Rules of Engagement: Cancelled by CBS or Not? [report] UPDATED

Rules of Engagement canceled season sevenSee below for update. Despite the fact that the sitcom has been a winner for CBS in the Thursdays at 8:30pm timeslot, it looks like Rules of Engagement has been cancelled.

An inside source has told us that CBS has decided not to order the back nine episodes for the current sixth season. The cast and crew have two episodes left to shoot and believe that those will be the last episodes of the series.

Our source tells us that calls went out on Friday night to those who work on the show to give them the bad news. Especially given the current ratings, many were understandably shocked and upset as they head into the holiday season.

Starring David Spade, Patrick Warburton, Bianca Kajlich, Megyn Price and Oliver Hudson, Rules of Engagement launched in early 2007 and has been a reliable pinch hitter for CBS for years. It started in the post-Two and a Half Men timeslot but has been moved to a couple different timeslots.

Last May, the series was renewed for a sixth season with the aim of a Saturday night run. Word was that the studio gave CBS a great deal so they’d have additional episodes for the syndication package. When How to Be a Gentleman tanked, the network brought Rules back to Thursdays where it’s doing far better than it did last year — and better than any other sitcom that CBS has had in that coveted slot.

Our source says, “The reality is it’s got to be politics. The network has always had it out for Tom [Hertz, Rules’ creator] and the show, which is why it’s weird that they just set up a put pilot with him for next season… It really does seem to be a desperation move on their part to find something that hits it out of the ballpark in that Thurs 8:30 slot. Doubles and triples apparently aren’t good enough for them. They’d rather risk a few more fouls and strike outs than go with a solid player.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of the TV series? Should it get a seventh season?

UPDATE: A network source has told us that Rules has not been cancelled — not yet anyway. Apparently the sitcom was picked up for 18 episodes for season six, to be combined with two leftover episodes from season five. CBS has now cut the episode order down to 13 episodes (or 15 total). (Deadline is now reporting the same thing.) While the door is still open for season seven, we’re told that many involved with the production believe this is truly the end of the show.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cbs sucks! says

    Omg! Really? The funniest show on TV an they cancel it. Stupid cbs!
    And I agree. Two broke girls is the worst and not at all funny! I am going to watch
    Fox from now on!

  2. Sky says

    The show is very funny. It touches a little on a married couple’s problems and joy. We also get to see a couple who has started their life together and of course the bachlor who will never grow up. The actors have a good connection and make us laugh.

  3. Luigi Carmichael says

    One of the BEST sitcoms on TV by far and they’re cancelling it! Yet, Two Broke Girls remains! GO FIGURE!

  4. Catherine says

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!! This is the funniest show since “Seinfeld” , what the heck are you all doing over there at CBS. I am so sick and tired of these so call Reality shows, It seems as if no one has imagination anymore and reality shows are a cop-out for money and no substance to the product. This show has a writer with a sense of humor, and a brain………..and I guess that is too difficult for the stations to handle. I hope this show will be picked up by another station if CBS do not come to their senses and cancel it.

  5. Catherine says

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!! This is the funniest show since “Seinfeld” , what the heck are you all doing over there at CBS. I am so sick and tired of this so call Reality shows, It seems as if no one has imagination anymore and reality is a cop out for money and no product. This show has a writer with a sense of humor, and a brain………..

  6. jen says

    I love this show the characters are perfect together. It would be a total loss to cancel Rules of Engagement. I really hope the network will give us what we want.

  7. Dulcinea says

    I think the show should stay on. I have a problem with the last show. Timmy was already a citizen. In a rerun show he said he was a citizen for over 10 years. I think the show was from 2010. I just saw it last week. The writers need to get there stories straight.

  8. Mark says

    A well rated intelligent comedy with a tremendous cast has been cancelled byCBS. It makes no sense to me. I watch and then by it on DVD. My family loves it, as do friends at work! Most shows on the major networks are schlock not worth viewing. Why cancel a really good comedy show? Who s in charge of these decisions? It s decisio s like this that make cable shows more popular than the major networks. Those I charge of the majors networks are out of touch with America and are morbidly bent on teaching America how to think with their social engineering programming, that they are losing us as viewers. Idiots! Rules of Engagement should not be cancelled, but what donI know? I’m just the typical viewer with money to buy recorders to never miss the show and then purchase the DVD’s to watch them again…

  9. Anonymous says

    Love this show , it is my favorite. I only watch 2 shows on broadcast TV the other is The Big Bang . So I will be reading more.

  10. says

    My family and I love this show. It is well cast and always very, very, funny. How can a quality show like this be cancelled? There are so many badly written comedies, (Two Broke Girls???), touted by the network as #1 new comedy????, who thinks this? Please do not cancel this show, quit moving it around so we can look forward to it every week in the same time slot. We as viewers must have some input into what stays on the air. Keep Rules of Engagement, it is a winner!

  11. Brad Klinksgaard says

    Just started watching the show in syndication and
    it’s pretty good. Characters work well like Seinfeld
    cast, met Spade 20 yrs ago with Farley in New York
    good guy!

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