Rubicon: AMC TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

RubiconAMC has decided to cancel Rubicon after one season of 13 episodes.

Billed as a conspiracy thriller, Rubicon is set in a government intelligence agency where nothing is as it seems. The cast includes James Badge Dale, Dallas Roberts, Jessica Collins, Christopher Evan Welch, Lauren Hodges, Arliss Howard, and Miranda Richardson.

The TV show was previewed back in June and attracted a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.07 million viewers. When the series officially kicked off in August, the demo dropped to a 0.3 rating with 1.9 million viewers. The demo dropped to a 0.2 after that and the whole season averaged a 0.3 rating and 1.25 million viewers.

That wasn’t enough for AMC to want a second season and the cable channel has now cancelled the series.

Of the cancellation decision, AMC released the following statement, “Rubicon’ gave us an opportunity to tell a rich and compelling story, and we’re proud of the series. This was not an easy decision, but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a phenomenally talented and dedicated team.”

The 13th and final episode of Rubicon aired on October 17th.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that it’s been cancelled? What would you liked to have seen in season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. SMITHY says

    I can not believe that AMC cancelled Rubicon. The series was captivating, suspenseful, beautifully written and acted….How odd that it would be cancelled.

  2. ecassada says

    Rubicon was one of the best shows on TV period. Better promotion by AMC would have helped a lot. AMC is not living up to its promises. Rubicon was unique in that it invited and required thought!! This if foreign to most TV shows. If networks give good shows like this a chance they WILL be successful. Sadly, Rubicon was not given that chance.

  3. Aeonic says

    Great show and horribly disappointed to have only recently found out about it, finished the season, and to now learn it has been cancelled. Rubicon has great writing and a solid cast. AMC must have failed in adequately marketing this series. Bring it back!!!

  4. HarryD says

    It’s a crying shame that this wonderful series was cancelled… but the ‘walking dead’ lives on… AMC won’t even make DVDs/BR….

  5. Mr Pofiler At'a'Glance says

    here is an opportunity i would like to suggest, for you being capable of reintroducing this show…..
    indeed, this might be the only show to ever have this as a feasible option for its promotion

    use the cancellation of the show as a promotional boost, with the hook, based along the same paranoia/conspiracy plot concept inherent in the shows main theme, being that the show was causing public attention to be cast into specific behavioral patterns and social trends that made “the wrong people” unhappy, and uncomfortable. (giving the impression that what lines of thought that the show was inspiring people to happen along, just from reflecting on the storyline of recent episodes, was so very close to “the real ways our system and society is manipulated into thinking and believing” … that our real world’s puppet masters were made uneasy, and not only that, but were made uneasy enough, they felt the need to step in, have the show cancelled, and thus taking active participation in events, and their unfolding, just to hinder the public eye from having adequate light shined on what it sees…. but in doing so, and enough speculation about precisely those said circumstances having been the inspired and motivated result of that carefully orchestrated, yet counter productive countermeasure, these powers that be found themselves facing a situation made worse, by their own hand, and now realizing the best choice would be to play up the momentum gaining perception that had now been firmly adhered to the entire scenario concerning the show, the show’s cancellation, and any aspect of reality gleamed via such; and as well, any aspect of the entire scenario gleamed via reality)

    and after it is all said and done, or suggested and conspired towards as the case may be, those same “wrong people” having been made “unhappy” now, would be totally written off as a promotional and publicity ploy, and perhaps even the cancellation of the show itself, was all nothing more than a very VERY clever way to heighten the publications ratings and reception.

    and then, even some expertly talented publicist and advertising specialists were hired to engage the public via message boards such as these, under the guise of nothing more than other disgruntled fans expressing themselves among the sympathetic ears of their compatriots, seeking to find solace in a world robbed of part of its beauty and enrichment, having suffered the cancellation of the masterpiece that was “Rubicon”.

    feel free to offer your sheer sense of ‘awe’ in reaction to this amazing concept i just conveyed, of which i totally take full credit for. yes… i am that impressive.


  6. Renee says

    I liked this show, what the heck!!!! Take some of those stupid loud reality shows off. Not Rubicon! Rubicon had good characters, acting and story line.

  7. maddy oneill says

    all i can say is STUPID EXECS for cancelling a very SMART series ,we have enough dumbing down the U.S population on television .Please someone at AMC renew RUBICON , you have proved that you have a brain by taking a chance on THE KILLING and MADMEN so let s give RUBICON a second season,thank you,maddy oneill

  8. Dr S Pook says

    I think it would have been a mistake if AMC had done a second season. Why? Because that would have contradicted the basic and somewhat pessimistic message of this production, namely the Icarus myth. By unravelling the true – and sad – nature of contemporary America, the producers of the Rubicon came too close to the sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love this series which I think ranks with spy novels such as John le Carre’s about the honorable mr Smiley. That the Rubicon did not get top TV ratings could never have been expected by AMC. After all, intellectual intrigue, puzzle solving and profound ethical discourse could never have been expected by the AMC to appeal to a broader audience. No, AMCs reasons for not making a sequel are obvious and, in a way, a logical continuation and affirmation of the plot. Just like Mrs Rhumor was warned off, AMC was too. Of course, AMC cannot say so and had to come up with an ostensibly plausible excuse… The question is, will AMC act as Mrs Rhumor, Mr Travers Mr Hadas et al, i.e, be courageous, or will they be cowards?

    • Anonymous says

      I totally agree with the above comment, I was so disappointed when it was cancelled, but thought from the beginning it is on target as to what is happening and if it continued it would wake up the fools that live in a fog……..Great show, well written, after all I bet there was more truth than fiction.

  9. claus bjørnholt fink lavesen says

    this was a great and compelling show, I think season 2 would be much better than the season 1, now the plot, cast and locations are well nown.
    too bad it had to stop.
    I’m from Denmark so I saw it online.
    Great show

  10. I Payne says

    This was a wonderfully absorbing show, and I’m hugely disappointed to read that there’s going to be no Series 2 — especially after such a cliff-hanging ending. Please, please, bring it back for a second series!

  11. ML Walsh says

    Bring back this great show. A series that really, really kept your interest. Need more series likem this one. Again, bring it back.

  12. Ronnie Vanucci says

    For once, there was a show that inspired thinking and reflection rather than mindless action not pointing to anything in a “plot”. I’m sorry that this show never continued, this was a show I am and would admire.

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