Round Two: Which TV Show Should Be Saved from Being Cancelled?

Chuck and FringeIn the first round of this “smackdown” game, we asked you to make a difficult choice. From a list of more than 30 TV shows that could potentially be cancelled this season, you could vote for only one.

Interestingly, though all series have their fans, some shows didn’t get very many votes at all. When viewers have to choose only one, these got the short end of the stick ‘Til Death, Brothers, the forgotten, and Past Life only received votes totaling in the single digits. Past Life has been cancelled already and the other three almost certainly won’t be returning next season either.

Conversely, six other TV shows are clear favorites. Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma all received a high percentage of the 1,600 votes cast.

Round Two: Which bubble show should be saved?

  • Trauma (7%)
  • Medium (7%)
  • Fringe (23%)
  • Chuck (24%)
  • Castle (28%)
  • Better Off Ted (12%)

Total Votes: 3,035

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Well, now it’s time to move on to the next round of the game. We’ve taken the top six shows from the first round and now you get to vote again. Hopefully round two will be easier than the first.

As always, you can vote only once. At the end of this round, we’ll take the top two programs and ask you to choose again. By the end of round three we’ll have a winner and know which “bubble ” you’d like to see saved most.

Don’t delay, this round closes on Sunday, March 7th. Come on, tell us which bubble show would you save if you had the power to do so?

After you’ve voted, leave a comment below and share your decision. You might just convince someone to follow your lead!

UPDATE: This round has been closed, continue to round three!

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  1. Linda says

    Actually, its hard to really choose between cancelling two very good shows. I chose castle to stay on, but we do watch Fringe and absolutely love it (sorry if i misspell a word, my L key is stuck :) . We love both shows and really if one of them is dropped, i say another network SHOULD pick them up immediately because theyd have a hit on their hands!
    Thing is, you invest time and emotion into shows, and the characters, then suddenly the show is off the air and youre left feeling withdrawal pains. We used to love the show the Unit. Good show, then the wives started getting more involved yada yada, boom boom, suddenly the show just kinda gets all closed up in one or two shows. The end. I hate that. Fringe is a great show, so is Castle, we used to love medium, and still watch it , chuck, never made it to our list at home. Just didnt quite care for it for whatever reason. But others seems to enjoy it, so WHY should they be cancelled if people ARE watching?

  2. Alley says

    I am always amazed at the shows that wind up canceled and the crap they choose to give another shot. This is not to say they dont keep great shows, they certainly do, but why is Castle on the list of possibles and didnt they just save Medium from the ax by moving it to another network? The forgotten is a how that has actually helped a family close a case on their missing loved one that was an unidentified body simply by the public service announcement that occurs during the show, besides that its a great show. Ok, now, who the heck decided that we needed another show about ghosts and past lives? The show Past Life has stunk since it came on but last year they canceled a great show called Life! Every show has these stupid scripted reality tv shows that for some reason have a life that never ends, tell me, do people really believe that this **** is for real? Now, what about Fringe? This is a great show, sometimes funny, sometimes gory but all and all it is a great show that takes your mind off things for an hour, after all, we are still watching 24 and while the show is a good show, it is at times so predictable and stupid one has to wonder what they could do next to keep it alive.

    There are a lot of good shows, they spend a lot of money to break these shows out mid-season or first run in the fall but they at times do not even give them a chance, instead they put them up against another recorded breaking show on another channel or worse they put them in a spot that the shows are always delayed by some sports event and then cancel them because people dont watch an episode or two. Do they not take into consideration the DVRers of America? In most cases these boxes only let you record two shows at once and watch something that is already recorded and there are how many prime time networks right now? Comcast, the giant of the industry and the new or soon to be new owner of NBC, which really shouldnt be allowed to happen anyway, should upgrade their equipment to compete with ATT U-Verse system that allows you to record 4 shows at once, then the entire family can see what they want to see when it works the best for them.
    I really am tired of starting to watch a show only to look for it a few weeks after it starts and have it no where to be found. What about an online network for all these shows that are going to be canceled to go so the people who actually watch the show can see the rest of them at least? Or perhaps a network that is just for all those shows, they might find that a show they are canceling really does have a life of its own and they havent really wasted all that money they spent to bring it to the viewer to begin with!
    Sorry for the rant, but i am so tried of feeling like no one ever really cares if great shows get kicked to put something stupid on in its place that i needed to get it all out. What about Southland? Does anyone really like watching a show where half of the dialog is beeped out because they want to put the words in but they are words the FCC wont yet allow. This is a show that was supposed to replace ER, come on now, we could have watched a few more years of ER rather than this crap and the poor actors that are forced to act in it and wonder how long it will last. UGH…Thanks for the vent!

  3. Karen says

    Castle is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. Nathan Fillion is terrific along with the rest of the cast. I am so glad he is on this show, he was fantastic in the movie “Waitress”. If you don’t watch it, try it out I’m sure you’ll love it. I hope they don’t take this show off because then there will be nothing to watch on Monday night.

  4. Lori says

    Our family’s 2 favorite shows are Chuck & Castle. We make watching them together a priority each week. These 2 are too good to be cancelled – they are more original, fun & entertaining than everything else on TV.

  5. RuthS says

    I love Trauma, there is a lot of variety in Trauma about everyday way of life but most of all ACTION and all of the actors are very good at what they do especially Rabbit and the time slot it was in was perfect. Please do not take my Trauma away.

  6. Billy says

    If you haven’t given “Better Off Ted” a try you are missing out. Big Time! A friend lent me the first season on DVD and I was immediately hooked. Easily the funniest new show in years!

  7. Bill says

    Save Ted and Chuck!!!!!! 2 of the best shows on TV- smart comedy and smart/funny spy show. Dump half the reality shows- The Bachelor, The Loser, and who cares about washed up celebrities dancing????

  8. Chris says

    Fringe is by far the best show on TV and definately the best of the group mentioned. I don’t belive an intelligent and inventive show like this should be cancelled, or will be cancelled. Last I heard it’s doing quite well, and has a huge following. Just check out the website on Fox to see why. It’s on hiatus right now, which is smart because of the Olympics and pending March Madness college basketball. It returns April 1st with 8 new epidodes.Do yourself a favor and watch this superb show. The cast, characters, and writing is awesome. After all it is a JJ Abrams show!

  9. Linda says

    WE LOVE CASTLE, my husband and i think its one of the funniest shows around, with mystery, family relatioships, and cant forget that the other actors that make up castle are just as funny.
    Medium, used to be our number one show, we loved it and still watch it , but something is a bit off and has been for like the last season or so. Its like Joe and her employers by NOW should know that when she says something, its going to happen or has happened. Still it seems, like theyre always a bit of doubt on their part, and im thinking WHY does it have to go down that used up road again. Where they always doubt her at first. Its gotten sillier, but must say we love medium, and still watch it faithfully just because —well, its like visiting with friends you know and care about . But castle has stolen our hearts!!!!

  10. Julie Drake says

    I love “Castle” – its’ smart and funny. Nathan Fillion is great and I love the relationship between him and his mother and daughter. Keep it coming!

  11. Marcy says

    Castle is too funny! It is a awesome show and should not be cancelled! I love this show and it is the only show that me and my husband sit down and watch together; THIS IS OUR SHOW! Please do not take this away!

  12. Linda says

    Keep Castle on! Finally a witty, feel good show that includes family in it as well, and they want to cancell that? FORGET IT!! Youve got a good, no, a great thing going here. We love Castle!

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