Rules of Engagement: Cancelled by CBS or Not? [report] UPDATED

Rules of Engagement canceled season sevenSee below for update. Despite the fact that the sitcom has been a winner for CBS in the Thursdays at 8:30pm timeslot, it looks like Rules of Engagement has been cancelled.

An inside source has told us that CBS has decided not to order the back nine episodes for the current sixth season. The cast and crew have two episodes left to shoot and believe that those will be the last episodes of the series.

Our source tells us that calls went out on Friday night to those who work on the show to give them the bad news. Especially given the current ratings, many were understandably shocked and upset as they head into the holiday season.

Starring David Spade, Patrick Warburton, Bianca Kajlich, Megyn Price and Oliver Hudson, Rules of Engagement launched in early 2007 and has been a reliable pinch hitter for CBS for years. It started in the post-Two and a Half Men timeslot but has been moved to a couple different timeslots.

Last May, the series was renewed for a sixth season with the aim of a Saturday night run. Word was that the studio gave CBS a great deal so they’d have additional episodes for the syndication package. When How to Be a Gentleman tanked, the network brought Rules back to Thursdays where it’s doing far better than it did last year — and better than any other sitcom that CBS has had in that coveted slot.

Our source says, “The reality is it’s got to be politics. The network has always had it out for Tom [Hertz, Rules’ creator] and the show, which is why it’s weird that they just set up a put pilot with him for next season… It really does seem to be a desperation move on their part to find something that hits it out of the ballpark in that Thurs 8:30 slot. Doubles and triples apparently aren’t good enough for them. They’d rather risk a few more fouls and strike outs than go with a solid player.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of the TV series? Should it get a seventh season?

UPDATE: A network source has told us that Rules has not been cancelled — not yet anyway. Apparently the sitcom was picked up for 18 episodes for season six, to be combined with two leftover episodes from season five. CBS has now cut the episode order down to 13 episodes (or 15 total). (Deadline is now reporting the same thing.) While the door is still open for season seven, we’re told that many involved with the production believe this is truly the end of the show.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Barb says

    They are stupid to cancel this show! Keep it going!! It’s a great show. So much on tv stinks right now. Stick with one that works. The cast is fantastic!!

  2. Jeri says

    I can’t believe Rules of Engagement was cancelled! It was one of the few shows that my husband and I would watch together. It made us both laugh out loud. Great show, it will be missed.

  3. says

    Why do it? Don’t they see what they are doing? To axe a show as good and funny as it is they must be completely mad! Why stop something that works so well? That pulls in so many viewers? That keeps people laughing from start to finish? Why do this it is bad mistake on their part

  4. Tessa Dee Myers says

    This show was SO-OOOOO funny … All of the characters clicked … And every episode was hilarious and the writing very creative … please, PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  5. Leo says

    this show goes from really funny to slow. the weak spots are the young couple. They are just not funny. More of Spade and his assistant but bring back the gal who played Spade’s girlfriend-wife…she was hilarious…

  6. Anonymous says

    Please don’t cancel a wonderful show, crazy funny. sexy and we are in our 70s and we love it and look forward to it every week, and very dissapointed when it is not on

  7. rap says

    very sad…if you want to follow in the footsteps of abc and knock of great shows..the
    jump on board. there are so few shows on air that are great.

    bring them back..please

    • says

      cbs made a stupid mistake canceling the show, you will regret it , i’ve seen previews to the new shows, i don’t think they will last one season or even 1 episode

  8. Ben law says

    Rules of engagement is a fantastic show with a great cast even if the show Dosent do that well in the US the UK loves it :)

  9. Tessa Dee Myers says

    Major disappointment! This show’s characters totally clicked, and we loved every episode! The writers brought their A game and the characters were perfect every week. This show is definitely one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time!

  10. Chris says

    It’s a consistently funny show, sharp adult humor , not ridiculous easy to see set up lines like 2 half men for teenage potty jokes or that horrible unfunny 2 broke girls.
    We genuinely laugh at this show and have followed it through all it’s hiatus, shuffled time slots and all…as have many others Mr Moonves.

    C’mon, give it a set time and night and you will see it is a bigger part of your schedule than you think.

    • Michele says

      No way show should be cancelled. It is one of the funniest shows on TV. I can’t believe it has had such a problem getting a foothold. It’s jumps so much sometimes we have even missied the beginning of a new season and find it accidentally. I wish they would give it a proper time slot.

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