Round Two: Which TV Show Should Be Saved from Being Cancelled?

Chuck and FringeIn the first round of this “smackdown” game, we asked you to make a difficult choice. From a list of more than 30 TV shows that could potentially be cancelled this season, you could vote for only one.

Interestingly, though all series have their fans, some shows didn’t get very many votes at all. When viewers have to choose only one, these got the short end of the stick ‘Til Death, Brothers, the forgotten, and Past Life only received votes totaling in the single digits. Past Life has been cancelled already and the other three almost certainly won’t be returning next season either.

Conversely, six other TV shows are clear favorites. Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma all received a high percentage of the 1,600 votes cast.

Round Two: Which bubble show should be saved?

  • Trauma (7%)
  • Medium (7%)
  • Fringe (23%)
  • Chuck (24%)
  • Castle (28%)
  • Better Off Ted (12%)

Total Votes: 3,035

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Well, now it’s time to move on to the next round of the game. We’ve taken the top six shows from the first round and now you get to vote again. Hopefully round two will be easier than the first.

As always, you can vote only once. At the end of this round, we’ll take the top two programs and ask you to choose again. By the end of round three we’ll have a winner and know which “bubble ” you’d like to see saved most.

Don’t delay, this round closes on Sunday, March 7th. Come on, tell us which bubble show would you save if you had the power to do so?

After you’ve voted, leave a comment below and share your decision. You might just convince someone to follow your lead!

UPDATE: This round has been closed, continue to round three!

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  1. JImmy James says

    you know what it wasn’t the same after the death of Phil Hartman. So bring back MAD ABOUT YOU or SPIN CITY

  2. Debra Whitman says

    Just found out about voting for shows. I wish I could have voted to keep Chuck, Medium, and Castle

  3. annelentur says

    i hope that Fringe and Medium will survive … its very good made interesting and i cant wait a new episodes

  4. Bill says

    Fringe HAS been renewed- and Chuck has a great chance of the same. ABC sucks- and , except for theier Wednesday night show- “Modern Family”- I could not care less about the rest of the lineup. EXCEPT- “BETTER OFF TED!!!’ Join the cause- save “Better off Ted” A smart, funny show that doesn’t need a laugh track to let idiots know it thinks it’s funny!!! SAVE TED!!!!!!

  5. anemonae says

    Fringe! Please bring it back!!!!!!

    I love all the characters, and no show has a character like WALTER. He is totally, totally awesome!

  6. Nik says

    TV networks have series ADD – they do not let a good series develop. Cheers would’ve been cancelled several times over – as would MASH and I am sure many more legendary TV series. How can I pick between Castle, Chuck and Better off Ted? They are all great! yet, chances are, the TV execs – who do not know their head from their asses, will probably kill off one of these series. Tackless.

  7. tim martineau says

    As usual abc have a good show and want to cancel it, eg…Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money & Eli Stone, instead of developing an alternate audience as compared to the other networks. There was a time shows could build an audience, eg…Cheers, Seinfeld, maybe N.B.C. knew something abc doesn’t.

  8. Brandi says

    Out of the six I only watch 2 Fringe and Castle … and with Fringe’s annoucement of a 3rd season that left me with only one choice (which I would have chose anyway … just love nathan fallon)

  9. PeggySue says

    We have DVR in 2 rooms – we load up all of our favorite shows on timers and list them in priority order – Out of this list we record Chuck, Medium, Trauma, Fringe, ‘Til Death & the Forgotten. Christian Slater has finally connected with a character in a TV series – excellent work ! The show is a hit! Chuck is hilarious. Fringe is a sci-fi comedy — c’mon, you gotta love Walter ! My husband was first hooked on Chuck – then he convinced me to watch – this season has really made it more believable for me. Medium has been a favorite of mine since the first episode – but I have to agree with hubby here .. not very good acting – but really good story lines (outside the fact that ‘the girls’ are always eating breakfast and going to school (too hokey). ‘Til Death is just ‘cute’ — but again, far fetched. Joy is portrayed as an alcoholic slob and Eddie is a big oaf – Truthfully, I only started watching it because of the actor who plays Eddie (no I can’t remember his name) but loved him in the Ray Romano show as ‘Robert’. Now, for Trauma — THE BEST NEW SHOW EVER !!! We really needed something ‘different’. This does it!!!

  10. PeggySue says

    Trauma is a great show for both male & female viewers – something you can watch with your husband and he doesn’t pick it apart. The acting is stellar and the writing is off the hook! Love the shock factor mixed with reality and a little bit of tenderness.

  11. Scott says

    I like Castle, but I also like CSI: Miami. I don’t have TiVo so recording one while watching he other. I often go to the network site and watch the show there instead. I think Stana Katic rocks and the chemistry between her and Nathan is really good. Don’t let this show die.

  12. Matilda says

    VERY hard to choose! LOVE Chuck but story line seems to be twisting inward and dont see the happy, playful banter on it any more – Levi is just wonderful! I am a LONG time fan of Medium and especially the relationship of them as a married couple although they are writing him as more and more whiney when he disagrees with her visions instead of listening and trying to help her work through them like in the beginning so maybe time to wrap it up. LOVE LOVE LOVE Trauma and was devastated when I heard they had canceled it only to find it has popped back up with new episode the coming week – thank God it was just the rumor mill! I voted save TRAUMA – exciting, new, fresh characters and a different take on the emergancies. KEEP IT alive!

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