Round Three: Which TV Show Should Be Saved from Being Cancelled?

Chuck Vs CastleWell, after more than 4,600 votes in our game, it all comes down to two TV shows — the pair that the most people think should be saved. Is your favorite one of them? Can you choose between the two?

In round one of the game, we asked you to select from a list of 30+ shows that were of danger of being cancelled. Tough as it was to decide, more than 1,600 people made a choice and we came up with six clear favorites: Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma.

We’ve now closed round two and found some interesting surprises. Though shows like Better Off Ted, Medium and Trauma have very passionate fans, their tallies were far lower than the other three.

Round Three: Which bubble show should be saved?

  • Chuck (38%)
  • Castle (62%)

Total Votes: 2,372

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Chuck and Fringe — who both have lots of sci-fi fans — were nearly tied for second place but Chuck ended up the winner by about 30 votes. Did the shows split the sci-fi fan vote?

Castle was the clear winner of round two but, will the ABC show be victorious in round three? Now that Fringe is out of the running (and has actually been renewed), will the Fringe voters switch to Chuck? We’ve had upsets before so it’ll be interesting to see how you vote. It’s Chuck vs. Castle!

Don’t delay, this round closes on Monday, March 15th. Come on, tell us which bubble show would you save if you had the power to do so?

After you’ve voted, leave a comment below and share your decision. You might just convince someone to follow your lead! Do the final two surprise you?

UPDATE: Sorry. Voting has now closed. Go here to read the final results.

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  1. says

    Castle is a great show. It combines wit with suspense with a tantalizing hint of romance with gorgeous leads. Oh, wow, Nathan Filion. And the men in my family are enjoying looking at Stana, oh, dear, forgot her full name. Anyway the supporting people are great, too. The actress who plays Castle’s mother is wonderful. They all are, and the writing is tight and the stories interesting. I’d say, “the perfect show.”

  2. Diane says

    Don’t cancel either Chuck Or Castle. They are a breath of fresh air compaired to all the stupid reality shows out there. They have some good clean humor and are just plan fun to watch.

  3. Barbara says

    Save Castle…excellent cast and interesting story line. Love the quick wit and interchange with characters.

  4. ellen says

    I stopped watching Survivor last year and some of these reality shows like the bachelor are just inane and I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone watches them. Castle is a very good show and I watch every week. Chuck – not so much. Fringe is simply the best – so glad it’s been renewed.

  5. Brenda Kiselewski says

    My husband and I LOVE Castle. It has become one of our favorite—must see that night—-shows!!

  6. plh says

    I love Castle & like all the actors in it & seldom watch Chuck. I hate most of the reality shows & never watch the likes of Bachelor or Survivor. Reality TV is usually pretty gross.
    I don’t watch American Idol but know many who love it & it does showcase new talent who other wise might never get a chance to be seen or for that reason alone I’d keep it.
    I also liked Ugly Betty but hope now that it’s cancelled they get rid of her horrible braces ( I know people who wear braces & none of them look that terrible) soon & let her do the rest of the shows showing her attractive face & not just the last show . She also should have known how to dress by now …. she would have known that her 1st month on the job. I don’t care if she ends up with a man or not. She’s young & working on a career…has time for men later.

  7. deez says

    neither CASTLE or CHUCK should be cancelled what are these stupid
    networks thinking?Do they want to make room for more stupid reality shows
    like minute to win it what a disgrace just when a fan gets intrested and
    invested time in a show wek in week out they pull the rug right out from
    under them my vote is keep both CASTLE &CHUCK

  8. Mary Sagor says

    By the way, do these network officials realize that we DO have more than just 3 networks now? And that when we change channels because we do like the show with which our favorite was replaced, we may not switch back? I have 900 channels from which to choose. I have found a lot of shows on other networks that I never would have even sought out if Castle were in place for the evening…and somehow, I managed to stay with other channels for the rest of the night. I did NOT watch the “big 4″ networks until the last few years. “Dancing” and “Castle” are what brought me back from the “upstarts” TNT, USA, and Bravo, which all offer original series that are very entertaining.
    But now I am losing Saving Grace, too. Did you know that TNT is replacing Saving Grace with an ABC reject? (I guess it was ABC, I never watched Southland so I don’t know where it used to be…) I do NOT understand this weird notion that excellent shows like CASTLE and SAVING GRACE cannot have longevity. Heaven knows that the Law and Order series has not only been around for years, but it had babies! — And, yes, I still watch all of them.
    But I need the humor and heart of CASTLE…and the exuberance of Grace…and the wisdom of Earl…If they really do cancel Castle, I’ll give you a list of shows you might enjoy elsewhere…

  9. Mary Sagor says

    I agree about the need to drop about 90% of the “reality” shows. However, Dancing With The Stars and American Idol allow people to learn and show off new and improving skills. The competition is based on their own abilities and NOT because they are badmouthing or sabotaging the other competitors. Both shows are very entertaining and give us performances from established stars, in the same way that the old “variety shows” did. And I have recently discovered the fun in watching Gordon Ransey in action. Simon Powell of the kitchen set! There are a few good reality shows on Bravo, too. But most of these so-called reality shows really are just drivel – throw a bunch of people together in some cutthroat game, with little or no script (thus cutting one of the costs of production) and show the world how mindless, petty and stupid Americans can be…right!
    CASTLE is a well-written, well-acted show – see all comments above-if it is taken from us, the network will be contributing to the dumbing-down of this country!!!

    • castlexbeckett says

      Nethier! They are both very good shows!! I can never wait until Monday nights…they are my two favorite shows!!

      Nethier of them should be canceled…what is wrong with these people?!

  10. Castle fan says

    Save Castle, i cant stand Chuck!!!
    Castle is far more a better show than Chuck ever thout about being!!!

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