Rules of Engagement: David Spade Expects Show to be Cancelled

Rules of Engagement to be cancelledLast season, it looked like Rules of Engagement was being cancelled by CBS when the network decided to order just 13 episodes. Though the network denied the show was coming a close, a source close to the production told us that the cast and crew believed it was the end.

In May, CBS cancelled ¡ROB! and renewed Rules of Engagement for a seventh season at the last minute. It’s expected to return sometime mid-season.

In a recent interview with Reuters, series star David Spade said that he expects there to be just 13 episodes this time around — and that those will be the show’s last.

The actor said that he feels like CBS treats Rules of Engagement like a mistress as they keep the show on the air while they keep searching for a replacement. He joked, “They go out and try to find a new girlfriend and it doesn’t work and they run back and they go: ‘No, no, you’re good, you’re good.’ And it doesn’t work with girls and it seems to work with shows, I guess.”

What do you think? Do you think that Spade is right, that Rules of Engagement will finally be cancelled? Is it time? Will you miss it?

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  1. Larry says

    I just happened to watch a episode, and I was hooked! I think the cast is AWESOME! & Really Funny, I have been watching all the reruns I have missed, on another station, I like Patrick Warburton’s character the best! although the rest of the cast are really FUNNY, too! It would be a “BIG MISTAKE” for CBS to cancel, RULES of Engagement! I WANT MORE…

  2. Todd says

    I love it, I miss it, and I cannot understand why they keep jerking us around. Rules is a funny, awesome, and sexy show. CBS Execs are on crack.

  3. David says

    Has CBS lost their minds? “Rules of Engagement” is one of the funniest, best written, best acted show on TV. If they cancel the show, I will find a different network.

  4. Tim says

    This show is great. It’s one of the few my girlfriend and I can watch and laugh and scream at the funny parts saying, “That’s going to be us one day.” Patrick Warburton and David Spade make the show funny every time and the laugh never stop. If CBS cancels this show, I don’t think I will watch CBS shows anymore. I will wait for them to come out on other channels, then watch.

  5. Anonymous says

    This would be a horrible mistake by CBS to cancel ROE. It is one of a few shows that my wife and myself can watch together. However, I understand CBS never keeps anything good on t.v. they only want to show stupid cop shows, fake reality shows, and hospital shows.

  6. Chris says

    Rules of Engagement is an exceptionally funny show. I have grown nauseous of the hospital shows, cop shows, singing competitions, dancing competitions, & reality shows. Is it really that difficult to leave RoE on the air? Patrick Warburton is a hoot just to look at & listen to. I was first impressed by him as Puddy on the Seinfeld, not to mention being the voice for Kronk on the animated movie The Emperor’s New Groove.

  7. Lauren says

    I will be SO disappointed if this show is cancelled. It is hilarious and Jeff and Audrey remind me SO much of me and my husband.

  8. joe wilson says

    if cbs(cancel before succeeding) cancels rules of engagement will just prove that the more ons are running cbs. educated wayyyyyy beyond their intelligence!

  9. David says

    Without question, I will miss this show! My fiance will too. Since the show’s inception, we’ve relished cuddling up for “Rules.” Amazing writing, casting and weaving of personalities. The addition of “Timmy” was epic too. Incredible chemistry all around! I hope they do NOT cancel this show.

    My belief is it will grow in popularity in syndication — kind of like the original Star Trek was reported to have back in the day. But let’s keep it goin’!!!

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