelievable. What a bunch of bumbling idiots. This show is completely ridiculous and a complete waste of time. Even watching the commercials makes me want to change the channel. I watch a lot of thriller-detective type shows, like my fave Criminal Minds, and this show is so bad it is laughable.

  8. susan says

    Who on earth has compared it to Southland? I’ve read almost every review and have never seen that comparison, and I’d laugh at anyone who made it. Grey’s Anatomy, yes.

    go to, and you’ll see that quite a few are trying to compare it to southland…i tried to watch it when it was on nbc, and i didnt’ like it, now i don’t get the show, i have been states side a few times this year, and once again, i tried to watch it on tnt or whatever station it went to, and i still didnt’ like it…….so i really do wish that they’d stop…comparing it, because it’s nothing like southland, and i don’t want it to be


  9. Elaine says

    I and my husband do enjoy it but have to DVD it. I wish they could count my viewing because I do think it is well written and acted.

  10. susan says

    I really enjoy this show, living in toronto helps a great deal, as i can somewhat relate to where they are, i think that there is room for this show as well as the three others currently shot in toronto or about toronto….why nbc cancelled the listener, i’ll never know…we need this on tv, because it does show american viewers that we are much the same, and that there are cities out there other then their own….


  11. felinelady says

    I enjoy watching this show and am already invested in the characters. It is nice to be able to look forward to watching something this summer instead of trying to find something to watch that is not a rerun. I think this show should get a second season.

  12. Craig says

    I am willing to give any show with Missy Peregrym some time. We have plenty of police dramas like the ones ron mentioned. Now we get something a little lighter and easier on the eyes.

  13. says

    Who on earth has compared it to Southland? I’ve read almost every review and have never seen that comparison, and I’d laugh at anyone who made it. Grey’s Anatomy, yes.

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